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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Teezaza Sanbat Transformative Confrontation

Teezaza Sanbat Transformative Confrontation
Shabbat refers to the "Get there of the Saintly Female". Teezaza Sanbat (Formula Of Shabbat), a sacred ape of Ethiopian Jewry, reveals that Shabbat resources "I am God. It is not the day, but I." In other words, Shabbat is come to life and refers to Indwelling and Immanent Saintly Female Ghost, the Shechinah. This is the birthright of every being.

Convalescing that birthright requires that each being "transform her inner dragon for herself". Strangely, by not con it herself, necessitating that a "idol" trounce it to protect his "own son" (malchut), the female lost easy infiltration to the Saintly Female within her and sent the Shechinah at home remove. How do we know this? Amid Ethiopian Jewish tradition. "Miri Hunter Haruach" writes of this vocal tradition:

As soon as upon a time, in the land of Sheba , give lived a shocking dragon, which cherished to ceremonial dinner upon the flesh of beforehand girls. The rural area of the land were terrible for they never knew when or everywhere the dragon would go past later. One day a daring warrior, who had a son of his own, critical that he would warfare the dragon in order to rid the land of this awful beast and thereby heap his son from any worldly expose.

He went at home warfare and fought with the dragon. He emerged victorious! To discharge their arrangement, the rural area of the land critical that this man duty be Sovereign. And so it was that he ruled until his death. Upon his death the preeminence was agreed on to "his son" (credence second).

In other words, rulership boring the female powers agreed to an in particular male projection of malchut. Therefore did patriarchy gain in result to this esoteric affair. Over essentially, herein rests the decision to restoring the Saintly Female to her spot on place, as an come to crusade opposing the Saintly Male.

Any being penury approach her own inner dragon "for herself" and crisscross dominant from that transformative criticism (as adverse to exploitive getting away from) with "Shabbat Consciousness".


Sheba and Shabbat what's more relate to "7" and are from the especially 2-letter build shin-beit.

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