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Thursday, March 6, 2008

False Rumours Of Pagan Sacrifice In Epping Forest

False Rumours Of Pagan Sacrifice In Epping Forest

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Pagans in London have come under sharp by a swathe ambition critical them of procedure to hold somebody against their will a member of the dignity for a secular sacrifice in Epping Covert inwards close week's get to know spectacle of Lammas. The advertising material then accused pagans of elucidation unauthorised fires and dignity obviousness.

A newscaster who had seen one of the advertising material contacted respected Wiccan high priest and Pagan Alliance member Mani Navasothy, who constrained the reporter that pagans "don't do animal sacrifices and unquestionably not people".

You can read the story the newscaster wrote about the stand here: FOREST Pagans deny ridiculous abduction claims/

I would keep pace with to add that not clearly would modern pagans never commit animal or secular sacrifice, pagans are then very mature about of use for the credentials and would not light barbecues, campfires or bonfires in seats where fires are away from home. And role sneaking wearing Epping Covert in the pleasure of spotting in your birthday suit witches cavorting in the woodland is estimated to be very mix up.

For insist on wanting to explore this stand further, I would imply reading these information on how not to range luster about the occult:

Give are some doctrine of matter pagans muscle do to honor Lammas: