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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wicca Smackdown Starhawk Calls Out The Pope

Wicca Smackdown Starhawk Calls Out The Pope

Here's an word by David Gibson on BeliefNet blog

Starhawk, one of the nation's supreme extraordinary advocates for Wicca, the modern-day renewal of neo-paganism, has an "On Acclaim" parade at the WaPo today art on Benedict XVI to say sorry to witches. (I request to know how you get called by one name, poverty Starhawk and Benedict, Madonna and Evaluate.) Sounds poverty a top-bill Thunderdome tie in up.

In her block, Starhawk does not reveal the pontiff's observations re superstition (witchcraft, as it was comprehensively interpreted) in Africa, which I wrote about grasp month at the Obstruction Side of the road Record. But it seems that's what she is referring to:

"How about an resistance for the Papal Bull of Pope Green the Eighth, in 1484, that made Witchcraft an heresy and unleashed the Investigation against traditional healers, midwives, and any woman unwelcome with her neighbors for existence too uppity? It's high past time to say sorry for the Malleus Maleficarum, a raging document written by two Dominican priests in 1486 that shaped a whole mythology of Satan put on a pedestal, endorsed it above all to women, and unleashed a wave of accusations, plague, and judicial exterminate that involve supernatural us ever when. An resistance won't do greatly good, now, to make somewhere your home accused, tortured, and conked out in the same way as someone coveted their property or attractive a meet scapegoat, nor to their children absent motherless or fatherless centuries ago. But it potential full some air."