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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Noahs Flood Gods Nereus Deucalion Greek

Noahs Flood Gods Nereus Deucalion Greek
Go through the time to click on the articles at, effective that motif of Greek mythology were real biblical the upper classes, the religion of Cain (HEPHAESTOS) as a result Athena (NAAMAH) and Herakles (Diagram OR NIMROD) overvalued stuck-up the wire of the God of the Bible by means of Abel as a result Seth (ARES) as a result Noah (NEREUS) and the Centaurs (Allies OF NOAH AND THE BIBLE In print TO THAT Phase).

The artwork on the Parthenon of these motif reveals that the religion of Athena (WHO WAS BIBLICAL HAM'S Next of kin NAAMAH) was really to dear the fall of Adam (ZEUS) and Eve (HERA), the wiley serpent (THE Fiend) who brought the knowledge of good and evil clothed in the world worshipped with Athena, her statue in the Parthenon with the serpent at her feet to her left zenith secured high, and Nike the goddess of defeat in Athena's a moment ago hand.

Some artwork from ancient Greece shows the Centaurs pulse Kaineus (Position Offspring OF CAIN) clothed in the property, diplomat of their death in Noah's Pile, stated to some ancient Greeks as the Pile of Deucalion, yet in utmost of the artwork, the lead survivor of the tide was Nereus, fish-tailed, "THE OLD MAN OF THE Briny SEA," his female children the Nereids who connubial with the rebel children of biblical Namaah (ATHENA) and Ham (CHIRON/KRONOS) to escalate the religion reluctant the God of the Bible.

The greek gods upfront the the Pile, symbolized by Kaineus (THE Offspring OF CAIN/HEPHAESTOS) had battled the children of Ares, who was in actuality the good Seth, and at the back of the Pile, Athena and Herakles (NIMROD OR Diagram) wrested the trident diplomat of confidence from Nereus in the artwork on the Parthenon, making the religion of Cain preemiment stuck-up that of the Centaurs (THE Allies OF NOAH AND THE BIBLE). Spread real history wearing