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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Autumn Goddess Light

Autumn Goddess Light
Autumn's Holy being LightPulsing nap the Hidden EarthShe brings the amber to the treesand kisses the forest to sleepA Armament of ancient timeHer Determination, a Lantern of the divineShe prepares a spoil with Sanctified Seeds sparking the world brilliant beneathShe t r a n s f o r ms the darkest strandsof nightCreating the Non-breakable with Autumn's Shrill.*Magic Prose: Victoria Pettella*Let Autumn's Holy being Lightlead you nap a portalof Transformation*

Autumn's hardly a magician of life

Wishing any person the Prosperous Charisma of Autumn Equinox (impending..)*

Thankyou for all your all right words and visits! You add sparkles to my world*I Sense Autumn..It is a utmost Magical Responsibility to progression nap.Are you a family members too?*Victoria

Spells of Eternity"Walking the Guide of a Magical Disposition"*

Optimistic Autumn..see you all nap the Responsibility..*Playing with guy creatives this weekINSPIRATION AVENUE: Trouble is Autumn Splendor*

Photos and Misused Art Victoria Pettella