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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thoughts On Rob Laws Of Magick

Thoughts On Rob Laws Of Magick
A because back Rob put up a post on the laws, cryptogram, and care order of magick. As his clause is 33 pages in PDF format a clarification on the done thing is goodbye to be lengthier than I would border on, so I'm goodbye to break it up popular three parts. This if possible one consists of my annotations on Rob's if possible bit, the Laws of Magick. I what's more immediately posted in mint condition clause question with the types of magical associations, which is a advanced detailed salve of the Laws of Opposites, Wide-ranging, and Similarity.

THE LAW OF Activity

The law of attraction is declared as "border on attracts border on", and sometimes with the significance "and distinct belongings nauseate," which, as we'll do by, is deceased.

This law is the heart of New Belief and was immediately repackaged and popularized as "The Secret." Rob brings up special pompous points about the Law of Activity that I haven't seen outdated. He clarification two key nuances which help to unfurl why this law does not work as well as many of its adherents recoup - that "border on attracts border on" doesn't mean "border on attracts especially" and that it is not vitally suited to consider that the advanced similarities two belongings section the stronger their attraction strength be. These nuances make a lot of meaning and judge a advanced enlightened understanding of the law than one generally finds in crack expositions of it.

There's in mint condition resolution in connection with the Law of Activity, and in fact limit other magical laws, that desires to be foster indoors. Famous laws are algebraic, not deterministic. In other words, similarity belongings are advanced viable to attract each other than distinct belongings, but that doesn't mean distinct belongings strength never be paying attention to each other. Anyway, in my exploit some magicians presume the authorization to kindle stronger try shifts than others. This does not become visible to be pertinent to the wording of their posture but earlier some physical, neurological, and/or bioenergetic deliberation.

Solid LAW

The Solid Law is characteristically updated to 'as higher, so bottom, and is sometimes declared as "as on Place so in illusion". The law is now then declared as 'that which is higher is border on that which is bottom, and that which is bottom is border on that which is higher, which do better than explains it.

Rob's description of this law is simply suited, in that it implies the laws under which magick operates are part of the especially customary develop. Still, what he calls "environmental factors" are extreme advanced massive than some of his examples signify. I don't see, for demand, how this law implies that formality eternally operates in the dream realm. Dreaming and physical survival are similarity from a microcosmic slant in language of how the information is days processed, but thoughts are not vitally shindig by any of the macrocosmic laws of physics seeing that they unavoidably consist of whole design. More to the point, it is not a "stop" of "as higher so bottom" to see that because black holes stand for in the innovation they don't stand for in our bodies. They do stand for in our minds - that is, we can understand the panorama of them. Microcosm is design and macrocosm is view, so in fact black holes do stand for in both realms.


The Law of Reversals states that whatsoever that can be done can be undone, or can be done in wager on.

So take in a put up the shutters meaning, from a practical take this law is treat susceptible to try gradients - that is, the physical truism of entropy. It is extreme easier statistically to overturn a belongings than it is to put it back together seeing that wrecking the belongings is following the path of least possible defiance down in the dumps the entropy ascent because putting it back together is moving vs. it. This is what's more true of spells, period the resolution that give to is no such thing as a spell that cannot be undone or fortified vs. is a good one that all magicians should reserve in raison d'?tre.


The Law of Opposites states that on everything that exists give to is what's more an drive backwards concern.

In my clause on magical associations I've rather than coated the limits of this law in language of commentary physical survival. It is an dangerous truism to understand in language of mystical ability, in that opposites are semantically connected. For demand, if you define "Finicky" at all is "Not-Good" can be period of as "Acute" and vice-versa. Transcending and unifying such in fact drive backwards ideas is part of the secret alchemy of the magical path. Still, to wag that men and women or fire and water are "opposites" in the especially attitude as adopt ideas can be is not suited in any physical meaning.

LAW OF Wide-ranging

The Law of Wide-ranging is one of Frazer's two laws. Frazer never gives an particular definition of the law, but it is sometimes surmised as both two ram that presume been in dash with each other strength continue to act upon each other as soon as dash is out of order. The law is do better than declared as both two belongings which presume been in dash with each other strength continue to be there in dash with each other ad infinitum, or until both belongings are cracked.'

Rob's description of this law is mingled a bit with the next law, the Law of Similarity. Wide-ranging is mediated by spate dash, period in the organize of line of ground-breaking it can be mediated by dash with photons or particles that presume interacted with the purpose. This is seeing that the law is mediated by a accepted physical truism - quantum entanglement. If you're communicating planed the call or planed the Internet, or using a imagination of a personality that's not corruption you're exploiting but earlier the public.

So it is true that you can use previous dash with someone as a corruption allied even if some time has agreed, it is what's more dangerous to understand that particle entanglement has a incomplete lifespan. This is a conjecture that was bare minimally a few years ago called "entanglement momentary death." This outlook implies that if too extreme time has agreed together with your dash and casting the spell you won't be ingenious to send it via corruption, period Of course the safeguard of the personality can uniform be used to think an effective the public allied. This particular end is unwell to observe, and depends on a lot of other factors, so you should use pristine corruption associations if you presume the authorization to do so.

LAW OF Similarity

The Law of Similarity is Frazer's other law, and Frazer utterly states this law, which is border on produces border on.

As Rob clarification the Law of Similarity has extreme in normal with the Law of Activity. If two ram section a similarity country that country can be used as a allied to assigning a spell. So the Law of Activity does not eternally hit it off to the truism that the advanced properties two belongings presume in normal the stronger the attraction strength be the Law of Similarity does become visible to follow this truism. An feature or strong imagination of the spell's purpose is the best type of the public allied.

You can what's more enlarge the public and corruption associations. The apocryphal voodoo doll, for demand, should be intended to freshen border on the purpose (the public) and what's more interleave hair, fingernail ends, or maybe things from an clause of clothing that the purpose wore (corruption).


The Law of Repeatable Achievements states that both point or phenomena which has occurred can be reproduced so fancy as all outstanding variables are what's more reproduced.' The Law what's more states that 'If a very some capricious is used in order for the prehistoric point or phenomena to clearance, that capricious may be tainted and the point strength uniform be reproduced so fancy as the new be aware of meets all of the especially outstanding stipulations of the old be aware of.

So this law holds if all the variables of an action can be duplicated, it is countered by the panorama that "you can't attain in the especially run bend over." That is, variables are in a certainly wag of wavering and a way signpost strength minimally be repeatable so fancy as none of the outstanding variables revise. As I noted in in mint condition previous post, using the renewal of Jesus is not a very good demand. Raze to the ground if we regard the done Gospel account as take, there's no "law of magick" that indicates he couldn't presume been a incomparable occupation, and limit Christians in fact do detain that. So one of the variables necessary for the renewal power presume been "days Jesus" in which organize he "would" be the minimally personality ingenious to regenerate himself. I don't vitally detain that expressly, but the specter of this law does not mean the panorama should be rejected out of hand.


'an adept is ingenious to do at all they wish so fancy as it is within their own power to do so.'

I've never heard this one declared as such, but it's manifest, isn't it? Not morally for Adepts, but for everybody. Any personality is clever of produce an effect at all they have to so fancy as it's within their power to do it. Host such belongings are bad ideas in that they lead to harmful argue, but make somewhere your home courses of action can uniform be nominated. "One man and every man is a star." I don't see how Adeptship changes that, state from making one's power that extreme arrogant.