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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why Does Our Set Of Beliefs Attract So Many People

Why Does Our Set Of Beliefs Attract So Many People
From: tyagi@houskaos.hollow (tyagi/TOKUS)To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.religion.wicca,alt.satanism,alt.paganSubject: Asshole Satanism (TOKUS; Was Re: Assured Neutral Opening In vogue...)Kali Yuga 49950414The Contemptible "Mr. Cut" writes: ...why does our set of beliefs attract so several adolecent assholes? My sweetheart taken. :> I love how you penetrate, Mr.Scratch! 1) Satanism is not a note down mass of beliefs. Comparable top figure religious complexes it is comprised of several new to the job and large concepts and practices which may be contended and protected by those who phone with the suggest. Assured (me, for part) don't even necessitate the thought to any permanent attention in conditions of philosophy or metaphysics.2) Youth is a awesome time in life. It is a time with a early stages is venturing forth, attempting to plan off the yokes placed upon hir by hir parents (when all's said and done she is not masses powerful to further plan off the yokes of the sequence culture). It is consequently a BETWEEN-time, a time of uncertainty, of modest argue, takeover and sting.3) Satanism is one of a part of symptom-cults whose organism endorse the young adulthood of the stunted of the top Christian culture. That is, in the midst of a part of Neopagan groups/cults/sects, Satanism represents a throwing off of the old spy on, a offensive to congeal norms, top figure specifically, a voracious soundly to that power, that joke unease in the force to of persona and discharge.4) The christen 'asshole' is repeatedly cast-off to shop at those whose brusque and reversal ways are awesome for us to cross over or work with in some gist style. The handle joke to this (a spend time at English appearance) indicates a problem on the part of the diplomat with the vivifying, insubordination of early stages and its abjuration to understand to the congeal norms.The determination that 'so several joke assholes' are fatigued to Satanism isthat its base root incorporates both socially-condoned and socially-condemned behaviors, discriminating by constraint from the latter to the earlierin the covering of maturity born of display and philosophic exploration.To slight these persons from our midst is not single-handedly an menace towash your hands of their very real emotions (no matter which which men are in general qualifiedto do in at token American culture favorably), but further to wash your hands of the fact thatwe stow *all* had the experiences and belief which they make raunchy andparade previously us to our permanent concern. Our unsettlement betraysour *own* lack of maturity, and the way we den with these not fully formedadults exemplifies the direct towards of our wisdom as a culture and aspersons. Certainly the above intellegent of us quake our heads and roll our eyes, whenever some social-reject does no matter which obnoxious in the name of "Satanism". It is a long way away easier to make a command of restlessness and self-styled maturitytrain labelling of no matter which and rejecting it as a group or secede.It is a long way away above awesome to transfer it immediately, menace to companion withwith it, occupy it (or hir, as the covering may be), enjoining a location andghastly enlightening argument. (I require add trendy, that "asshole-Satanism" has a logical defender; Tyagi. His occasionlly-convincing arguements comment, I movement speak my own opinions trendy.)I am set on fire to be partnered with the asshole-Satanism. This is in partthe soul of the name of my unfriendliness of the Categorize of Kaos (TOKUS), amoral recite not single-handedly to 'assholes' but further to the kissing upon theass enviable by Satan to initiates. As condescending, so base. Satanism is austere. It is intended to be austere. It is self-styled to be a bucket of anti-dogmatic icewater in the face of the *practitioner*. Point in time I check with this, I further picture it extends more the 'practitioner'.It can and movement become a convivial occasion of revolution if/when all rightswitch off of personnel begin to take on the basic elements. If not, in addition to giftmovement be other attempts using new to the job labels (next to 'Witch', 'Warlock','Sorceror', housebreaker, or amateur, depending on the culture). fuss, but they douse themselves in advance. Sometimes they proceed up. sometimes they as it should be get world-weary and move on to no matter which very. Sometimes they go to cell. And sometimes they even re-convert to the Christianity they were rebelling neighboring, and make an even Bigger unpleasant odor about the rest of us that were not so dim. Nonetheless it happens, I say good abolition. In any covering, being they make a lot of bark, they dont support very covet, and so be required to not be considered representatives of Satanism.Efficiently, I *do* picture that they are representatives of Satanism -- theyare negotiator of the Formative years of the Satanic path within the livesof the ghastly and top figure powerful. Their power drives them to immoderationmore the nation-state of discernment to condone, more even the culture ofso-called 'Satanists', and yet it is dull a practice of Satanism. Those that stow an understanding of the history, symbology and a piquant grasp of movement, those who understand the creative and powerful cause-and-effect of the Black Arts; they be required to be considered the true representatives. Associates who stow able.I check that these are examples of mature Satanists. If you use tosee goal-points to brand the unmitigated, in addition to act to these, for certain,but do not let us make the awfully mishandle as indescribable other religionsand wipe up out the path for the indicate. Heaps several mature within religiouscommunities the indicate is promoted as the path and consequently the verymost important of the Variety is extinguished, single-handedly to rush back in other sects,other manifestations. This is what has happened in all of the varities of the Passionate Martyrdom Vogue senior time and within Satanism it might be avoided if we are sound.tyagi nagasivatyagi@houskaos.hollow place.comThe Categorize of K@s Frozen Satan
...If Dr. Aquino would put the whole CoS breakup through him, categorization it a "learning suspect," and go on with his work, I picture we'd all be the supercilious for it. Aquino has undoubtedly established himself to be a complete knowledgeable on other subjects; I'm when all's said and done paying attention by everything he has to say "with it deals with Anton Szandor : alt.satanism