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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Deities Of Mythology Explained

Deities Of Mythology Explained
- The Deities of Myths (who were not Gods) Explained -

Superhuman deepness... Charmed powers... And the frightening attraction to fly. About history, mankind has told thrilling tales of gods with tremendous powers. But are these accounts modestly towering tales, or could they be based on exact events? If fairy-tale gods really did act, were they, as ancient astronaut theorists be concerned about, extraterrestrial beings? The Answer: No, but they were descendents from them. They were tremendous and at the same time as of this they were deliberate to be Gods; the Greek Gods from Myths.

Setting down of Mythology: A set of stories or beliefs about a meticulous sum, family circle, or location, esp. the same as excessive or forged.

This is dependable not falsehood, natives who say it's falsehood scorn its truth.


Answer: Fallen Angels took Secular Women and twisted Hybrid Humans.

The sons of God seeing the daughters of men, that they were fair, took themselves wives of all which they chose - Start 6:4.

Wives was translated rude, the word ishshah solution women/female not wives.

"> Laqach = To Get hold of = to Cleave = To remain motionless by Dragoon = Abductions


(Intercourse) Incorrect!

(Abductions) Correct!

Bang to Impart All Roughly

Sex and Fallen Angels Explained

Hint: These were the Earlier Abductions

THIS Post IS Imminent Truthfully

Deities of Myths Explained by @SpiritWorldBlog

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