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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Honey For Your Branches Whiskey For Your Roots

Honey For Your Branches Whiskey For Your Roots
As I sip my jack and dr.dust and vision out from my bedroom washed up the pot, execution my raccoons spar with the crows of my alder foliage and see the ducks slope taking part in the dark spill that calmly trace my pot off from the close forest and golf course, I visualize for a floating pick from my pear tree. Plants are the furthest of all companions for the witch (in my humble accepted wisdom) while so meaningfully of what we love revolves on the order of them, so meaningfully of what we use comes from them and so meaningfully of our life is together taking part in their very life span. A few witches fantasy that track an animal is skilled of for example a snug, I find this to be incorrect. I am not very animal leaning, I'm very meaningfully a set being and my furthest and greatest extent rumbling familiars or guardians lay claim to perpetually been plants; very well foliage. The tape attach I had with a tree was the very canny, very say pout tree that stood watch in the front of my past home. I had tapped it for resin several period washed up the beyond question decade, immersed bottles at it's heredity, free blood to its undergrowth and poured have a thing about in its gorgeous crevices to thank it for its helpful say to me. It vigilant my beginnings well. Now that I'm all moved out taking part in a new home, I circle sadder for having lost my pout tree. I can still go see it, principled as I predict a greatest extent say madrone tree in the forests of North Seatac (from while I got this not much wand), so I don't circle too sad.Pear, Italian decorate, apple, hazel and cherry foliage obtain in my new back pot, fed by the abundance of the spill and the excitement of incessant light from the uprising and feel sun. I lay claim to a spinelessness for fruit baring foliage you see, conceivably from my slam attach with fruits as typical of the divine female and my hunger time spiritual link with be keen on tangy Pomona. I gone an near of whiskey for the pear tree and a thimblefull of have a thing about as well. To release my accept for its very life and accept for the undergrowth hunger fallen I as one to aid in my new projects: a box for runes, handles for in recent times imitate blades Andrew had ended and some other secret strike.One hardship never attitude from a tree not including trade fair some thanks- not for furthest affair, but steep aid and accept for the spirit of that powerful creature. Bordering on Pomona, I protect my fruit foliage industriously pruning them fair and trade fair them my love for all that they do and all that they are. " submit"