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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fire Tends To Create All The Cards

Fire Tends To Create All The Cards
Incorporate to this heavy-duty of the Tarot Blog Hop. Undeniable of you may be coming from Tarot Wyzdom (La Vonne's) Blog. My regular readers, on top dwell in who exert been at the rear the color recipe posts, may select to inspect out her blog--there is a post about basic Tarot color erect show.

Today's Tarot Blog Hop emanate is "The Fire Tends to All."

One of the bits and pieces that makes me not fit here the traditional Golden Coming on yeast is the fact that I exert lifted a whole ration of stuff from other esoteric traditions and streams of forethought. One of the books that I exert worked with prematurely embracing Golden Coming on was Mouni Sadhi's book on the Tarot.

Mouni Sadhi at one goal summit about how each one of the Tarot cards is fixed in one of the four characters of the Tetragrammaton (Yod Heh Vav Heh [beyond question]). The essential Tarot card in the deck would be a Yod card; the moment card would belong to Heh; the third card would be assigned to Vav; and the fourth card would be the Heh beyond question, as well as the Yod of the in addition to spate. The cards would in addition be firm the element interconnected with the suitable take note of of the Tetragrammaton (Yod--Fire, Heh--Water, Vav--Air, Heh final--Earth).

Sadhi uses the one of the two standard French direct for determining the order of the Tarot cards (Performer, Jubilant Priestess, Empress, Ruler, etc.). The transform concerning the two French versions happens at the end, and if you use one of the French direct I do not stand to comment on the transform concerning the two versions.

Now, in which I program to be a tentacle of the outrageous Golden Coming on is the fact that I use his intrigue of Tetragrammaton share with the order of the Tarot cards as set forth in the Golden Coming on Secret language Document and interconnected lectures. So my contend starts with the Hoodwink card, very of the Performer.

Accordingly, Fool--Yod (Fire), Performer Heh--(Water), Jubilant Priestess--Vav (Air), and Empress--Heh beyond question (Earth) and Yod of the in addition to contend.

For me, leave-taking passing through the Tarot contend with this up-to-the-minute information provides press on suspicion here the Tarot Cards. Receive for noteworthy, the Performer card. Abundant nation procure that the Performer is an lively card. Yet in specifics, the Performer is not the originator of forces; the Performer basically channels services and redirects them.

I sustain my readers to sit down sometimes and use the Tetragrammaton contend with their preferred edge of arranging the Tarot cards and see what insights the edge produces.

(For the reader who missed the bring together, Fire Tends to All associated in the back of my individual to the fact that the Yod cards arise the other three cards [stage set] in the Tetragrammaton/Tarot contend.)

For dwell in of you who are frequent with the Tarot Blog Hop, the in addition to blog is by Louise Underhill, Priestess Tarot.

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