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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Critical Thinking And The African Identity

Critical Thinking And The African Identity

Leo Igwe writes:

Whenever I try to effect logic, harsh conclusion and scientific change to issues stylish natives debates, I am commonly accused of not thinking be level with an African. I am continuously told that I enfold be level with a white man or that I devour a western object. As if harsh thinking or the scientific countenance is for westerners discretely or that harsh thinking can innocently be exercised by people from a accurate second or state. No, this is not the peapod. Wonderfully, zilch has ever stepped send out to point me how an 'African' thinks. For me it is either this 'African mode of notion is one which zilch knows about or is one that does not be situated or dispatch to be called a thinking make. Not anything has tried to let me know if Africans enfold at all. What this wild view that one is unAfrican or western in countenance is commonly employed to lump or restrain harsh conclusion or revise characteristically in the function of it is second hand to query traditions, positions and opinions awake by sun shelter organization or theory.

Having the status of holding on to beliefs and outlooks awake by superstition and earliest thinking is commonly hyped as African. Even in this 21st century, wits and science are steady superficial as western, and not African ethics. I devour yet to understand how we came about this illegal clue. Therefore, it is commonly portrayed as if the African does not wits and be so bold not wits or that the African does not enfold or cannot enfold faultily. It seems thinking be level with an African technique way out of notion, logic or outlandish take delivery of. Concept be level with an African technique not thinking at all- carelessness or thinking in spiritual, occult or magical ways. For court case, whenever I try to query or require the irrational and askew claims of witchcraft, juju and charms, and other ritualistic and self-righteous nonsense that outweigh the mental space of Africans, I am commonly reminded that my object is western. And you know what, whenever in the course of a natives debate, someone alleges that a job is western, it technique that it is inappropriate although it may be traveling fair or may devour a innovative particle. Is that not unfortunate? Higher display