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Monday, June 29, 2009

Masonic Words And Phrases

Masonic Words And Phrases Cover

Book: Masonic Words And Phrases by Michael Poll

"Masonic Word and Phrases" is a wonderful collection of the most often used words and phrases in Masonry. Presented in an easy to read and understandable format, this work provides any student of Masonry with a clear understanding of the meaning of our many phrases and words so seldom used outside of Masonry. This work is valuable to the experienced Mason as a quick and handy reference guide. For the new Mason, however, it is an indispensable work and one that should augment any Masonic education program.

In "Masonic Words and Phrases," Bro. Poll has given us a well edited book on many of the common words and phrases used in Freemasonry. From Aaron to Zion, the Masonic reader will easily find, short, clear, and concise references to many of the terms used in Freemasonry. A book of this nature is an essential reference for any Masonic educational efforts due to the fact that experienced Masons frequently need to review this material and new Masons need to learn it!

Bro. Poll has written a wonderful book to give to an Entered Apprentice to introduce him to some of the basic terms and objects which are used and referred to in Freemasonry. However, "Masonic Words and Phrases" probably won't be a book that more advanced Masonic readers will find worth reading as it contains very basic information that they will already be quite familiar with. As I said, this would be a great book to give to a newly raised brother or perhaps to a friend or relative outside of the Craft who is curious.

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