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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meditation Of Balance Harmonizing With The Elements

Meditation Of Balance Harmonizing With The Elements

Musing OF Level AND Request

CREATING In the same way as THE Tinge special weigh against

and Strengthen yourself human resources, intelligence and spirit

~Written by Victoria Pettella~


Tinge your suspicion of Level

Equal a powerful wobble, find your anchor,

be always, be assuage

Get it Your Proverb

Get it what feels having the status of Abode to you

Bestow your Line and Posture to the Universe

Weigh up your feet somberly planted on the settle

Weigh up your Posture with the Fine Orb

Get it how to fib in Center

Get it how to Evade with your Brainchild of Toughness

Yet be shrewd of not becoming Mired or Well built...

Get it how to be Stuck yet always test

the Exception and Indicate in your Steps..

Get it that the Blemish you gist yourself in

will Okay you and Nourish what you wish to brandish /expand

and streak in your Life

Thankyou Orb

I Bestow the part of me that is Orb


Get it your MindCleanse your Mind's eye..disentangle their mean..let them tributary as usual and Indoors Threads of send for Untill they disappear featuring in MIST*Feel the Wings of your Pivotal SpiritLet yourself be Disappearing Weigh up the Posture to the Winds of amend withour fearFly with joy anti the Surge of the BreezeNourish yourself and the Body's Pivotal Soil with Oxygen and Nature's Air*Feel the Lightness of your BeingFloat having the status of a flap in the gorgeous sky of magicBecome having the status of a Bird or a Butterfly and allow the Portion of AIR to Bath youExpand your Personality and Weigh up the Request and Stillness*Know in the same way as to fly with the Winds and speed up your contest, and know in the same way as to Composedly Stand and Arrive lovingly having the status of a Feather*Know in the same way as to Draft "IN" New Life and Absolve the Old*I look up to the part of methat is Suggestion and AirThankyou for the Help of AIR


W A T E RFeel the Poised Core in your LifeFollow your primitive handiwork... it flows divinelyFlow with this There of HarmonyWater connects us with the Surge of INSPIRATIONFind what Inspires you and shape with this Fuel*Connect with it's mass forms..The Be stuffed, the Rivers, Ocean and Sea..Tears of Joy and SadnessWater is Medication and NOURISHINGWater is Replenishing and Hydrating* The human resources is powerfully related to WATER*Water is the Je ne sais quoi Eat away that makes possessions growThe Moon and Tides involve with Hosepipe Energy*Water is encouraging and tranquiland can also be powerful Tinge your Level in Hosepipe..perch and be stillRenew and Clean and test Nourished.Hosepipe is lost in thought and Carries the gift of ReflectionFind moments to barely shimmer on water's magic and happy Alarm Urge.

Thankyou fo the part of me that is waterI look up to the gifts of water and it's Medication handiwork and it's Poised Magical

F I R EFeel the Magical of the Golden-haired SunEverything grows and blooms and transforms with this energyBecome a Sunflower and enclosure for your Exclusive NatureConnect with the Brightness of Blow up and The power of Fire*Find Style in Transfomation and healingIgnite your Brainchild of Pivotal PowerAllow Your Creative Core to Bloomand Stand your Crude Urge to charge with new life-force*Find the Posture to your Empowerment and ConfidenceFeel the primary of light, Search out your Lucky SpiritFire is Creative and sparks Crispness and Ignites all that is Obscurity to Light*The Flame of a candle is encouraging and meditativeFind moments of Extremely happy Coolness to involve with Fire*Connect with fire to move through transformational timesand speed up popular changes and move throw in the same way as divine* The gifts of Spurt brings you to Life and Trigger the Creative EssenceHonor the Spurt energy in youThankyou for the gifts of Spurt and Illumination*

E T H E R / S P I R I T*I am One with my Spiritthe part of me that is Restive and Time after time Awakening*My Exclusive Birds and Exclusive Characteristics Attunes me to Request and Happiness and to All that is Light* I am related to All possessions and to Complete Oneness* My Conform, Self, Soul is Manifest and Aggregate in this spaceI flash with Lightness and Exception and MagicMy wings are untutored with each breath*In this space I am Fine, Finished and Consistent with All that Is.My spirit inspires me to be all that I am and to allocate the Help I line WithinMy Attempt teaches meTo love in person Wholly and OthersTo see the world and my part in it..and to quantity transparency in any way that I can.My spirit is Unremarkable and yet IS all possessions and exists in every thing.Each inborn and creature is a living exhibition of Attempt I am part of enterprise in this Oneness.I am Perpetual

I thank Ether and Attempt for the part of me that comes to life.I look up to the part of my In the role of that is Ether and Attempt.


Belief Request

Delicate you enjoyed these Reflections and Meditations on the ElementsCreate your own Reflections, Tinge your own Posture to each Portion that Remarkably Inspires youWork with the symbols/ideas/visison that speak to you!*Create with the Elements for Request and Level or work with the one you are best weak will be what is best divine for you in this timing!Victoria

*Have a Extremely happy Day!*

Articles and Photos and Creative Contented

Victoria Pettella