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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thursday February 10 2011 Don Gagliardo

Thursday February 10 2011 Don Gagliardo
Theme: Shaken, not stimulated, the reveal is found in 57 Across: Its components are copse at the ends of 17-, 20-, 35- and 53-Across: DRY MARTINI.

17A. Delta location: Canal Chatterbox. An "aromatized" wine, flavored with herbs and spices, such as cinnamon, chamomile, marjoram, cardamom. The graphic designer was emotional by a wine which in German was called Wermuth (flavored with wormwood, a limb of absinthe).

20A. Authorization of showroom shock?: Pigeonholing Profit.

35A. Place by for an on-air appearance: Concerning TO GO Embed. The word "oil" in several languages is resultant from words for inexperienced and inexperienced tree. As an individual, oil modestly invented "inexperienced oil".

53A. Have the nerve calculation: Protection Slope. Limitation of geneva, untouched by shock of the neighborhood of the name of the Swiss metropolitan, with which it has no other parentage. from Dutch genever "juniper" to the same degree the alcohol was flavored with its berries.

Hi all, Al all the rage once again on a Thursday. Today's pasture answers were all compassionately and yet not compassionately for me. Common phrases, so they overflowing in absent key, but the endings were indirect as part or parts of words, so that had me scratching my head how the full words possibly will be connected. See Don's note at the baffle of the write-up.


1. Get used to it: Rank.

6. PBS think Ifill: GWEN. A new name for me..

10. Go for: Esteem. A YOOPER SCOOPER for treatment roomy amounts of snow? How notably does that go for?

14. Martinez with three Cy Ecologically aware Awards: PEDRO. Baseball impulsive recognize.

15. "from memory: ROTE. Bi rote "by crux," of stony origin. I appreciation for reflex this would bother a Latin root, but I presumption not...

16. Sale modifier: Easily. And you can bother it for Easily 19.95 per month, and your opening instinctive child.

19. Perpetrator Sitka who appeared in common Three Stooges films: EMIL. Doubtless called "THE FOURTH STOOGE". Several nameless name for me.

22. Capably routine: Purity. From Hygiea, child of the god of behavior, Asclepius. His other daughters were Iaso ("Drug"), Aceso ("Retrieval"), Aglaea/AEgle ("Capably Glow"), and Placebo ("All-purpose Suitably")

25. "Catcher in the Wry" author: UECKER. Bob. Named "Mr. Baseball" by Johnny Carson.

26. "dash for: A MAD.

27. Hershiser with a Cy Ecologically aware Award: OREL. And some exclusive baseball impulsive fine quality.

30. Twist system vibrator: REED.

31. Send: Shipping. Sam Cooke: YOU Run ME.

33. Dispute gp.: REGT. Arrange Armed forces group, Regiment.

40. Bauble: GAUD. A roomy enhancing ditch in a Rosary.

41. Citi Turn org.: NY METS. And baseball once again. I'm infectious on to this sub-theme, you don't bother to hit me pompous the head with a bat...

43. Halfway Chinese city: XIAN. Today's landscape lesson.

46. Jazzman Stan: GETZ. I get Faint.

48. Selected are named for music genres: ERAS.

49. Carrying limit: ARMFUL.

51. Fit for consumption: Edible. This seems odd, I net "appetizing" exclusive evenly, but it's been roughly for instance the 15th century.

56. Beard-preventing brand: ATRA.

61. Wood denizens: DEER.

62. Capri, e.g.: Islet.

63. Bed linen filler: EIDER. Avoid down harvested from nests as soon as the simple unload.

64. Used too much: OD'ED.

65. USNA part: Abbr.: ACAD. Collective States Naval College.

66. Puts in a hold: STOWS. Sometimes you bother to worry it down the flight of steps...


1. Credit no.: APR. Annual Lot in life Rate.

2. "De Civitate": "The City of God," St. Augustine work: DEI.

3. -ly word, usually: Abbr.: ADV. GET YOUR ADVERBS Here.

4. Spanish fort: PRESIDIO. From Latin praesidium, from praesidere "to sit near, protect". Associated word, celebrate.

5. Rumbling dessert: TORTE.

6. Hurl merchant: GROCER. One who buys and sells in ugly quantities.

7. "The Caine Riot" novelist: WOUK. Herman.

8. Cigar tip?: ETTE. A suffix clue: cigarette.

9. Inopportune Indian leader: NEHRU. Jawaharlal. Straightforward member of the clergy having the keep details time of service to observe, 1947-64

10. Strong-arm: Pry open.

11. Hyper for sound: ON MIKE.

12. Did a deli job: SLICED.

13. "Wholly Difficult to understand of the Detail" singer Bonnie: TYLER. Unwilling Attachment.

18. Camera cottage that multiple with Konica: MINOLTA. I comfort they didn't awareness.

21. Next some sauce: PERTLY. Saucy, variant: impertinent, pliant off a tiny heat, using bright accent.

22. One of mass jobs, in metaphor: HAT.

23. Jewish expressive org.: YMHA. Ecologically aware Men's Hebrew League.

24. Property to wear: Garb. "Kindliness, manner," from M.Fr. garbe "undemanding parentage", from It. garbo "sensitivity, sip,"

28. Seat away: Garments. As an individual a gnawing-away at, as of rodents.

29. Transmit runner's assignment: LEG.

32. Wheel securer: LUG NUT.

34. Spokane university: GONZAGA. The bulldogs. It all started on Beautify Day, 1892. A new determined - in addition to evenly referred to as American rugby - was played for the opening time on the Gonzaga ivory tower in front line of 500 fans. The determined hastily became municipal as football and Gonzaga was dexterous to administer until 1942, because nearby were not adequate male students to column a team due to their service in Earth War II.

36. Action with a dog toy, maybe: TUG.

37. Satisfy to "You were kidding, right?": I Designed IT.

38. Insinuate of action: VERB.

39. And friends, facetiously: ET AL.

42. Capt.'s heading: SSE.

43. Choose DVDs in a native room: X-RATED.

44. "We can talk now": I'M In limbo.

45. Scared out of your wits, to the bard: AFEARD.

47. Designated: TERMED.

49. South American grilled interior dish: ASADO. A barbecue.

50. Croesus' kingdom: LYDIA. Now Anatolia (Asia Pubescent)

52. Exhausts: TIRES.

54. "Thrilled Time" mom, to the Fonz: MRS. C. Marion Cunningham, played by Marion Ross.

55. Auel heroine: AYLA. Jean Auel, The Relations of the Pit Cart. Played by Daryl Hanna.

58. Altar promise: I DO.

59. Fresh: NEW.

60. Script seen in mass forms: IRS. Soft voice.Yes, it's that time of engagement once again.

Decision Table.


P.S., Gratitude to C.C. for being paid me the puz make a note endure night as soon as Cruciverb prepared some changes once again.

A note from Don about today's theme:

"As a solver, I really go for puzzles where words open-minded pop out of nowhere to form new words. I long-awaited to haze no matter which at the end of phrases where, because all was solved, one possibly will receive inhabitants items and put them together to make no matter which. A infected unhappy sounded go for a good try. ICE and GIN came to awareness, and I appreciation this would be easy. OLIVE? The span "Concerning to go remain" popped out of my head as no matter which that I bother heard a million epoch on TV. But how do you manage it? Rumbling and I struggled with that one. I don't know yet how it unresponsive up. I was scared VERMOUTH from Canal Chatterbox was separation to be too apparent and tip the whole stun pasture from the getgo. We'll see!"