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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Short Film Welcome To Colon Magic Capital Of The World

Short Film Welcome To Colon Magic Capital Of The World
One of my interests distant of living example has regularly been magic, an art which I keep goes hand in hand with the mastery of storytelling and integration of explicit possessions in films. In the later than years bestow manipulate been every effective magic documentaries: Remaining Seize (which is practically" Detainee" but about the teenage world magic championships, from the producers of "Ruler of Kong"), THE Supernatural Personality (conscientious on the struggles of since a magician), and Supernatural Camp (which was about Tannen's Supernatural Camp, the oldest and utmost elegant training military camp for young magicians).

I'm magnetically attracted to what about magic or magicians. Now I open a 15-minute short living example good "Inaugurate TO COLON, Supernatural Cash OF THE Planet", which tells the story of Abbott's Supernatural Get Related, an annual report one of every hundred magicians from all better-quality the world who sort for a week of shows and lectures. The one has been separation on for the later than 80 years, in the slight community of Colon Michigan which conceitedly bills itself as "The Supernatural Cash of the Planet." Control the Inaugurate to Colon, Supernatural Cash of the Planet short living example fixed late the plunge. You intensity even see some predictable faces from community other formerly mentioned magic documentaries.

The short living example was directed by John Lagomarsino and Ryan Manning. The Tier as a consequence has an remarkable present which goes end-to-end with this item, concerning is a brief excerpt:

It's home to about 1,000 inhabitants and holds at tiniest 30 dead magicians in its isolated diminutive burial ground. The Colon Uplift Educational amulet is a gigantic bunny rabbit. In spite of this it lacks the great Gothic cathedrals of Hogwarts, it reasonable intensity be the utmost magical place in the Mutual States. Supernatural is to Colon what fog is to San Francisco: it forms a sort of all-powerful fixed to the place. Represent are garland adorned with "The Supernatural Cash of the Planet" undecided from every street light, street-side planters shaped practically rabbits coming out of hats, and a Hollywood-style magician walk-of-fame on the town's short time of pathway. The civil pizza shop's signboard menu advises concert party to "manipulate a magical day."

And concerning is the short film:

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