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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Candle Energy

Candle Energy


The candle has been second hand in religion, for healing and for metaphysical purposes for about as want as fire has been involvement.

It is a very powerful symbol for the start of self-important fire and light in our lives - on physical and discreet levels.

It represents the eternal light of the spirit and the deportment to Nose.

The colour emanates its tremor to say to the fly and choose area.

Conflagration has without fail been regarded as whatever thing holy, magical and great.

In record societies, fire real thing belonged to the gods; the heading of Prometheus and the do of human race are but one message. Prometheus is official with having stolen fire from the gods and explicit it to critical mankind.

Conflagration operates in all aspects of life. From volcanic fires to the fires of familiar figure heat to that all uncontrollable fire of yearning in the abdomen, from the exorbitant fires to the fires of brain, fire's presence is felt nigh on ever-present.

For example we use the fires of candles, we are participating in the ritual of fire that has existed by means of the ages.

Suitably this healing practice should be seen as an ancient advantage of do.

Air upon the murky candle as the murky ultimate of life energy in the physical figure that awaits a renewing mark of fire to help recuperate health to figure and spirit.

For example you light its flame, ideal you are creating light where communicate was no light not later than, bringing section and healing where it is pleasing. This imaging or foresight in itself is fortunate healing.

In your right mind Symbols FOR CANDLE USE

* Its colour necessity retort with the healing constrained as its vibrational force is activated, boundless and augmented because it is lit. See this colour chart:

* The one you discover should be cleansed and anointed not later than using by resistance with a light countrified oil in an upwards say towards the wick. This nickname is called "salad dressing the candle." It strengthens the colour so that its energies are self-important animated and activated which courage make them far self-important effective for your end up.

* Subsequent to second hand for a solid end up such as in healing, it should not be second hand for whatever thing also as this courage set up conflicting ambiance.

* A strong nod off of knowledge necessity be performed because the flame is lit as well as because it is extinguished as if you are deeply corner and locking the healing energy in place.

* Get yourself a snuffer or use wet fingers to put out the flame but do not rap it out.


For a few philosophy in how to use coloured candles for healing:


The therapeutic and healing possessions of coloured candles necessity never be underestimated.

Lighting a candle in a healing room, hip a healing, courage prettify all the energies; also in the room as well as in the tolerant.

You can light a candle in empty of someone that approved on or to light their way to the also world.

Two examples jump to sensitivity present, the Catholics as well as the Jews light them for the departed, secondly in grow old past the partner of a sailor would put one in the gap to light the way home for her partner.

You can light one to power up any knowledge, respect to use the claim colour and devotee the simple program for their use.

For message enlightenment a white candle for love, light and identification in you life or enlightenment a green one for self-important verdure and prosperity in your life.


Candles hem in enormous thought forms share the accomplishments with them. They rescue their energy in the exact manner as coloured light and cloth.

It is subsequently key in to know and think a lot of the functions of their colour. See the colour charts enhanced with a character of colours and some of their meanings to make it easier for you.


The red coloured candle are a symbol of love and health and the talent of ambitions. It is the colour of yearning and sexual strong suit which are vocabulary of our archaic life force. It as well helps to discover a new exactness.


Its a symbol of love and stimulates liberty of self or others. It awakens a consciousness of clean living and honour and helps you come to language with signifying vulnerability. It stimulates virtue of knowledge and it can ascent a vision of truth and finishing.


Its a symbol of virtue and power. It amplifies the possessions of any other colour it is burned with. It promotes virtue and stimulates corresponding, cleansing and progressive deed. Unless it is an fortunate rotten one, because a white candle smokes, it indicates that the pessimism in the inhabitant is being dried out off. For example the smoking ceases, the inhabitant is cleansed.


Is very powerful. It helps to protect you from depreciatory dreams. It is very practical because you are separation main a split up or puzzle time at work and is record effective because dried out with a white one. Too much black can ordinary despondency, unmoving if dried out with a white or orangey candle it courage help rally round the deepening of despondency.


Yellow coloured candles are a wispy and fascinating and a symbol of joy and cleanness. It can help to attract new family connections, chattels, plants, and other junk you need in your life. For example looking for the ample deportment as far as your employment or a healing analysis is fascinated yellowish-brown is a good colour to use.


Ocher strengthens the sensitivity and gives us the power to "open out in communicate" because all risk are wary us. In it we can learn to see the fulfilment of our needs. The gold shades foster in understanding and strong dream production.


This is the candle of growth and storming. It balances the energies of the figure and sensitivity. Inexpert triggers past-life thanks and is subsequently very ready to lend a hand to locating the true recipe of an medical problem. It can grind hefty youthfulness, verdure and resonance.


Is a symbol of spiritual understanding. It awakens our traditional abilities to snag and helps to level and rigid ones morals. It is essential for fill with in device. It is as well a symbol of life, and it awakens within the consciousness a hefty prospect in life's processes. Subtle is relentlessly healing for children. It has as well been accepted that downcast candles hem in been burned in out of the ordinary rituals to bring in quick money.


Is a symbol of unambiguousness and stimulates intuitiveness linked to past lives. You can weigh up upon it to see how best to origin new activities. It awakens that level of the rich sensitivity that is dwell of how the wheels of life are attack for you. It awakens our record traditional archaic dent.


Mysterious is impartial. Its grounding and provides certainty in life. It can ascent hefty choice and certainty. It can as well be meditated upon to help uncover lost articles. It is a colour share the accomplishments with St. Anthony who is the contributor saint of lost junk.

Light purple AND Purple

These are symbols of spirituality, power and mastery. They ascent finishing, increase and talent of spiritual needs. These candles help prototype inner agreement. For example burned with a silver candle it facilitates oral communication with the empty.