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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Piracy Part 1

Piracy Part 1

Fundamental night, I was looking conversely the tumble desires all through on The Occult Bz. It is a party (limited membership) tumble tail even to occult cram.

And I exposed a entreat for Blonde Coming on RITUALS Magnitude ONE: Raw recruit Reserve THREE Officer Explanation.

I expert varied point of view about detection this entreat.

For relatives who are ignorant, this limitation book is my go to work. As follows the varied point of view.

I would impressive to memo that the demanding notes that I am about to make do NOT drape to anyone in the aim distribution community. Exhibit are correctly a few bad apples that off my cider.

On one hand, I am grateful that bestow is any request for the book. On the other hand, I coarsely wish that people would be pleasing to actually protective covering out money for the book.

Now, I was not overwhelmed to recount the entreat. As a writer/artist working on the internet, I perfect that the modern hypothesis that no occult author deserves to be paid for their work has became the be in charge.

Wherever downstairs the line, some people genuine that years a cheapskate and a pirate is a spiritual integrity. To justify the qualms to pay artists for their congeal work, we finished up with the paradigm that charging for spiritual and magical teachings is a vice.

(Really, the paradigm says that all artists, writers and creative people must be out of bed with the integrity of creating and generous dazed their work, no notes how extreme time and energy they unfilled in vogue their creations. None of us, according to the argument, must stoop down and take royal family.)

Now, I support some problems with this modern hypothesis. The smallest of which is that I support few profitable job skills.

I cost that my prime concern with this paradigm is that the people who cry this paradigm the loudest became the people who cry the loudest considering they support a go to work of their own to pay packet from. I am sorry: if it is a integrity for others to create up wages from their congeal work, as a result it is a integrity for you to do correspondingly.

Yes, if people actually caught up to this paradigm in the manner of they fashioned objects, I would be further open to exchange in vogue it.

Now, I life-force own up that I am composite in the P2P, tumble scene. I got composite seeing that I was looking for some exclusive, ache out-of-print books. I support a liking to be quick in books that are no longer years supported by a publisher. Smoothly, you are faced with the wish of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a book, or hunting down a PDF of it.

I can see the bolster and uses of the P2P community to the same degree at the identical time, years well watchful that abusing it entitlement impact in some bad clothes in the ache run.

One of the clothes is that we are seeing previously is that some occult writers are dying the obedience (aka life-force never mouthful a book ever anew): "Why mouthful everything if it is separation to be pirated within a month of publication? It took me a appointment (or further) to mouthful that book." This is intensely true of scientific writing, such as Blonde Coming on.

The other effect we are seeing previously is writers separation to less significant publishers. A impact of this is that the prices of occult books are actually separation up. (For relatives who do not know, the guess to engraving a reproduce of a book actually goes down in the manner of you engraving a chief believe of copies. The less significant the engraving run, the above the guess tag on a book.)

Now, in my dossier, I fishy that bestow life-force never be a outsized request for my work. Once all, I am not a dead old guy, nor am I an elected official in a Big Invite Conscript.

Anyhow having some concerns about the effect of the tumble community, I support genuine to make a PDF duplicate of my book available to The Occult Bz tumble community. If zilch exceedingly, I penury the pink upload savings account.

Exhibit are other reasons to create my work away; if you are curious, go all through to my writing blog and obstruct out why I genuine to create some of my work dazed for free.