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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sod Ha Ibbur

Sod Ha Ibbur

The Celtic (Coligny) calendar, akin the Jewish calendar, as fundamental lunar-based, intercalates both lunar and solar time participating in its calculations. Contrasting the approving calendar which is a solar-based calendar and has 12 months, the two calendars which reckoning time by both the lunar and solar cycles each carry 13 months. The Celtic shape adds an intercalary month every 2.5-3 lifetime. The Hebrew shape adds an intercalary month 7 time every 19 lifetime, which calculates out to every 2.9 lifetime.

In other words, both the Celtic and Jewish calendars manipulate on a 19-year cycle; both intercalate solar time participating in the in basic terms lunar calendar. All of these lunar-solar calendars are ancient.

The New Engagement of the world, exceedingly various the approving calendar, is out of the ordinary explicit shared with the Celtic and Jewish methods of promptness. Samhain, the Celtic New Engagement, and Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Engagement, both ensue in autumn as opposed to in winter. The approving dates of both (elevated) Samhain and Rosh Hashanah transform see to see.

The new day begins at dusk in both Keltoi and Jewish promptness.

Like so, the acquaintance lead to that present-day is advanced knowledge (sod ha-ibbur) deep-rooted within these two particularly congruent ancient methods of promptness. This knowledge was trait of both the ancient Celts and the ancient Hebrews.

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