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Friday, October 16, 2009

Freedom From A Relationship

Freedom From A Relationship
If you are confined in a disorder with extra private and wish to stop the unity with a smallest sum of nuisance, attend until the dark moon. You wish need: * A black candle * A fireproof puzzle * A two of a kind of hedge clippers * A pencil or pen * Two brisk pieces of paper * Specialism or coilStir up the black candle. Record your name on a brisk sector of paper and the other person's name on the other sector. Tie the two papers together with a length of backbone or coil.Lay the papers on your altar with the edges hostile to each other. Dream matter as they are now concerning the two of you. Slowly move the papers far-flung as far as the backbone wish go. Dream a unruffled unfriendliness with the two of you stop your backs and walking old hat. Now cut the backbone in the principal with the Hedge clippers. Say:"I am free."You are free."We go our distinct ways in subdued."Annex the paper with the other person's name on it, light it in the candle flare up, and lesser it in the puzzle to zip up. Array of the embers as soon as they are cool.From: Moon Magick