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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Freemasons A History And Exploration Of The World Oldest Secret Society

Freemasons A History And Exploration Of The World Oldest Secret Society Cover

Book: Freemasons A History And Exploration Of The World Oldest Secret Society by Paul Jeffers

Though never a member of any fraternity,I have always had a passing interest in what they were all about.The author claims that the Freemasons are the world's oldest secret society.Whether that be true or not;it has existed for a very long time in one form or another. He makes a good attempt to trace it roots back to the building of Solomon's Temple.With all that has happened since that time,all the histories that have been written,all the organizations that have existed,and on and on;it is unlikely that complete agreement on all the history of the Freemasons will ever be resolved.Heck,the author shows that even the Freemasons have widely different views. What we seem to find is that there were organizations from Solomon's time and probably even before,and without doubt organizations of Masons exist today;how they got from there to here is intriguing.

I have read quite a bit of history,from ancient times to the present and Masons,Templars or whatever form or organization was involved at any particular time;there is little doubt that they existed and played important parts in all areas of history.Remember, it is the people who belonged to them is what was important;even moreso than the organization itself.
Yes,they are a secret organization,not unlike many others. Yes,there are many things said about them,both good and bad.Yes ,they have been maligned and persecuted by just about every country and organization imaginable.All one can really say about that is;"Well,join the club!"

The author has set out to show as fairly as possible the history,aims and whatnot and ,rather than make any judgements,leaves the reader to make up his own mind as what to make of it all.
Quite honestly,I didn't think he exposed any sinister secrets. He shows that the Freemasons had major involvement in the development of the United States and Canada.Whether you look at Political leaders,businessmen,Scientists,Mosicians,leaders in the Arts,Medicine,Generals or any other walks of life;you will find men who believed in God,and wanted to do all they were able to serve their country and fellow men.Of course,this was not only true of Freemasons;many other people and organizations had similar aims and also were subjected to similat persecutions and misrepresentations.
If one reads this book with an open mind ,one would come to the same conclusion as did Abraham Lincoln did in my title.

Organizations,down through the ages,with the highest of principles and aspirations ,have had problems with human failings amongst its members,and have been maligned for all kinds of reasons; The Freemasons seem to be no different. I thought the list of Famous Masons the author provided shows that Freemasonry counts some of the finest people who made tremendous contributions in the development of the United States and Canada. Maybe we are all better off by thinking about what these people said,believed and how they led their lives;rather than looking for something sinister in the organization. This applies to many other fine organizations as well,and I doubt that any of those Famous Masons listed would disagree.

The masonry is the oldest and most extended confraternity of the world. Since its very beginnings it aroused over the people curiosity and even certain suspicious, today it has become issue of public debate derived from its undeniable notoriousness around decisive moments of the mankind's history, such as the American Independence War and the French Revolution among the most relevant.

But also the masons were accused of many topics, celebration of clandestine satanic rituals as well as universal plots to dominate the planet. It's true there have been relevant and connoted personalities of undeniable transcendence over all these years, whose contribution around the progress of the mankind is absolutely free of discussion. H. Paul Jeffers offers us a zealous and abundant compilation of pertinent details respect the formation and eventual evolution of this confraternity. Symbols, rites, hierarchy and structure of the organization are some of these issues developed in this fascinating and captivating book

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