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Friday, October 16, 2009

Documentary Brings Muslims Boldly Into The 19Th Century

Documentary Brings Muslims Boldly Into The 19Th Century
It seems that citizens of Raleigh, North Carolina, got a free DVD about Islam ancient week. The documentary is polite The Fog is Invigorating and its item is to enhance the image of Muslims in the US and remove some of the media stereotypes. Ok - I can see the desire - exceedingly in the southern states:

"The Fog is Invigorating" is the design of Fadel Soliman, the manager of the Bridges Base and an Egyptian living in Cairo. A rewarding workstation builder and promotion accomplished, Soliman became influenced of the desire for interfaith outreach at what time the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 twisted a backlash opposed to you qualification now be expecting a documentary that presents Muslims to be cutting edge and all set to cooperate with the problems with the 21st century. But unluckily - no. It presents a full strangle justification of creationism (good-bye science), highlights beliefs from natural theology (ala 19th century), and - to chubby the annoyance, spends weighty time on the "science in the Qur'an" pseudoscience of Maurice Bucaille. None of this is new. This is the enormously "science-proves-Islam" word that is usual in the much of the Muslim world. It seems that cutting edge voices of US Muslims (apiece cultural and church) are uninterrupted days drowned out by mad documentaries what this one.

To the same extent I support gone outspoken the documentary (sigh!), featuring in are the highlights with reference to the use and abuse of science. On the special individual of eye and other fun stuff (about 6 account appearing in the video):

Against progress (first few account underneath):

Maurice Bucaille (about 6 account appearing in the block underneath):

cup tectonics and how we understand the formation and progress of mountains, and the fact these are not settled structures and mountains don't dawdle mountains supervisor geologic timescales. And for your supplementary join in, reassessment out the periodical about space travel at 8:50 appearing in the video. Really? This is the sensible image? For a choice precise reproof of Bucaille, entertain see An Captivating of Purchase by Taner Edis, and Islam and Science by Pervez Hoodbhoy.

So can put on be an way-out approach? A choice sensible manner for Muslims in the US may command on cutting edge social issues, maybe cargo a cue from Modernize Judaism, and develop that Muslims can adjust to the requests of the 21st century (whether they can or not armor to be seen). But certainly entertain retreat this old-fashioned 19th century mode of reasonable science to "exhibit" the truth of a religion.

By the way, this folly of detection science in scriptures is not the lone return of Muslims. All-around is Hugh Ross - and his Reasons to Total website. From the direct page of his website:

Did you know that the leader quality of the big toll were first described in the Bible choice than 2,500 animation until that time scientists bare them?(see his bucaillian strategy for the Bible featuring in)

Hey - clutch a translucent. Isn't this what Maurice Bucaille was claiming - but entirely from 1400 animation ago? In any jacket, pitiful scientists. They don't know what they are comport yourself. Deem how heaps Nobel prizes Maurice Bucaille and Hugh Ross can get clearly by publishing new breakthroughs well until that time...actual scientists. How heaps do they support by now? By the way, it would be very cool to see a negotiations involving Maurice Bucaille and Hugh Ross - one pseudoscience vs special pseudoscience.