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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boy It Hot Is It Me Or Just The Phoenix Betty Andreasson Bogus Journey Part 5

Boy It Hot Is It Me Or Just The Phoenix Betty Andreasson Bogus Journey Part 5
Betty Andreasson had adjust asked Jesus to help her, presumably to do something about the heat that she was anguish from. As immediately as she asked for help, the bird no more and somewhere it had stood was a child fire.

Buzz 84 - 85 - The fire burned down, became ashes and after that by some means turned inside a "extensive, claylike caterpillar."

Next to continuing on, what in the world adjust happened? Vista the parallels to a definite bird agreed as, the phoenix. Place a look at this traditional reproduction of the phoenix. (mythology)

"Let us echo that supplement sign [of the recovery] which takes place in Eastern lands, that is, in Arabia and the countries from one place to another about. Offer is a definite bird which is called a phoenix. This is the lonesome one of its fashion, and lives five hundred time. And to the same extent the time of its conclusion draws loving that it must die, it builds itself a envelop of frankincense, and myrrh, and other spices, inside which, to the same extent the time is finish, it enters and dies. BUT AS THE FLESH DECAYS A Certain Cooperative OF Worm IS Formed, which, creature nourished by the juices of the dead bird, brings forth timetabled. For that reason, to the same extent it has acquired stoutness, it takes up that envelop in which are the bones of its parent, and importance these it passes from the land of Arabia inside Egypt, to the city called Heliopolis. And, in open day, carried by the wind in the behold of all men, it seats them on the altar of the sun, and having done this, hastens back to its long-gone house. The priests after that scrutiny the registers of the dates, and find that it has returned scarcely as the five hundredth see was extensive."

Not 100% equal, but ample parallels that I am guaranteed it's worthy to stand that's what the spoon is.

So, in organization, it seems that Betty had stood previously a phoenix and suffered from enthusiastic heat. She asked Jesus for help, and after that watched the bird go nonstop the mode lifecycle of a phoenix including the caterpillar aspect. Hurriedly last this Betty hears a participation that she believes to be God, but I would wheedle is not. Initially, God ultra than inherent would not appear as a phoenix. I would fondness to mull over that if He did appear to Betty last the phoenix went not in, He would pride yourself on appeared 1) as Jesus, 2) been less vague 3) would pride yourself on hard her fear not in suddenly.

All of God's appearances in the Bible pride yourself on been in a Humanoid form, or that of a throng. Exodus God leads Israel as a scaffold of throng or fire, and to the same extent the prophets encountered Him, it was characteristically God appearing ultra or less in a man-shape.

Not to try out that to the same extent society stand previously the Lady, they routinely faint as little dead, not strike about how hot it is. Equally, God characteristically has favor and allows the characteristic who's "as dead" to stand and be in His presence. He takes not in the fear, and He keeps society from dropping dead once more. Put forward are a two of a kind appearances, if you really point to see ultra of God appearing in the Bible, adjust go read the Bible. I am sad to allow that I can't name off every physical position of God in the Bible. The Lady does make a numeral of be the owner of appearances in the Old Memorial, and is revealed nonstop Jesus in the New Memorial. Formerly He appears post-resurrection, it's as Jesus Christ telling society undeniable cloth.

Exodus 19:18 - All Mount Sinai was internal with exhaust from the time when the Lady had descended on it in the form of fire. The exhaust billowed inside the sky fondness exhaust from a stove, and the whole block shook with a jagged rout.

Ezekiel 1:26 - 2:1 - 2

26 - Aloof the close supervisor their heads was what looked fondness a throne complete of blue blue. And high former this throne was a sum total whose position was fondness that of a man.

27 - From his waist up, he looked fondness gleaming amber, gleaming fondness a fire. And from his waist down, he looked fondness a ardent flicker, glowing with status.

28 - All just about him was a clearly halo, fondness a rainbow glowing nonstop the exhaust. This was the way the standing of the Lady appeared to me. Formerly I saw it, I slay emerge down in the sprinkling, and I heard someone's participation speaking to me.

2:1 - "Spot up, son of man," hypothetical the participation. "I point to speak with you."

2:2 - The Individual came inside me as he make fun of and set me on my feet. I listened meticulously to his words.

As well, now that Christ has been revealed, the lonesome way we can reunion the Set up is nonstop His son, Jesus Christ. Put forward are a two of a kind scriptures to echo. lonesome I, who was sent from God, pride yourself on seen him.)

John 14:9 - "Philip, don't you even yet know who I am, even last all the time I pride yourself on been with you? Someone who has seen me has seen the Father! So why are you asking to see him?

This makes it lovely within as to who has entrance hall to the Set up, and that is Christ lonely. The lonesome way you and I pride yourself on any organization to lose your footing the Set up is from the time when of what Christ carry out.

So, back to the bird. Horizontal little the phoenix seems to pride yourself on some Christian parallels and was even adopted by the Catholic Clerical and some Christians, it is steeped in pagan birth. How apposite, what several other "Christian" symbols and holidays pride yourself on minute sources.

The phoenix pops up in a numeral of cultures. When I yet to come to bear out grant is more accurately glossy, but I mull over have to help holder that the phoenix keeps some dubious band. Equally, the pagan cosmologies are more accurately baffling, probably perceptively, so I would fondness to point out in my test I ran inside contradictions about definite beings. Taster, the bennu bird is notorious as one thing, and unusual. Offer are also sometimes combined sun gods for one cosmology. Egypt seems to pride yourself on had a variety of sun gods, and some pride yourself on together definite gods to each other, time relatives roads pride yourself on not forever been near. So, with that in gaze at, swing at a look at some of the lively roads that the phoenix shares.

Egypt is often uncontested as one of the opening to pride yourself on a phoenix fondness bird.

( In Egypt, the match up of the phoenix is uncontested as the bennu. Only, it's a heron-esque bird that also is essentially the heart/soul of their sun god Ra. Charmingly, the bird was also intentional to be a show of Osiris, post-resurrection. I stick that Peter Goodgame (one of my Introduction Quake heroes, has together Osiris to the Antichrist, as has Tom Horn in his 2012 book. I haven't looked at it too much, as they've done a much ultra fjord job than I may possibly yet to come to. So, the bird appears to be the show of a creature that has been notorious as a possible antichrist. Equally, as something to do with the sun god, Ra. For ultra on Osiris, go to Charmingly, that associates him to Ptah, which is the name of an single that seemingly contact Billy Meier (doubtful UFO sum total) to the same extent he was a child. He also had contact with Semjase, whose name is oh so minute to the Semjaza in the Choose of Enoch.

Adjacent, in Hindu mythology, the phoenix match up is essentially the bird-man step up of Vishnu. It's name is Garuda (prettily garuda is a private of birdman creature in China Mieville's novels). I stick my (link to it) posting on Buddha the destroyer internal Vishnu's link to the Antichrist. Garuda ( Garuda doesn't resound to be equated to Vishnu, so phoenixes are once more together in some way to an antichrist sum total. The fact that the Hindu phoenix flies just about a total who is inexpensive to the Antichrist does not foreshadow well for the true motives of any phoenix appearing to everyone.

Now, it seems as best as I can sum total, Vishnu is sometimes a sun god. The phoenix flies him just about. Ra is a sun god also, and he is united to the phoenix. So, who's unusual sun god? Apollo, That's organization, the single notorious in Dream as the Antichrist. It appears that as a sun god, he's match up to Helios as well. And, allegedly, Helios had a overtone with the phoenix as well.

"According to the Greek mythology the phoenix lived in Phoenicia subsequently to a well. At dawn, it covered in the water of the well, and the Greek sun-god Helios blocked his chariot (the sun) in order to focus to its assemble." (mythology) Let's not forget one ultra. The Phoenix Suns sports pair is a link to 1) phoenixes 2) the sun. I would also accept that this coexistent also with the god America follows, which is recreation and sports, but that shove be steal cloth too far. At any rate, that's yet unusual thing linking the phoenix to the sun.

Phoenixes, little good on the close, appear to pride yourself on some roads with the one who will be revealed to be the supreme evil creature of all.

So, am I saying that Betty was abducted by "aliens" and after that brought to the Antichrist? Not consequentially. Initially, we know that The Antichrist is in the Chasm, until he is loosed upon the earth. Aristocratic than inherent, Betty would not be able to proceed the Chasm as soon as exhausted inside it. Exhibit, This is ultra than inherent "the spirit of antichrist" in the atmosphere that he (Bible quote) has gone out inside the world. This phoenix bird she saw was in all likelihood a servant of The Antichrist.

I wanted to dig inside this part ultra totally, from the time when for a long for time, I was contemplative, "did she really cook with God?" This caused me a lot of questions, and caused me to fear criticizing her engagement, or the single she stood previously, or even what happens to her following. It also complete me mull over that these were real aliens, as I knew that spirits had to revere Christ's order. So a Christian aristocrat accomplishment abducted and creature defenseless posed a lot of questions for me. As I am leave-taking nonstop this book, I can positively see the Lady transmission me ultra and ultra of the truth little by little.

In the company of this customs in place, let's keep trying a bit relief with Betty's commandeering, and her rant with what she thinks is God.

Buzz 86 - 87 - Betty describes a few cloth last the phoenix takes a traipse, after that hears a participation from her organization. When she hears seems to be lovely accepted New Age cooking. Admiringly vague, yet spiritual sounding. You can collect this perfect of thing from adjust about every channeler or someone who follows the New Age. Betty asked the participation what it had selected her for.

"'I pride yourself on selected you to program the world.' (creature)

'Are you God?' Betty asked with startle in her participation. 'Are you the Lady God?' (betty)

'I shall program you as your time goes by.'

Without favoritism accepted, the spirits imprecisely say that an chart is special, or selected, and after that they give or take a few forever proceed it at that and say something fondness, "we'll program you following." The spirits also stash to fondness placing the slip on us humans, saying cloth fondness "we're not calibrate," or it's not the organization time. Anyways, back to the story, some time passes, and Betty picks up once more.

"'Are you my Lady Jesus? I would site my Lady Jesus.' Oh it says - "I love you. God is love, and I love you.'...

'Why was I brought here?' Betty asked once more.

from the time when I pride yourself on selected you.'

'Why won't you group me why and what for?'"

'The time is not yet. It shall come. That which you pride yourself on acknowledgment in, that which you think.'

Betty defensively claimed her Christian faith: 'It is true. I pride yourself on acknowledgment in God, and I pride yourself on acknowledgment in Jesus Christ. Repute God, put on a pedestal God, put on a pedestal God...I pride yourself on acknowledgment in Jesus Christ.'

'We know, child,' the participation answered. 'We know child, that you do. That is why you pride yourself on been selected. I am release you back now. Nurture not...Be of evade. Your own fear makes you feel these cloth. I can rescue you, but you must rescue yourself of that fear nonstop my son...'

'Oh, put on a pedestal God, put on a pedestal God, put on a pedestal God! [Lamentation] Thank you Lord!'"

She after that thanked the participation for his son, which she silent was God and that she was thanking Him for Jesus.

Of course Betty's obscure grant, once more is not testing the spirits, that is asking them if Jesus Christ had come in the flesh. She also did not telling off them in Christ's name, or bidding them to do what on earth to boot. Native to form also, the single did not anyhow slump itself, nor did it confer her a all right corollary. If you've ever read any channelings, you'll site that this trade looks very acknowledged. If you've never read any, don't ill-treat your time. If you point to read messages from a excellent power, read the Bible. That's from the past performance power near is, God. He loves you, and that's His contact to you.

Whatever thing invasive in the former trade comes to gaze at from page 87.

"Betty defensively claimed her Christian faith: 'It is true. I pride yourself on acknowledgment in God, and I pride yourself on acknowledgment in Jesus Christ. Repute God, put on a pedestal God, put on a pedestal God...I pride yourself on acknowledgment in Jesus Christ.'

'We know, child,' the participation answered. 'We know child, that you do. That is why you pride yourself on been selected."

The "aliens" chose her from the time when of her acknowledgment in Jesus Christ. The defect is, why? Compound have potential come to gaze at.

1) They knew she wouldn't test the spirits.

2) They knew that if they may possibly get not in with abducting a Christian, that this would make it appear that even Christians are unprotected opposed to "aliens"

3) They complete this up on the fly to mask their butts about Jesus' power supervisor them.

After all, this "nonstop my son" thing is invasive as well. I am not guaranteed what to make of it at the flare, other than I don't stick they were oral communication about Christ.

To shield up, the phoenix single that Betty make fun of with, in all likelihood was not something that was of God. Offer are too several occult roads with the phoenix for it to be what on earth but demonic. Not to try out, that God forever appears in a identical orientation in the neighborhood all of the Bible. Traditionally in a man-like position, or a throng. He also complete Himself know to us nonstop His son Jesus. God also makes His society bold within a very crouch degree of time, and tells His society very undeniable cloth. He is never vague or elusive. The creature Betty met did not any to evade her, it complete her withstand enthusiastic heat and did not swing at design to prevent her. The messages she usual were also anyhow vague and did not any to be mad about Jesus Christ.

Adjacent time, Betty takings home, and her investigators debrief. Offer may be some lag time amongst posts, so stay tuned. I pride yourself on a few other projects leave-taking on, and seriously this will be a little harder to work on in the subsequently few weeks. If there's too long for of a space, I will post once more.

Purchase, and may Jesus Christ come inside your life if He's not beforehand part of it.