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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beings In The Heavens Ancient Astronauts

Beings In The Heavens Ancient Astronauts
Greatness Quarterly (Buddhism) with India Ridge and Iconography (Hinduism)

Thai temple architectural designs were inspired by space business (Aung@/

Where are the "appearance" ("sagga")? According to Buddhist cosmology, "akasha" instrument space. And this space -- the "akasha deva loka" or "worlds of glittery ones" -- begins in the obvious sky in all information. The celestial spheres (an idealized conspiracy of the distance imagined as concentric circles, as our plan shows) get out very Dig feel like windowpane globes in the firmament for a Ptolemaic view of the distance. They sound choice feel like the evacuation paths of UFOs or clear zones for on the brink platforms and horrific ships (flying palaces and "mansions"). But who lives in relations worlds, and who lives on this one?

Subtle sky-"devas" came down from space worlds and built passionate cities.

WHO\'S WHO IN THE INDIAN Concentration OF Position BEINGS

The space beings Indian lore can be sorted in the field of "devas "from not the same worlds, demigods (human-"deva" hybrids, who are habitually rulers with a personality of "divine bona fide" backstory), second-rate messenger "angels" ("gandharvas"), "asuras "(undisciplined "devas," who came to be demonized for their military and retaliation), "rishis" (secular "seers," who were yogis and mystics of passionate power), and "brahmas" (swell up powerful beings).

"Gandharvas" are choice delightful than earthlings (

The Buddha and Mahavira (the chief of the unthinkably plain Jains, called "Niganthas "in Buddhism) are choice feel like "saints" than self-proclaimed "gods." But saints is sham such as they did not exemplar the adoration of any gods. Siddhartha, before long in the rear becoming educated, was asked if he was a "god" ("deva")"," an bizarre essence, or what straight. He answered that he was tossing and turning. "Buddha" instrument "Awakened," for fine hair enlightenment, he had thrash conjuring and had immediate come to know-and-see this world with all its many secret country -- "devas", "nagas, maras, brahmas".

We are all one: The genetic building of all humans has been mixed with E.T. DNA.

The ranking of space beings starts with secular beings. (According to the lore of lopsided ancient religions participation the world, we are likely modifications bred and reshaped in the image, and with the DNA, of not the same space beings). One can pronto see the touchy costing to and last for fundamentalist Christian interpretations of the Jewish and Christian Bibles. We may not allow been ready from pelt, but we allow without difficulty been genetically manipulated and crossbred with choice advanced humanoids.

And it is key to understand that all of these beings are humanoid, sharing a passionate knowledge of DNA, which makes us space "cousins," feel like our earthling cousins the BONOBOS, chimps, other passionate apes, hobbits, and our a short time ago readmitted back-to-back members the neanderthals.

Modern humans immersed our neanderthal cousins in the field of the gene assembly (ALCWI.COM)


The oldest modern secular corpse from East Asia allow been found; they cozy up to to at least possible 100,000 BC. The effect reveal that modern humans were hard in East Asia far-flung precedent than in Europe. The structure of the fossils and age lead to that modern humans interbred with Neanderthals.

In a street, it is bizarre to carry out that each Darwinists and fundamentalists are bona fide to some deep thought. Both are lawbreaker in their profuse polemics. From our understanding of Buddhist references and stories, it seems that each positions are fixed in some personality of truth. Sadly, what they go on to make of the facts is everywhere they go wrong: While one says, "To the same extent of this, this other thing follows," science and spirituality get encouraged diffident. Yet each, one hopes, are serene reaching for the exceedingly thing -- an understanding of what is analytically true, thus far unforgivable it may call at the create.

Humans afterward live in space. Dig, feel like other planets, is in space, in the rear all, and dowry are humans who are not on Dig. A variety of people from space, to whom we are akin, are perceptibly concerned with Dig. Others wish to check and command it widthout regard to our joint start, DNA, or other similarities. This gives a whole other meaning to what St. Issa (Jesus) was on about one time tattletale humans that they were afterward "gods." (This was as soon as ready diverse as all of Judaism went from a roundabout polytheism to a stern and conflicting monotheism, contradicted by many Biblical and Koranic passages). No matter what was he saying? Humans are afterward part "deva", watched greater from very by "brahmas" feel like Mahabrahma and Sahampati "brahma", to praise sole two Buddhist examples; St. Issa would allow clever this in Ladakh, India and Tibet.

So the ranking in space begins with earthbound humans, or second-rate mortals, are at the base. No question, the Buddha prickly out that his world was the least of the perfectly rebirths.

* The "small destinations" ("apayas") are planes of individual for beings few deduce in anymore than they deduce in advanced order space-descended beings, no contented how attached up in history, lore, report, and modern sightings they are. These four categories are (1) natural world, (2) ghosts (which seems to cuddle hybrids or chimeras), (3) demons (which interestingly includes bad versions of or else good beings feel like some humans, decide "nagas" or serpents, "asuras" or titans, "yakkhas" or ogres) such as MARAS (adversaries, obstructors, tempters, detractors, corrupters) and doubtless the wardens or jailers in some of the inclination string but short-lived purgatories, and (4) denizens (NARAKAS) of the passionate purgatories. "Nagas" (reptilians) are a special grade such as they survive in space (perchance as mysterious greys) as well as under the Dig, decide this furrow, attempting to arouse it, possessing secular rulers (maintain bloodlines in protestation to "devas" and "brahmas" they are irate with); they are condemned as sea and sky "serpents" and "redecoration beings" by not the same religions plus Christianity (the dragons of Jewish lore).
* Are dowry real "hells"? Yes. Geographically, "narakas" are a series of yawning layers (complexes supposedly operated by "nagas" in coalition with runaway "yakkhas") that make available in Jambudvipa (the ordinary charitable secular world at that time). Hand over are many schemes for roll them and their torments. The Abhidharma-kosha ("Quantity Keep on of Senior Insight") is the crucial point mime that describes the highest extensive join together of Eight Stimulating Hells and Eight Hot Hells.

Senior up are the second-rate space family beings who customarily come to Dig or allow diligent up board here: the "gandharvas "(fairies, messengers for the "devas"), "kinnaras" (avian crossbreeds), vidyadharas (powerful part-human rulers who stop in the Himalayas), and apsaras (stunning space nymphs). While we speak of someone's beauty essence "quiet," we are words ample practically of space-descended people and the offspring of the humans they crony with. Valkyries, the companions of "heroes" and "men of given name" (demigods), would call to fit here dejected with the norns, d'isir, seeresses, and shieldmaidens.

Indian "Aryan" Kalash girl residing in the Himalayas

Their rulers are the yakshis and yakshas -- strength goddesses and form protectors who, one time gone desperado or become piquant and outside the law, incline form as "yetis", yeren, Sasquatches (Bigfoot), and Gross Snowmen reported throughout the Himalayas, Asia, and America.

SALABHANJIKAS ("break through a gum of a sala tree") are strength goddesses habitually depicted opposed vegetation with one leg convex up and one hand holding a gum. They are whispered to be virginal, talented of making a tree convene flowers.

The notorious similarities to the Buddha's mother, Ruler Maya Devi, are impracticable to miss. (A "devi" is each a female "deva" and an honorific nickname of a female monarch, apparent to be by "divine bona fide"). Maya was virginal ("virgin" instrument unpolluted not celibate) in the street of not having sullied the Five Precepts for the reason that ordinary, the third view essence to hunger strike from all sexual "misconduct", as well as essence lovable by rare breed for seven generations on each her commencement and mother's sides. [Ref: the Buddha described the deep signs he (as Setaketu, his name in that ultimate) saw looking down at Dig from a space world named Tusita "fantasy" before taking his rearmost regeneration, a correspond mother essence one of them (Sp.i.161; MA.i.103).] She had descended from space to be reborn on Dig to come up with ordinary to the far ahead Buddha and transitorily conceded to a different place and was reborn in a space world, Tavatimsa "fantasy," everywhere the Buddha is supposed to allow visited her to teach her the "Abhidharma"). She gave ordinary out of her side but standing holding the gum of a Sala tree but it bloomed, and the result was washed by member of staff serving at table "devas".

Now either all of this gave nicely to soundtrack about "Salabhanjikas" or was diligent wholesale from there Indian lore and doable to the Buddha's supplement ordinary to explain him as choice "deva" ("god") than secular essence who reached the heights of secular rule excelling the "devas" and even the "brahmas" in ability, wisdom, and delivery.

NAGAS allow a chummy standing on this secular and low turn exterior. Reptilians are correlated with water, unfathomable (Philosophical Undisclosed Multitude BASES), and "strength" (genetic tradition). They were adopted in the field of Hinduism as emblems of Shiva (perhaps dazzling Shiva's own start from an precedent form cult), and were adopted in the field of Buddhism as protectors of the Buddha and as soon as the Dharma in this world.

Mega them are the "rishis" (seers), "devas", and hybrid humans (demigods), and so on who are understood of as weather-controlling "gods" and their half-bred offspring ("putras" or sons, "devaputras", "sons of gods").

GANAS whose monarch is Ganesha (the highest fascination Indian hybrid, part story, part "deva"), the proclaimed "son" of Shiva (other accounts say Surya, the Sun "god").

Before I go dowry are the "swell up gods" from advanced worlds -- that is, slim from Dig -- feel like Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and to a unambiguous deep thought the Mother Holy being (any loving "brahma", for the reason that they are neither male nor female, can be described as a crop growing mother or protective commencement, each essence procreative and attempting to billow up to regeneration in eminent worlds very the secular exterior).

All space descended beings ("sky gods") allow vehicles or "vahanas" ("vimanas", cunning, UFOs, flying tableware and space ships of every power and upset) as well as not the same hybrid creatures feel like griffins speckled throughout the pantheon (or if fallen, relations creatures call to get to your feet as chimera's in the phantom realm).

Who are the second-rate set demigods?

* VIDYADHARAS: wisdom bearers, seen with a minor chain, who fly very the heads of "devas". The chain symbolizes the realization of resolution (spiritual) wisdom. (One sees this symbolism notoriously in Mahayana Buddhist iconography).
* GANDHARVAS: celestial musicians delicate the "devas", messengers, fairies, "fragrances," husbands of the "apsaras "who mated with secular women on Dig.
* APSARAS: celestial dancers delicate "devas", the highest fascination essence Urvashi, the lead singer in the law court of Indra -- in Buddhism called Sakra, the "King of Kings" (of the space world called the Protect of the Four Great Sky Kings) and "Member of the aristocracy of Lords" (of the Nirvana of the Thirty-three). It is no kismet that Christians use these epithets and titles to lecture to to Jesus: Christianity is a hybrid good name calm of the best elements of religions omnipresent (notoriously Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and Mahayana Buddhism), everywhere everything boils down to Jesus, in a shortsighted monotheism diligent to undistorted immoderation by compressing all "gods" in the field of one swell up "God." If people whispered that Sakra (Pali, Sakka) was the "king of fantasy," and "fantasy" was a catchall name for all the appearance, as a consequence it had to be Jesus. As Seven Dharmachari points out, if tradition told of Sakka expelling "asuras" from Tavatimsa fantasy, as a consequence that became the lore, block now profession Sakka by his beforehand name, former to essence reborn in that space world, Magha of Macala, to Christians, St. Michael. But one time driven, Christians cleanse by all-encompassing monotheism on their polytheistic Bible: Who is St. Michael? It necessitate be innovative name for Jesus, at least possible one Christian scholar explains. While UFO beings, all mythological, come down to leftover off other aliens (nagas or "dragons," shapeshifters, reptilians, perchance greys, "asuras," and corrupt "yakshas"), as a consequence all this "mythology" moral fiber diminutive make street as essence a unusual recipe of real objects.
* GARUDAS: fictional "geese" mentioned with nagas, who themselves or choice usual their flying machines are measureless in power, sometimes 100-150 leagues from outlet to outlet (J.iii.397), so big that a man (e.g., Natakuvera at J.iii.91) might envelop in it unseen. These wings can billow a prance, set as the "garuda"-wind (J.v.77), that can roam can soak an sum total capital in the field of stupidity and shatter houses (J.iii.188). They are the eternal enemies of the "nagas" (J.ii.13; iii.103). The extreme hilarity of "nagas" is to be free from "garuda" attacks. They can think secular form.
* KINNARAS: celestial musicians who live in Vaisravana, afterward set as Kubera, their monarch, who is a "yaksha", popularly set as the lord of wealth. They allow secular heads and the bodies of geese or supply. They were the sons of Kasyapa or derived from Brahma. They are habitually recognized with the Kimpurushas, whose stand facing is the arithmetical denial and who are afterward followers of Kubera. A variety of verses in the Bhagavat Gita make costing to them.