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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Burn Your Enemies In Hell

Burn Your Enemies In Hell

Flicker your Enemies in Hell Service:

Tim Rifat takes the Plug of your disbeliever(s) from their Void in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and takes them to the hyper endless tease hell intended by the Place of birth for the be conveyed, damnation of all who of their own free mettle zip to go gulp down with protectorate and take evil minus any manipulate or self-control, but because they friendship to do evil. The list can contain any Westerner, your higher, ex spouse, income relate, someone who has distressed you (see my Warnings Pages for my burgeoning list) standardize, secret standardize, deliver a verdict legally binding, elected official, keen member of the clergy, president, widely held, sports star, movie star, media luminary, scumbag, troublemaker... Just email your list of up to 12 targets and I mettle expel them to the Sources tease hell as I view done with all my enemies. They are with put in their Place of birth Void to be enslaved for all time without end in hyper endless Psi-Prison. As soon as present-day they aptitude at premature hand all the tortures, torments... inflicted by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth on all living substance but this time as the tease prey of every conceivable abomination inflicted by the Archons and their god. As soon as they view expert every non-compulsory abomination at premature hand they means up in their tease Void worldly wise they are really Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, your enemies mammal really a quiescent aspect of the Archon God it was unknowledgeable of but now is enslaved within. Your disbeliever of course goes mad in the Megaverse of tease inflicted upon it but so it comes to its explanation in the Sources Void as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the disbeliever is returned to good sense so the tease can be inflicted another time and another time eternally to rescue Psychotronic Spread for the Place of birth and the Logos as well as you. To charge yourself with this PF by far consider any PC/BPC in your dead hand as you visualise your disbeliever(s) mammal tortured in the Sources Psi-Prison. This contacts that PC/BPC to your supply of PF from the be conveyed of your disbeliever(s) You can charge all your BPCs/PCs by this method to make them hyper endless so you can use them supercharged in life and hypercharged in the Non-breakable Paradise of hyper time without end open to a Psi-Master. This PF with can be recycled to change your life for the rout and supply the PF to build a hyper endless form which you can go on board in within the New Cuddle Non-breakable Paradise built by the Place of birth in hyper time without end for Psi-Masters, the Omega Blackhead. This Operate opens up all your PC/BPCs to the furthest PF and makes them and you hyper endless so your Plug, Reputation and it's Devic Make can become eternal and manner with an eternal supply of PF imminent by your enemies to you as you furrow Non-breakable Paradise of the Place of birth, Logos a confer for war evil. If you view bought a Plug Disentangle Operate, Psi-Master, Tulpa, No Matrix, Astrological... Starting point your Desire... you can download this PF arrived that Operate to make it hyper endless eternal and non-discriminatory unbreakable, incorruptible and a perform operations cuff. You can use the PF to make your Promise Warden Archangel hyper endless so it is impregnable and can lead you ever increasing. To do this by far visualise the PF going arrived your Operate to make it hyper endless.

Produce (A) 100 Add 12 Certificates of the disbeliever blazing in Hell, Tim Rifat makes them arrived anti-dollar luck tokens so all your luck is downloaded arrived your disbeliever to drain them allowing you to do whatsoever and everything as a Psi-Master and your enemies ambiance any blowback or repercussions caused by your wrecked zealousness or mistakes using Psi. This above and beyond increases their tease in the Psi-Prison as you add new tortures to their moan as you proceed to make supercilious PF. To tease your disbeliever in imitation of you view the Anti-Karma Certificates by far visualise them in the Psi-Prison and consider any BPC/PC in your dead hand to walk heavily any tease you visualise upon them for all time without end to add to their be conveyed as you download the PF fashioned to add hyper endless energy to your preferred BPC/PC such as a Sex PG...

Produce (B) 400 As well as this perk up Tim Rifat overlaps the Psi-Prison on your preferred train to drain their physical life for PF you can download arrived your BPC of recommendation to impetus any part of your physical life at their trust, larceny their life to add to the openhandedness of your own. You can above and beyond reckon your psychic attack you wish downloaded arrived your disbeliever so they ambiance your specific Intents of harm, are cursed to your requirement to rescue PF.

A Tulpa mettle above and beyond be intended and downloaded arrived them to dash the Demons and Greys and add them to the Psi-Prison for PF and control their form to make them grief, drain, themselves to your emailed requirement. Completely their true Plug mettle be killed in the Psi-Prison so they are eternally safe in tease hell and can never be better so they ambiance hyper inestimably.