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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Christopher Smart Jubilate Agno Fragment B3

Christopher Smart Jubilate Agno Fragment B3

KIT SMART'S JUBILATE AGNO is one of my very pet poems of all time. He wrote it in an insane harbor. A "Glasses case of Psychosis" was engaged out reluctant Christopher Sharp-witted, and he was admitted in St. Luke's Clinic on May 6, 1757 as a "Curable Tireless" by his companion Anna's stepfather John Newbery.

Stage IS Chronicle that an item took place in St. James's Rest in which he "crushed all the personnel" ("Jubilate Agno" B89), an item which may take on caused his lockup. Modish this time, Christopher was used up one by one, pole for his cat Jfrey and the scarce visitor or witness.

After that Minute allowance TO DO, he serious himself to God and to calligraphy this faux poem. He was emancipated from the harbor on January 30, 1763, but his poem was not to be published until 1939. I saw an awesome group reading of the poem in NYC in the 1980's, with readings by select prodigious poets.



For a Man is to be looked upon in that which he excels as on a venture.

For grant be twelve cardinal virtues -- three to the East -- Complexity, Valour, Devoutness.

For grant be three to the West -- Aristocracy, Blessedness and Sublimity.

For grant be three to the North -- Deliberation, Execution, Enthusiasm.

For grant be three to the South -- Steadiness, Wit and Meaning.

For the Commotion A PRIORI is GOD in every man's Conscience.

For the Commotion A POSTERIORI is God at an earlier time every man's eyes.

For the Four and Twenty Elders of the Revelation are Four and Twenty Eternities.

For their Four and Twenty Crowns are their respective Consummations.

For a Impression is the votes of the Worldlings, but the silent is of Almighty GOD one by one.

For grant is no musick in flats and sharps which are not in God's natural key.

For everywhere Collect takes the place of stanchion a man of Prodigy is driven to act the vices of a mug.

For the Sprite can set a hold on fire, equally the persons find combustibles.

For the old finance of time is the true -- Decr 28th 1759-60 -- -- --

For Wish as a grit of mustard origin is to reckon, as I do, that an Eternity is such in result to the power and collection of Almighty God.

For a Expectation is a good thing from GOD.

For grant is a dream from the retribution which is be frightened of.

For the wonder of dreaming is not of one register, but countless.

For Eternity is care for a grit of mustard as a blossoming lion's share and getting better spirit.

For the corruption of fire is oweing to the Devil's hitting of light, arable farm it became discernible murkiness.

For the Revolve may be SQUARED by climax and devastation.

For the Shine of God is in the lion's share of man and his spirit in the Heart.

For grant was no rain in Heaven for instance of the skeletal structure of the spiritual herbs and vegetation.

For the Planet Mercury is the Possibilities Test.

For the Scotchman seeks for truth at the below of a well, the Englishman in the Heavn of Publicize.

For the Planet Venus is the Possibilities Judiciousness or karma.

For GOD however is an smother with Mortal and capacious unto loss.

For grant is no decent in the period of man and the loss of millions is not consequences God's yank.

For this is the twelfth day of the MILLENNIUM of the MILLENNIUM foretold by the prophets -- present the believe to God ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY --

For the Planet Mars is the word Courage.

For to glorification in your birthday suit in the Pelt down is the bravest thing for the brand new and purifying the lion's share.

For the Planet Jupiter is the Possibilities Excess.

For Tully says to be capacious you must be chief reasonable, but the utter of Christ is wordy at all actions.

For Kittim is the birth of the Pygmies, God be smooth to Pigg his give shelter to.

For the Heart is separate and a portion of the Lead to may be cut off from one and realistic to pristine.

For NEW Bucks is the utmost healthy incredibly if it be leaven'd with feeling.

For a NEW Specific furthermore is best, if it be to the believe of God; and engaged with the give off care for the psalms.

For the Planet Saturn is the word Gravity or Stamina.

For Jacob's Ladder are the steps of the Earth graduated therefore to Paradice and thence to the throne of God.

For a good wish is well but a dedicated prayer is an eternal get through.

For SPICA VIRGINIS is the star that appeared to the knowledgeable men in the East and directed their way at an earlier time it was yet insphered.

For an Image is the mental illustration of an hint.

For Segment supposes that an material creature, at a disposed time may be an agnostic i.e. minus God, by the idiocy of his ethics on the subject of subconscious thinking.

For it is not legal to wad poyson in England any advanced than it is in Venice, the Peer of the realm suppress every the finder and receiver.

For the ACCENTS are the get through of the Moabites, who learning the GREEK speaking loving the words late their own vicious pronuntiation.

For the GAULS (the now-French and characteristic Moabites) late they were unexcited by Caesar became such Grecians at Rome.

For the Gaullic manuscripts slash trendy the hands of the inventors of printing.

For all the inventions of man, which are good, are the communications of Almighty God.

For all the stars take on satellites, which are provision under their respective words.

For tiger is a word and his satellites are Griffin, Storgis, Cat and others.

For my knack is to present an Look upon words by punching, that equally the reader casts his eye upon 'em, he takes up the image from the mould which I take on ended.

For JOB was the son of Issachar and forbearance is the child of hardiness.

For the Names of the Period, as they now stand, are foolish and adverse.

For the Period are the Original, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh.

For the names of the months are treacherous -- the Hebrew appellatives are of God.

For the Dub of the Lord's decoy was in dated early life and arrival exert yourself.

For an unclear period is a period and no period.

For putrifying area of interest however drive bring in up its life in diverse creatures and combinations of creatures.

For a TOAD can gap in the centre of a stone, for instance -- grant are stones whose degree life is of dwell in creatures.

For a Toad hath by wake of his eye the utmost good quality prospects of any other animal to make him compensation for his turn your back on from his Fall through in Believe.

For FAT is the fruit of generosity, at that time it was the Lord's in the Tableau sacrifices.

For the very private laws of Moses are the determinations of Bags that slash under his cognizance.

For the Sprite can make the shadow thicker by candlelight by intent of his pow'r first-class menacing fire.

For the Romans clipped their words in the Augustan thro foolishness and effeminacy and salaried eccentric actors for sermon them out.

For equally the weight and the pow'r are comparable the sustain is of none effect.

For splinter of the body hair was an get through of the personnel of Sodom to make men connect with care for women.

For the ends of the world are the operate of famous actions, and the consummation of periods.

For heaviness is a sin for instance start burning is to be obtained by prayer.

For Preferment is not from the East, West or South, but from the North, everywhere Satan has utmost power.

For the ministers of the Sprite set the hewer of encumber first-class the conduct of God's free Man.

For this inverting God's good order, build up and tutoring, and appointing place, everywhere the Peer of the realm has not correct.

For the Ethiopian matter is more willingly than solved in that the Blacks are the children of Cain.

For the wonder of the square moon is the truth -- she appears augmented in the horizon for instance she actually is so.

For it was supposed of old tin the Ethiopian rendition his skin?' the Peer of the realm has answered the matter by his usefulness and death he shall. --

For the moon is extravagant in the horizon by Almighty God, and so is the Sun.

For she has done her day's-work and the blessing of God upon her, and she communicates with the earth.

For equally she rises she has been strength'ned by the Sun, who cherishes her by night.

For man is inherent to irk in the lion's share, as the sparks fly upwards in the spirit.

For man is among the pinchers while his central part is influential and purifying.

For the ENGLISH are the origin of Abraham and work up to him by Joab, David, and Naphtali. God be smooth to us this day. Comprehensive Exact Presentation 14th 1760.

For the Romans and the English are one personnel the children of the gentlemanly man who died at the altar praying for his posterity, whose death was the type of our Saviour's.

For the WELCH are the children of Mephibosheth and Ziba with a cross of David in the Jones's.

For the Scotch are the children of Doeg with a cross of Cush the Benjamite, whence their subconscious disgust to the English.

For the IRISH are the children of Shimei and Cush with a cross of everything cut -- the Peer of the realm get bigger them!

For the FRENCH are Moabites even the children of Lot.

For the DUTCH are the children of Gog.

For the Poles are the children of Magog.

For the Italians are the children of Samuel and are the vastly as the Grecians.

For the Spaniards are the children of Abishai Joab's brother, therefore is the be in support of something among the two nations.

For the Portuguese are the children of Amman -- God be smooth to Lisbon and send good angels amid them!

For the Hottentots are the children of Gog with a Black cross.

For the Russians are the Feel sorry for yourself of Ishmael.

For the Turks are the children of Esaw, which is Edom.

For the Wallachians are the children of Huz. God be smooth to Elizabeth Hughes, as she was.

For the Germans are the children of the Philistins even the origin of Anak.

For the Prussians are the children of Goliah -- but the bequeath, whom God bless this hour, is a Campbell of the origin of Phinees.

For the Hanoverians are Hittites of the origin of Uriah. God cut down the king.

For the Hessians are Philistines with a cross of Judah.

For the Saxons are Benjamites, men of famous sympathy and Gathering Saxe was report from Benjamin.

For the Danes are of the children of Zabulon.

For the Venetians are the children of Scrape and Romans.

For the Swiss are Philistins of a private give shelter to. God be smooth to Jonathan Tyers his give shelter to and to all the personnel at Vaux Lecture.

For the Sardinians are of the origin of David -- The Peer of the realm talk to the Sport amid the good origin chief. --

For the Mogul's personnel are the children of Phut.

For the Old Greeks and the Italians are one personnel, which are blessed in the gift of Mustek by intent of the impression of Hannah and the caution of Samuel with regard to divine freshen.

For the Germans and the Dutch are the children of the Goths and Vandals who did a good in impairment books written by heathen Free-Thinkers reluctant God.

For grant are Americans of the children of Toi. --

For the Laplanders are the children of Gomer.

For the Phenomena of the Tumbling Resound are solved genteel in the schools.

For NEW Bucks is the utmost healthy -- God be smooth to Baker.

For the English are the children of Joab, Person in charge of the crowd of Israel, who was the most excellent man in the world to Enclose and to ATCHIEVE.

For TEA is a blessed promote and of pleasant blamelessness. God present the Physicians advanced aptitude and honesty!

For nutmeg is greater than healthy and cherishing, neither does it dimple the liver.

For The Lightning at an earlier time death is God's start burning in the spirit for strategy and for intimate.

For Purple Cotton is greater than good for the teeth. God be smooth to Windsmore.

For the Fern is greater than good and good to rub the teeth.

For a strong strategy of Mandragora is good for the gout.

For the Snarl was a communication from God and is self-directed.

For the advance of curing an ague by be frightened of is exaction.

For Exaction is the utmost accursed of all beat, for instance it brought the Peer of the realm to the route, his betrayers and murderers so such from their exaction.

For an Ague is the be frightened of of the lion's share, equally the blessing of God is withheld for a spice up.

For generosity is the best precise in the chief place and the crack in the twinkle.

For, equally the nation is at war, it is exceed to securely from the chastisement of criminals incredibly, every act of material justice so a curb to the daintiness of God.

For the communication ? [Hebrew spirit lamed] which signifies GOD by himself is on the fibre of some piece of paper in every Tree.

For ? is the grit of the material principal and on the netting of the husk.

For ? is in the veins of all stones every dear and hang around.

For ? is upon every hair every of man and beast.

For ? is in the grit of encumber.

For ? is in the ore of all metals.

For ? is on the scales of all lure.

For ? is on the petals of all vegetation.

For ? is upon on all missiles.

For ? is in the degree particles of air.

For ? is on the mite of the earth.

For ? is in the water yea in every driving rain.

For ? is in the solid ingredients of fire.

For ? is in the stars the sun and in the Moon.

For ? is upon the Downcast Leap.

For the photocopying of vegetation is the enhancement of the gardners knack.

For the vegetation are famous blessings.

For the Peer of the realm ended a Nosegay in the prevent with his disciples and preached upon the lily.

For the angels of God took it out of his hand and carried it to the Echelon.

For a man cannot take on publick spirit, who is run of private generosity.

For grant is no Echelon in which grant are not vegetation.

For vegetation take on famous virtues for all the grounds.

For the blossom glorifies God and the vile parries the retribution.

For the vegetation take on their angels even the words of God's The system.

For the bend and woof of vegetation are worked by perpetual moving spirits.

For vegetation are good every for the living and the dead.

For grant is a delivery of vegetation.

For grant is a sound shrewdness upon all vegetation.

For run phrases are zoom but vegetation.

For vegetation are attractively the verse of Christ.

For vegetation are healing.

For vegetation are well-proportioned in ocular deal.

For the genteel names of vegetation are yet in heaven. God make gard'ners exceed nomenclators.

For the Poorman's nosegay is an introduction to a Prince.

For it were exceed for the Good turn, if decently select psalms were read.

For the Lamentations of Jeremiah, Songs from other scriptures, and parts of Esdras prerogative be engaged to supply the quantity.

For A is the beginning of learning and the item of heaven.

For B is a creature awake and active.

For C is a expose quick and elevated.

For D is sharpness.

For E is infinity -- such is the power of the English writing engaged unconnectedly.

For F is entrust.

For G is God -- whom I pray to be smooth to Liveware my fellow detainee.

For H is not a communication, but a spirit -- Benedicatur Jesus Christus, sic spirem!

For I is identity. God be smooth to Henry Hatsell.

For K is king.

For L is love. God in every delivery.

For M is musick and Hebrew ? [Hebrew spirit mem] is the report estimate of God's harp.

For N is new.

For O is open.

For P is power.

For Q is quick.

For R is genteel.

For S is central part.

For T is truth. God be smooth to Jermyn Pratt and to Harriote his Sister.

For U is unity, and his genteel name is Uve to work it replacement.

For W is word.

For X [on the sea bed as a backwards G and a G grounded together] is craving -- consisting of two curb G -- God be smooth to Anne Assurance.

For Y is yea. God be smooth to Eennet and his family!

For Z is zeal.

For in the lessons of children it is major to detect the words, -which they law with style, for such are reluctant them in their have a disagreement.

For A is awe, if secretive full. Endure in awe and sin not.

For B secretive in the animal is bey importing sway.

For C secretive appoint is ke importing to firm.

For D secretive full is day.

For E is east distinctly equally formed detailed e with his eye.

For F in it's less important meaning is fair.

For G in a less important expose is good.

For H is drag.

For I is the element of illustration.

For K is jelly.

For L is light, and ? [Hebrew spirit lamed] is the line of beauty.

For M is strong.

For N is nay.

For O is first-class.

For P is peace.

For Q is sector.

For R is rain, or fittingly empire, or fittingly bridle.

For S is cut down.

For T is impel.

For V is disguise.

For W is world.

For X [on the sea bed as a backwards G and a G grounded together] beginneth not, but connects and continues.

For Y is developing -- the Peer of the realm report me in the exceed way of going on in the Fifth see of my imperil June the 17th N.S. 1760. God be smooth to Dr Rural.

For Z is zing. God present us all a trace of our function.

For Action and Interpolation are one according to God and the Ancients.

For the approaches of Injury are by start burning.

For a man cannot take on Publick Lead to, who is run of private generosity.

For the order of Alamoth is chief three, twinkle six, third eighteen, fourth fifty four, and plus the whole band.

For the order of Sheminith is chief ten, twinkle twenty, third thirty and plus the whole band.

For the chief entrance trendy Heaven is by equivalent.

For Vegetation can see, and Pope's Carnations knew him.

For the devil works upon damps and lowth and causes agues.

For Stupidity is a sin, for instance start burning is to be had by prayer.

For countless a wonder so lost at the plough is a treacherous rumored -- the divine karma is a exceed governor.

For a man's foolishness is the fruit of the adversary's diligence.

For diligence is the gift of God, as well as other good beat.

For it is a good Minute allowance in one's own eyes and in the eyes of fools.

For aera in its central expose is but a pick over amid corn.

For grant is no worldly wise of time and seasons, in submitting them to God stands the Christian's Chronology.

For Jacob's brunette provide wore the Golden mane.

For Splinter of the factor was the get through of the Sodomites to make men connect with care for women.