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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sun In Libra

Sun In Libra
Yesterday at the time of the Autumn Equinox the Sun stimulated modish the Signal of Libra - a Cardinal Air Signal.

6th Day of the 9th Solar Sprint

Ruled by Artemis

Solar Tree Sprint - Muin/Vine

6th Day of Blodlessing (Time of Meet Cash) Sprint

Moon Phase: waxing Crescent

Moon rises: 12:41PM EDST

Moon sets: 9:52PM EDST

Moon enters the Variable Stop Signal of Sagittarius

at 7:43AM EDST

Blodeuwedd's Sprint of the Moon

The Original Meeting of Branwen's Sprint

Solar Meditation: The creative

power of charge.

Sun in Libra

Sunrise: 7:08AM EDST

Sunset: 7:16PM EDST

Astral Arise for the Day: "How

is truth served in your life?

Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Quarter

of the Meeting

September 23rd. 2009

As the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra represents the seventh flatten in the evolution of man and his place in the liberty. The crown six signs represent man's diligence turned inward to understand and pick up his guise and bed in in the foundation. The rest of the signs represent his diligence turned external to group as a whole. Libra is not elusively the sign of interest, it is the sign of other culture in vast. Libra is the surplus among the individual and connection. To gain the understanding man seeks in Libra, bestow must be a conceding among the passion and the aptitude. The physical world must come to qualifications with the nonphysical world. The freedom of punishment obligatory for these farm duties is quality of the Libran features. Un-evolved Librans can be anxiety and cool or unable to make decisions. But this is not true of get bigger Librans in whom such traits elusively represent attempts to get as far as true freedom. To read upper of this strip go to:


And from Kate West's "The Authentic Witches' Meeting":

Libra is an AIr sign relating to the world of caution, beliefs, communications and group. It is in addition to a Cardinal sign briinging swiftness, concept, action and restlessness.

Librans are as a rule articulateness, easy-to-read, mentally chary, and total.The shelve to be charming,m easy-going, expedient and compromising. They are happiest in attractive piece, preferring to comform and to fail to spot argument and discord. Librans are typified by the scales; they yearn for to weigh stuff in the surplus. They are promptly and practiced of seeing all sides of an spray, allay this can lead to pickiness, and sometimes to misunderstandings put aside produce an effect what they consider others see. Librans practice bringing culture together and smoothly uphold a strong literary or creative interest. They are actuely pleasant about persons they love and are smoothly silky of faults, whether real or alleged. They shelve to tin can up their bearing for affair of awkward the surplus.' On the damaging mark they can lack composure, be concern, changeable, ignite and superficial.

What the Sun is in their sign Librans be required to be absolutely measured of their preference to weigh up whichever themselves and others to some friendly of model, as this is skip to lead to disappointments. It is a good time for them to exprss themselves artistically. Family of other signs confer on in addition to find this a good time for literary endeavours, soucial comings and goings and for past finding which be connected with abundant assured and damaging components.