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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sun Ray Cure

Sun Ray Cure
Sun is honestly obtainable to all. Not later than the sun daylight compound ailments may possibly be cured. This is an superb exercise of difficulty in Ayurved. It is enchanting not solely in India but all yet again the world. In ancient Rome this exercise was very popular and it was called Heliotherapy and Chromopathy.

The measures of Italy, Rome is a very ancient built-up. The focal point of the built-up was laid by the god Romulas who lives in the soft surface of Peletain. It is on his name that the built-up gets its brand Rome.

According to the enchanting surgeon of Rome, Dr. Tilani in ancient Rome in attendance was no surgeon for just about 600 existence. The prayer was that in attendance was no need of a surgeon. The ancient species of Rome used sun daylight, aerobics and immature air and water to hot water themselves hale and strong. In folks days Rome was a very powerful state-run.

According to the natural surgeon Dr. Remson The nature has clever us with so compound boons to hot water the person ring out and for attaining to longevity. But we restrain onwards these divine natural boons and we hot water unbearable poisonous medicines with so compound unencumbered possessions. By using medicines we not solely throw away money moderately very desolation our health significantly. Don't we need to muse upon this?

In the Roman vernacular Helio wake sun and treatment wake a exercise of difficulty. In ancient Rome Heliotherapy or daylight of the sun and their separate colours were used to cure a variety of diseases and ailments. The use of colours for difficulty is called Chromopathy. Chromo wake colour and pathy wake exercise of difficulty.

All matter are coloured. The stars and planets too get rid of fixed colours. Like the flora and fauna and birds in the strong get ill they beverage sun daylight childish in the emergence in order to difficulty themselves. Not later than sun bathing one can effect a difficulty deficient having to option to medicines. But the hard-up thing is that today humans are offending to benefit from this science.

Sun daylight restrain compound colours which make the air good and cut up the germs succumb in the consideration and the water. This goes on conventionally and all by itself. The ancient Rishis used to be in awe of the sun and realised that sun daylight may possibly help one recover lost health. Not later than the sun daylight even unmitigated and old ailments may possibly be cured enduringly.

In the upper limit ancient of texts, the Vedas in attendance are verses intense to the sun. Glorify of the sun was very popular in folks mature. The Gayatri Song that appears in the Vedas is a prayer to the sun god. In this Song a worshipper prays to sun to communicate tend. The Song is very called Savita Song that wake Song of sun.

In Rigved it is held -

Riju Marteshu Drijinaa Cha Pashchan.

i.e. The sun is a watch to all good and bad trial of humans,

In the ancient mature species used to take word of honor with sun as a watch. They moreover used to admiration committing any sins.

The sun has been called the mettle of the living as well as the non living world. It is held - Soorya Aatmaa Jagatast- asthushashcha

In Rigved it is held -

Noonam Sooryenn Prasootaa Ayannarthaani Krinnavannpaansi

i.e. It is sun that wakes one up from forty winks. It is due to the sun that all can work and are full of life.

Rigved very states - All living beings of the start depend on the sun. The sun removes physical, mental and spiritual weaknesses and makes one ring out and hanker lived. For ailments of the soul, eyes, jaundice, leprosy and free look at sun may possibly be proficient.

Atharvaved states that in attendance are seven names of the sun which imitate the seven daylight of the sun. One of the names of sun is Sapt Rashmi or seven daylight. The Rishis in the ancient mature did meaningful test and Sadhanas and revealed that the sun has seven daylight.

The impression of the wheel of seven colours propounded by Newton has been borrowed from the Vedas. According to modern science if the seven colours namely blue, mauve, pitch-black, green, orangey, orangey and red are colored on a wheel and if the wheel is moreover rotated fast moreover one gets to see the white colour. This is why we see that the sun is white.

The seven colours of the sun are very good and necessary for the health. If childish emergence one has a bath and whilst grant prayers to the Member of the aristocracy one has sun bath and allows the sun daylight to fall on one's person moreover one may possibly free the person of all ailments and amplify one's tend.

Opinionated are the gains of sun ray treatment.

1. Where sun daylight are certified to fall in attendance cannot be any grumble.

2. The sun daylight are free of unencumbered possessions. By the use of sun daylight in fact the person may possibly be prepared full of life and ring out and one may possibly taste life to the full.

Telling the further of sun bathing and the effect of the separate colours of the sun daylight it is held -

Sooryataapah Swedavahah Sarvarog-vinaashakah.

Medachhed-karashcheiv balotsaah-vivardhanah.

Dadruvisfotkushtthgrah Kaamlaashoth-naashakah.

Jwaraatisaarshoolaanaam Haarako Naatra Sanshayah.

Kafpittodbhavaan Rogaan Vaatrogaanst-theiv cha.

Tatsevanaanaro Jitva Jeevechch Sharadaam Shatam.

i.e. The heat from the sun increases perspiration and removes all ailments