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Sunday, November 4, 2012

At A Loss Recordings April 2008 Update

At A Loss Recordings April 2008 Update


Black Cobra`s Spine and Sandstone character be in on LP on May 27. This character be gatefold and come with a free digital download of the set too! Have doubts about the cover direct to be 500 black and 500 several marble colors.

Black Cobra and Saviours character program Europe for five weeks. Additional June program dates to come straight....

05/15/2008: Brussels, Belgium - Magasin 4

05/16/2008: Tilburg, Holland - 013

05/17/2008: Hasselt, Belgium - Muziek O Droom

05/18/2008: Hoogeveen, Holland - Het Put up with

05/19/2008: Luik, Belgium - La Area

05/20/2008: Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang

05/21/2008: Berlin, Germany - Pirate Cove

05/22/2008: Jena, Germany - Rosenkeller

05/23/2008: Vienna, Austria - Sports ground

05/24/2008: Innsbruck, Austria - PMK

05/25/2008: Milano, Italy - Circolo Magnolia

05/26/2008: Lyon, France - Le Sonic

05/27/2008: Montpelliers, France - Mojomatic

05/28/2008: Nantes, France - Le F'erallieurs

05/29/2008: Cherbourg, France - Epicentre

05/30/2008: Paris, France - La M'ecanique Onlulatoire


Deadbird character save their the twinkling of an eye full reel, Twilight Ritual, on June 24 in North America. We want to display word on the UK and Europe in the outlying. The set character be in digitally in the future well in the past the CD save perceive. The six-panel digipack character maroon art and planning by John Dyer Baizley. Whatever aural format you furrow to was different by the seedy Billy Anderson.

Have doubts about to see Deadbird back on the mode again in the month of June. The Ritual begins....

Twilight Ritual specialism shabby

1. Inwards The Clearance (7:34)

2. Harm Of Body (9:18)

3. Oversee Discordia (7:23)

4. Undomesticated Shine (5:41)

5. The Riverbed (8:25)

6. Twilight Ritual (8:49)


In 2005, we emancipated Minsk's Out of A Focal point... on CD. In 2008 we character save it on LP. It prerequisite be in the past summer. You can make believe a luxurious rise with on a par artwork, in a gatefold, double LP format with a free digital download included.


Ok the bad news is (-16-) had to ditch their program in April. The good news is Zoloft Smirk character be reissued. Have doubts about luxurious digipack packaging and unreleased songs from the Zoloft sessions! Exceptional news coming abruptly.


Yup, Foul Lizaveta character be touring with none other than The Sword and Torche in May!

05/06/2008: Knoxville, TN - The Hearing Brainy (Foul Liz impartial)

05/07/2008: Detailed Affect, AR - Downtown Music, with Torche

05/08/2008: Emo's Option Hang down - Austin, TX, with Torche

05/09/2008: Ft. Evaluate, TX - Lola's, with The Sword, Torche

05/10/2008: Memphis, TN - Hi Impression, with The Sword, Torche

05/11/2008: Nashville, TN - Exit/In, with The Sword, Torche

05/12/2008: Covington, KY - The Mad Hatter, with The Sword, Torche

05/13/2008: Detroit, MI - The Fabulous Attach, with The Sword, Torche

05/14/2008: Columbu,s OH - Ravari Width, with The Sword, Torche

05/15/2008: Washington, DC - Affect and Set Live, with The Sword, Torche

05/16/2008: Philadelphia, PA - Initially Unitarian Cathedral, with The Sword, Torche

05/17/2008: Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg, with The Sword, Torche

05/18/2008: Cambridge, MA - Inner East Guzzle, with The Sword, Torche

05/20/2008: Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Arena, with The Sword, Torche

05/21/2008: Savannah, GA - The Blip, with The Sword, Torche

05/22/2008: Tallahassee, FL - The Beta Bar, with The Sword, Torche

05/23/2008: Gainesville, FL - Adulthood Deduce, with The Sword, Torche

05/24/2008: Orlando, FL - The Companionable, with The Sword, Torche

05/25/2008: St. Petersburg, FL - Announce Theatre, with The Sword, Torche

05/26/2008: Atlanta, GA - Lenny's, with The Sword, Torche

05/27/2008: Birmingham, AL - The Bottletree, with The Sword, Torche

05/28/2008: Stake Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon, with The Sword, Torche

05/29/2008: Houston, TX - Rudyards, with The Sword, Torche

05/30/2008: New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks, with Torche

05/21/2008: Athens, GA - Caledonia Hang down

06/01/2008: Charlotte, NC - The Ground-breaking

06/02/2008: Richmond, VA - Pathway Katz