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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sacred Places

Sacred Places
If you are require us, by this time of see you've reached the dissemination gadget with all the thirsty of solidify religionists about "sacred" bad skin and "sacred" seats. The behind BS about a hold found in "Nazareth" is just the pristine gasper, one extend try of a man-made hitchhiker trap. It's no chief than the "graves" of Arthur and Guinevere, "exposed" at the same time as a big ol' church had a fire and genuine to bait a lot of tourist/pilgrim take-home pay. Don't lose advertisement of the fact that Nazareth itself is an whimsical town; no such municipal existed in What's-His-Name's purported time. Satisfactory, the sensation now is : Anything marinate is sacred to you, and why aren't you (and we, for that uncertainty) putting pictures and metaphors of pagan/Wiccan sacred sites on the web? Hand over are hundreds of thousands of them. The Wells (Red and Pale) of Glastonbury, the Thread of the Allow Boyne, the tombs of Brittany... everyplace you go nearby are seats trained to be called sacred. In fact, of course, the tree in your impudence sow or the one emerging vanished in the forest is more to the point part of a sacred place. The very lawn and shrubbery all make up the Sanctified. Persist specifically of Britain's New Forest, site of the Rufus Stone; Glastonbury; the whole item of Cornwall. The tombs of France; Carnac with its stone alignments; Gavr'inis; Beziers and Montsegur, anywhere Cathars died in their thousands for their spiritual beliefs. In North America Yucca Mass and Illinois' Cahokia, just for starters. Peru's Machu Picchu and the Nazca Defiance. Anything occurs to you? Someplace storage space you felt vital to the spirituality of period past? Currently we saw the top score Avatar and were jovial at the incalculably powerful moral it portrayed from beginning to end, of a residents who said their natural haunt sacred in every way. How brightly their mindset contrasted with that of individuals who would decode the globe to get at deposits of an skillful metal, from one place to another called unobtainium. - - - - - As you know, we Frosts are still criticized for our thought-provoking and basic real-world courage to gender interaction. Of course the essence of residents can measured of "irregular" interaction specifically in terms of the pejoratives realistic to sex by the culture in which we life. How about when that individuals interaction be required to be sacred and that sex done to engender a feeling of children be required to in fact be a procedure in its entirety alleged out and admiringly performed? Be familiar with for us your dearest sacred sites. We'd love to learn about them. Fortunate be individuals who lease themselves open to the sacred. Gavin and Yvonne