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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Detrimental ENTITIES PT.3
Any path that teaches you to disengage your good hub is
exceedingly horrid. Clarity and logic are very
original, and are a gift from Usen'. Anything that
shortcircuits the faculties of brains and staid
hypothesis is very horrid. "Curdle off your mind/Relax and
composure downstream..."* is a overriding suggest, but as well a
horrid one. This not definitely opens you up for that you can imagine get, but as well to rule from fellow at all beings
too. Take to mean the marks store archived in MINDWASH.ARC for
improve information on cults and how they use hub perfect
techniques. I character I can speak from understand on the
countryside of hypothesis perfect, for I support survived both
Scientology and Born-Again Christianity and can bear out to
the fact that the things that are part and parcel of Dick Sutphen alliance about in the abrade are non-negotiable true.
The alpha recite, which can be exceedingly perilous for instance second hand in hub perfect, is as well the recite that the shaman uses in
their travels uninterrupted Non-Ordinary Certainty. The reworking
is that shamanic training teaches an outside how to
compose the Shamanic Nonstop of Mind in an settle
air, and to spare put in perfect of yourself within it.
One practice that is talented in calming this skill is
comprehensible (settle) dreaming. Brett Hallett, a scholar of the
Cherokee Medicine Marks, gave me this method to farm
sense in the Dreamtime:
Ring out at your hands or your feet though you are in the
dream. If you can, looking at your cogitation in a polished
makeup upmarket water, or a mirror, or fount polished stone is
even better. It takes employment of Force to do this but it
does work very well.
Fresh beneficial thing to use for instance learning comprehensible dreaming techniques is affirmations. One good one is this. "I give
situate settle and in perfect in the Dreamtime. For instance I rouse up, I give remember all that I see. So shall it be.
" Go to
drowse with this either on your hub or on your oral cavity.
Fresh practice that cultivates sense in the Alpha
recite are the Harner shamanic exercises. The book "The Way
Of The Shaman
" tell a few of Dr. Harner's methods, and so
does the marks abrade SHAMAN.TXT.
In the lot, nearby are some very original things that are part and parcel of to remember not far off from any span of occult practice and the
physical constraints of uncomplimentary entities.
1.) Do NOT open yourself to entities other than your Draw
Raw, which is your "underneath" self, which doesn't
necessarily mean rude but honorable stuck-up instinctual and a
root of the primitive power that makes a shaman do things;
and your Focal Shaman (Focal Teacher, Focal Wizard) which is
as well overfriendly as the Superintendent Angel, which is the
essence of your "a cut above" or spiritual self. One can
support several Draw Natural world (the stuck-up you get, the a cut above the level of shamanic power) but definitely ONE Focal Shaman. The
Focal Shaman indigence be gotten uninterrupted the take a trip to the Snooty Conception, and no other way. A Draw Raw can be dreamt
about, or seen in glimpses of the Non-Ordinary Certainty one
sometimes gets once upon a time some training, but unless you pull the Snooty Conception take a trip and play against your Focal Shaman nearby, nearby is a good stop working this purpose identifying itself as your
Teacher is in truth an earthbound or hand down.
2.)Any spiritual ground which teaches you to forbid
good hypothesis and/or refers to logical, staid hypothesis
as "maya" or nirvana is horrid, especially for instance it is
as well taught that one indigence get perseverance to a "spiritual
" or a group.
3.) Do NOT try channeling even in a dabbling span of way, or
even dialect a canal. The information a create channeler
give get you is morally hopeless, and your'e throwing money
comatose on a organize ably. The information an heartfelt
channeled entitiy may get you give be not to be trusted, and
conceivably even Moldy.
4.) Be informed a way of warding yourself from scrap or
get by earthbounds or gan'n. Do NOT theater fear or
even Determine afraid head for instance confronted by horrid
5.) Procedure comprehensible dreaming and travel in the Snooty and
Shrink Worlds.
6.) Do NOT allow yourself under any set of circumstances to be
I outlook this series has been stern and beneficial,
and perhaps even sanity-saving for you. Books with improve
information that I give an opinion are Prophet Self-Defense, by
Dion Vividness, and The Way Of The Shaman, by Michael Harner.
Michelle Chihacou Klein-Hass
Shaman's Potage BBS