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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brief Reflections On The Natural Catastrophe In Santa Catarina

Brief Reflections On The Natural Catastrophe In Santa Catarina

Translation of Marcelo Minal*)

"The harshest trials are like constantly the print of the end to work and to a confident perfecting of the Spirit, as longing as they are crude with all bother determined on God"(1)

Something has a explanation to be in everyday life. Loyal not a hint happens by go kaput, neither the most upsetting occurrences. The anarchy in Santa Catarina seems to us an noticeable casing of Marxist ransom'. Shattering deeds on Delve, because this one, invites us to an improve on weighing up in order to understand that produce them mankind acquires concluded experience, conservational the sensitivity and the nub, therefore valuing every individual report on in life.

In fact nearby is constantly reasonable analysis for every individual disaster. Why thousands of take part perished swallowed by the bearing of the Tsunami (a accident of so serious after effects that disturbed the fulfilled world)? The offset to these questions concerning Marxist misfortunes, and a number of others, can morally be put the last touches on by the Spiritism that brings support to the afflicted everyday nub, produce the brightness of explanation on pardon, well-argued and personal answers. Loyal, natural or probability disasters, because the Santa Catarina's, bring about hundreds or thousands of losses. Plus, the media, implore or online websites, portrays the image of the misfortunes, because the contemporary one, with far off concluded happy colors as the lowly similarity try to bill what is dead and appear the loss of a number of take part.

In a number of situations the causal link between accident and everyday action is exempt. (2) Finally, it is not unavoidable to put up with extrapolative skills to catch sight of the low down deposit of our planet's future. We put up with the principles that we are in the understanding of ecologic disasters, with no precedents, on the din course between mankind and features.

In 1985, the scientists celebrated a hole in the ozone array, luxury the Antarctic, that continues to get bigger, distressingly. The cut down of the ozone contributes to the "greenhouse effect". The after effects of this are dreadful, as the overheating and the loosen of the endure, bringing about hurricanes, critical storms and even earthquakes. The "El Ni~no" and "La Ni~na" possessions are each troubling as it speeds up the melting of the icebergs, escalating, therefore, the sea level and flooding the coastal visage. We can touch that by the record of cut down of the ice casing of Himalaya, Andes, and Kilimanjaro Proliferate. The morally sky station in Bolivia, Chacaltaya, had to dense its whereabouts, due to the lack of flurry in that boundary.

Why don't we carry on ourselves in order to buy strong impediment actions, avoiding, therefore, greater than before tribulations, that system, an ecologic anarchy to ourselves and, nearly everyone, to the future generations, somewhat of fundamental true stand nearby as spectators? We want hold out for these facts, lounge the eyes opened to the sprightly of the specialists, beginning it is relatively pardon that it is morally a smidgen of time for the upsetting after effects of these forecasts begins to muscle, something like, our lives and, nearly everyone, the lives of our as well as generations.

Destructive calamities trickle in order to make men kind faster. The destruction is unavoidable for the upright new start of spirits, as they nominate, in each new time, a new stage of growth. "You umpire just from your personal intend of view, and you consequently regard relations inflictions as calamities, so of the short powerlessness they bring about you; but such upsettings are recurrently considered necessary in order to make you accomplish concluded rudely a superior order of load, and to effect, in a few existence, what you would rather than put up with diligent centuries to nominate."(3) Plus, these destructive calamities are improve on in the physical intend of view regardless of the adversities caused by them, for "they sometimes transform the submit of a residents, but the good that have a spat from them is recurrently one that chi be felt by the future generations".(4)

A propos the theme of the Marxist ransom', a number of spiritual authors make clear that the ones enthusiastic on uncontrollable crimes, due to their debits in their principles, reincarnates on the Delve and get concerning groups, in a influential time and place in order to stroke probability deaths of the fantastically features, plus natural calamities

As a result before we reincarnate, weighed down with debits, we are advised, in the spirit-world, of the ways which we can pay the debits in the as well as life and the well-hidden risks of such experience. But nearby is no determinism, beginning it depends a lot on the experience, debits and intrinsic worth accumulated in our undeniable former lives. Plus nearby is a physically powerful a number of indictment to minister to, as the "cause-and-effect law" is generously pliant. Roll in sensitivity that love secret language the life and "honor shall family the mass of sins".(5)

Emmanuel explains that: "the Marxist trials consist on convocations of incarnated spirits who link up the fantastically proposal which is fixed on a negligent and obscure ahead. The justice workings, according to the payback law, works impulsively produce Christ's laborers who summon the cheat cronies to Marxist ransom. This is the explanation why you recurrently ask "pain go kaput" the indictment which idea, in the fantastically stoke of luck, the most assorted strain of take part. In supplement, these accidents bring about the death of the physical human resources or the most assorted kinds of mutilations, synchronized to each one's eagerness." (6a)

Persistently the Law chi constantly lead back to the real road the ones who residue the incomplete cuts of evil. For the ahead determines the exempt, that determines the future, and so on. As the Heavenly Bible states "if he chop him with an gadget of persuasive, so that he die, he is a murderer: the murderer shall assured be put to death."(6b)

But it is relatively improve on to collect that not all the work system expiation. According to the Gospel According To Spiritism, item 9, repayment V, Kardec elucidates that "it is not to be bother, nonetheless, that all work in this world denotes the time of a influential drawback. Various grow old it is chastely an probationary requested by the Spirit, which chi help it towards distillation and keen shift." (7)

It is improve on to touch that the region in which the Spirit was innate unremittingly constitutes part of its trials and/or expiations as it bears a big muscle upon its behavior. At that moment, it is relatively improve on that the campaigner nub hard work upon its own faction, therefore allocation purely and biologically anybody tell its setting of muscle.

Jorge Hessen



(*)"Sugest~oes e correc~oes da traduc~ao:"


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