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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Alien Abduction Autopsy The Betty Andreasson Abduction Part 1

Alien Abduction Autopsy The Betty Andreasson Abduction Part 1
I essential heard of Betty Andreasson's confiscation obscure in Jim Marrs' "Unfamiliar Counter" book. When having difficulties my petition about her obscure is that every time it's brought up they eternally raise that Betty is/was a Christian. Additional local thing is that it's touted (why do i use that word so much?) as in the same way as sensibly well important. Impart are as well at nominal four books about her obscure by Raymond E. Fowler, each one spare unidentified than the gangster. Tale 1 and 3 are in nature disappearing online, but 2 & 4 are very fruitful to buy.

Additional glamorous thing is that equally Jim Marrs mentioned it, it was unmarried transiently, and no other theoretical seems to ask humbly for to handle it. I've asked Allejandro Rojas via email (in the role of he was on UFO Thinktank) what he consideration of the obscure. I never time-honored a answer. But he hosts "Blatant Minds" Telephone system, impart is one trawl he has yet to twist, and that is the Biblical skew of UFOs. Not to completely whoop it up Allejandro, he's not the unmarried one ignoring this obscure.

So, previously reading Marrs' class, I tried to find out spare about Betty's obscure. Google turned up very miserable, even though impart is spare out impart now impart really isn't whatsoever that good. I don't that my supervision of it moral fiber be any best, but I ask humbly for to suffer a expression at her marvel direct a Biblical lense. But I read "Watchers" essential (see as well the Tale of Enoch for spare on Watchers) I considered necessary to start at the beginning.

For simplicity's sake, I ask humbly for to deal with to the beings as aliens, from the time when that's what they confront themselves as. I right organization that they are demonic entities presenting themselves as aliens. I am not one at a time in this assesment of aliens in established as Joe Jordan of CE4 Solicit votes, Guy Malone, and LA Marzulli are of the enormously stance, and in fact played a broad position in restoring my confidence in Christ.

So, as I was reading, I completely ready quick on the uptake proceedings about glamorous stuff I found. I apologize for not putting headland quotes, but I don't accommodate the time to do so. Not to raise I don't ask humbly for to clash the book by holding it open. Noticeably, I moral fiber put the page part and version what I find glamorous, and try to expression at it Biblically. Oblige pray for wisdom from God previously reading further, and come to your own conclusions. Everything below is from "The Andreasson Dealing" by Raymond E. Fowler. It is not an markedly well in print, but the information it contains is downright mesmeric.

The supporting is a problem of chapters 1 & 2. Betty Andreasson and her motherland were scrutiny TV, and recklessly they saw a promising light, and as a consequence each person but Betty was uninteresting in time. Afterward she witnessed a method of "aliens" come direct the tough door as even though they were not physical beings.

Pg 2 - 3: Establishes Betty's Christian confidence. It does not photo her confidence in mania, other than she went to church and read Bible stories. It as well establishes that meaningfully of what Betty remembers of her confiscation was serious from hypnosis. Better on hypnosis following.

Buzz 8: Fowler granted that they looked-for to untie Betty Andreasson's memoirs of the confiscation undertakings. He as a consequence referred back to Betty and Barney Knoll, readily whispered to be the essential confiscation obscure in America. Hypnosis was cast-off far-flung to entitlement testify about the Knoll confiscation. (The Knoll story is as well understood to accommodate a part of inconsistencies. Joe Montaldo ICAR researcher/host for "UFO Disguised" contends that the inconsistencies can be explained by amalgamated abductions. That's a story for recent day.)

Joe Jordan of CE4 Solicit votes (, former MUFON researcher has unquestionable in interviews that hypnosis can downright believably open up spiritual doorways, which leads me to organization that abductions would become spare shining or stretch spare frequently. Sophisticated on Betty's experiences (Watchers) become even spare aggregate and scary, dossier of proving my flatten. Joe has understood previously that relying on the Hallowed Heartiness to reveal testify as important is how he helps assembly abductees, and this does not allow demons to roll the way hypnosis does, for open reasons.

Hypnosis is principally in the same way as put all the rage a think, or an distorted gap of consciousness. In my own studies, in the same way as in an distorted gap of consciousness opens one up to a substantial variety of demonic appeal. In this gap, clique accommodate seen spirits, UFOs, the entrance (half typically), or other beings. These distorted states were brought on by: Qi Gong, meditation, pensive prayer (I imagine), and channeling completely to name a few. Move practicing group.

Buzz 13: The "irrelevant" beings principally "phased" direct her door the way that ghosts are witty to in the movies. Betty, under hypnosis recalls that numerous beings came direct her door in this rescue. The beings that entered were the overfriendly grey aliens. These ones were clad in suits of some type that circle to be dissimilar from other accounts of greys. Betty as well mentions following on that the cut down of these beings looks desire clay.

Betty unquestionable that they must accommodate been angels more than ever from the time when Jesus was witty to take direct doors and ramparts. (I don't organization the Bible understood that He walked Downstairs the ramparts, even though He feasible may possibly accommodate. The stage she may be referring to is in the role of Christ, post new start, appeared in the stopped up, self-assured room) In any stage, she consideration these beings to be angels, from the time when in her wits they had abilities figure up to what she consideration Christ had been witty to do. Ray Fowler dismissed this principle completely as part of her Christian worldview.

Buzz 15- 16: The lead irrelevant named Quazgaa seemed to show to Betty that he considered necessary something to eat, she eventually serious that he considered necessary to ingest "knowledge tried by fire." Bizarrely, Betty took the aliens all the rage the living room, anyplace motherland was uninteresting in time, and she gave him her Bible. Afterward Quazgaa gave her a thin book in return. Betty's Bible seemed to ape itself and grow in the hands of the other aliens. An glamorous access was that the Bible they all whispered was thicker.

My stance on that is that they considered necessary to have the funds for the be aware of impart were stuff absent out of the Bible so as to tarnish it. It's as well a intense, unexpected stage, but it doesn't routinely accommodate any pack to it. It would be very easy for a demon to make it expression desire a Bible was duplicated, weakness having whatsoever of substance actually stretch. The book they gave her as well seems to be a lead astray of the enormously dossier.

Buzz 17: Betty described the irrelevant as looking desire a "clay man." This is glamorous to me as it brings to wits the Prague Golem, a creature ready of clay. I find this local from the time when it seems desire something Aleister Crowley may possibly accommodate tried to make, and for certain he had a bearing with a spiritual distinctive that looked desire a dark irrelevant. Not certain if there's any link, or even if making a golem is viable, but it's something to desire about. Did Crowley make golems? Is it completely to crazy? Betty mentions numerous get older on page 18 that they expression desire they are ready of clay, so in my wits this clay-likeness must be considerable.

In the "Watchers" book, she does not photo them this way, but rather spare as a worldly that has undergone nearly changes.

Buzz 18 - 19: The investigators were asking Betty questions equally she was under hypnosis. Convinced of them squirt to be leading (in my stance). Probably I'm acquisitive at straws on this one, but it completely jumped out at me. Betty as well understood they were disheartening.

Buzz 20: Becky Andreasson (Betty's offspring) gives her hatefulness filled class of the enormously undertakings Betty qualified. She was as well jumpy.

Buzz 21: Betty looked in the lavender book that Quazgaa gave her, and she describes the supporting. "I saw this silver gray-top thing with, desire coils-and impart was this dossier of a pedals, and stuffing were four stuff. I can't make out what these stuff are..."

To me this is indicative of Ezekiel's pedals that is habitually quoted by ancient astronaut proponents. The dissimilarity in the same way as that recurrent AA theorists desire the angels described by Ezekiel are aliens. I would desire to turn the tables (and of course it's not my innovative check over) that almost certainly the aliens are really fallen angels. I hate to change out on this fork. It is guiltless conjecture, my principle is that almost certainly impart were fallen angels of a associated variety to the Ezekiel type, or perhaps impart were other fallen angels mimicking that form and they almost certainly were involved with the Andreasson obscure. Probably they considered necessary to allude to the Ezekiel angels to be a symptom of that group angels were aliens, and tarnish the Bible.

In any stage, the state is not come together, but blurrily associated and she unmarried saw it in the irrelevant book, so it is conjecture of the purest form.

Here is a lead to the state of the angels in Ezekiel.

Buzz 22: The obligatory fragment of Betty's experiences. If she had responded correctly near, perhaps everything would accommodate worn-out completely and impart would be no books about Betty Andreasson or her confiscation.

The aliens considered necessary Betty to pursue them. It seems that in order for them to suffer her, some dossier of put down was compelled. This jibes with what Joe Jordan, LA Marzulli, Lynn Dickie and others say, in that these demonic beings essential a convincing rite, or put down on some level to assume their shady family members. At this flatten, Betty was not under their power.

The beings asked "Would you pursue us"

Betty replied "Are you of God?"

This free went back and forth for a bit, Betty indicated that if they were near to help, and were of God, as a consequence she would go with them. She as a consequence understood "Do not manage me."

The beings had no answer other than "Study us." At this flatten, they were witty to for a second time power Betty's moral fiber to a flatten and she prayed for God to indication her the way, and she apparently followed them. At no flatten did she ask Jesus for help, nor did she ask God in the name of Jesus to help or guide her. I desire this is an considerable mania. Fading Jesus, or saccharine to God direct Jesus, none of us accommodate any hope. Sole direct Jesus, may we accommodate grasp to the Begin.

LA Marzulli, UFO theoretical indicates that decomposing the spirits is Mostly considerable. He habitually quotes 1 John 4:1 -4:3 as a way to test the spirits, want the essential outlook. He claims that asking a spirit if Jesus Christ came in the flesh is the surest way to test them. Patently, they cannot shrewdness this with reason. See verse 4:2. I accommodate not put this to the test, and I sincere hope and pray that I never moral fiber, but it seems as even though it would make dint to me. I accommodate dispel had demonic attain (settle paralysis) untruth in the role of I asked Jesus Christ for help, in so doing proving that they must regard Jesus Christ.

1 John 4:1 - 4:3

4:1 - Passion friends, do not organization each person who claims to speak by the Heartiness. You must test them to see if the spirit they accommodate comes from God. For impart are recurrent false prophets in the world.

4:2 - This is the way to find out if they accommodate the Heartiness of God: If a farsighted acknowledges that Jesus Christ became a worldly in the same way as, that idiosyncratic has the Heartiness of God.

4:3 - If a farsighted does not meet Jesus, that idiosyncratic is not from God. Such a idiosyncratic has the spirit of the Antichrist. You accommodate heard that he is separation to come all the rage the world, and he is formerly near.

If Betty had asked this more readily of asking if they are of God, stuff may accommodate turned out downright differently for Betty. Too, If Betty, as a Christian, would accommodate told them to chuck in the name of Jesus Christ, they would accommodate had to chuck. Joe Jordan has HUNDREDS of important belongings on his CE4 electioneer webpage that fortify that Christians accommodate been witty to untruth irrelevant confiscation by asking Christ for help, or rebuking the "aliens" in the name of Jesus Christ.

Based on Joe Jordan's (and other's) electioneer, aliens are demonic beings, and in so doing take to the beat of Christ. Jesus has beat for a second time ALL stuff, this includes "aliens," and all stuff save for God the twitch.

1 Corinthians 15:27 - 28

Luke 10:22

Hebrews 2:8, 9, 14

2:14 - Because God's children are worldly beings--made of flesh and blood--Jesus as well became flesh and blood by in the same way as inherent in worldly form. For unmarried as a worldly in the same way as may possibly he die, and unmarried by dying may possibly he break the power of the Evil spirit, who had the power of death.

Ephesians 1:22 wallow from the time when your names are registered as relations of fantasy."

But what if using the name of Jesus doesn't work? When then? I would ask a few stuff. Do you accommodate a personal network with Jesus Christ? Hold back you official Him as savior? Do you organization He profitable the time for our sin, died, and was resurrected? Are you a true Christian with sin in your life? If these stuff are not only in your life, demons moral fiber not regard. Also expression direct the FAQs ( near.

True out of the exit, it's downright acquit to me that Betty Andreasson is conduct with demons. It is not something that's easy to see. She missed it herself! Who would desire only off that something that looks "irrelevant" may not actually be irrelevant, but a demon? I was deceived for my part for some time on this section.

A obscure that apparently put a complication in the aliens are demon principle can now be seen for what it was. Afterall, if Betty is a Christian, how did demons (playing aliens) get to another place with this? No doubt recurrent UFO researchers may possibly flatten to this obscure and say that Christians accommodate no beat for a second time abductions, they are criminal about the demon thing. But even in the essential two chapters, it's easy to see anyplace Betty dropped the shot. The rest of her motherland did as well, as some of them have the funds for their class of what happened as well. She may accommodate been saved, but she was ill apt for the spiritual exchange blows she became part of. It's sad to say, but the modern church is in a associated sore only now.

Here is anyplace Betty went criminal, completely in the essential two chapters. 1) She did not rely on Jesus. Either to help her escape, or as a way to test the spirits. 2) She took the in the same way as at squeezing out quotient, assuming him to be an angel. Level so, she want accommodate weathered him. So far, she has not understood whatsoever about irrelevant, that suspect was the suppose of the researchers. 3) She asked God for wisdom, but not in the name of Christ. 4) She asked the in the same way as, casually, if he were of God, and not to manage her. She did not reasonable her Christ of a nature beat. 5) She was jumpy of the beings. The angels in the Bible did find mind in clique, but they eternally understood to "Trouble not." The beings Betty met, did secret message to handle the mind they caused.

Angel or alien? The chronicle so far is undecided if you completely expression at the tensely chronicle. Beings entered, froze each person in time, and displayed a few intense lights. Fowler and the other researchers confront it as an irrelevant confiscation and even do not take into account Betty's Christian release. But the beings up until segment 2 accommodate done secret message to categorically reveal their origin, I desire the obscure can be ready that Betty was abducted by demons as in nature aliens. Afterall, if Fowler and the others can circumstances their view that she was crazed by aliens, why not a obscure for demons?

Bordering time, part 2. Chapter 3 - ?