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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Repairing A Sacred Piece The Process Iii

Repairing A Sacred Piece The Process Iii
The third post on this mini-series (post I donate and post II donate) shows the perfect attain of the rejuvenation of the Eleggua icon - ability the Orisha to yield and reside the statue. As I'm infallible you understand, I cannot account for every moment of the ritual, but I can transitory that the whole act - nourishing the icon, waking it up and working on the contributions - took us about 12 hours.

Assistance consist in black brunette with a lot of pet, a handmade cigar, a urn of strawberry-infused orujo completed by a friend, herbal incense completed just for the ritual, candles and a serving of food of our crown garden's herbs, together with three okras that were wholly full of seeds. After the ritual, another consultations with unusual oracles were completed to make infallible Eleggua was appreciation the contributions (he was), and he was placed on the primarily altar - no pics of that for example we were so malnourished that we effortlessly forgot it. Extremely, since we sharpen the work we crashed in bed and slept 10 hours!