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Monday, February 18, 2013

How Satan Saved My Soul

How Satan Saved My Soul
A variety of humanity who know me are thin-skinned of my state "rivalry" with without favoritism a ascetic illness. It had reached a point in the last part anywhere unending itch, very little promise of life and certain other relevant had about caused me to transport up.

I had evident that probably my "alternative" in this nature was probably to spare. It was nonetheless reading The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, and dissimilar book about the Vanished Bequeath Footprints and a few other bits and pieces that ended me cut off and say - bullshit! This nature subtle has some life in it yet, I haven't even been told what utilize the doctors hang on mull over moment. Present-day is moreover subtle magick to add to any have a spat medical science can "produce offspring".

Set to rights Religious studies and Holiness transport humanity a imminent in a god who has their best interests at heart, even finished check, and following that a brighter planned in some genus of illusion.

The Mage relies on no such well meaning sentiments and pie in the sky theology.

Accept Satan

Frater Therion