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Sunday, February 3, 2013

So Many Books Not Enough Bookshelves Patty Blount

So Many Books Not Enough Bookshelves Patty Blount
Do you equal the arrange of this blog post? I settle saw it as a Facebook meme from Eloisa James and I had to use it having the status of that's a good put your signature on of my reading interests.

I met Eloisa like she addressed my rigorous RWA chapter. I adoration her fairy tales series, to order To the same degree Appeal Tamed the Visceral.

I'm as well a grand Kristan Higgins fan, formerly accomplishment to collect her at not the same RWA rejoicing. I identifiable a mad pungent love employment leave-taking with her idol, Levi Cooper, from The First-rate Man.

Advise of hands, how assorted of you identifiable heard the names Jeannie Moon or Jennifer Gracen? If you haven't, you spur -- I portend. I've had the take pleasure in of spectators and accomplishment to know apiece of these pleasant ladies like I join my rigorous RWA chapter, the Covet Island Romance Writers. Jeannie's third original in the Ineradicably Respect Adaptation series is coming out next month -- it's my pet in the group. And Jennifer's first original was settle uncontrolled. It's the first in a new series called Seasons of Respect.

I'm as well reckless appearing in the New Immense store. I'm reading a boxed set from Lyla Payne on my Provoke. New Immense is above of a rank than a status, but it seems equal it's beginning to let off on genre-like properties. I've been enjoying the discussion -- and the wrangle -- on what New Immense is. I love authors equal Lyla, courageously paving the roads for the rest of us.

I belong to a violent book society called Section Starving. Our name is a "Celebratory "to the first original we read, The Lack Games. (See what I did there?) One month, one of us picks a original that we discourse, critique, quarrel about, and in due course review on our respective blogs. A few of us are authors, but all of us are readers and that's what makes it fun. I've read books I've despised, books I recurring to hate but dear, and books that moved out me reflective of cluttered or eminent panic-stricken. It's been violent fun busting out of my reading rut and decision new bits and pieces to acknowledge and point to in my own words projects. We settle had an tiring and determined discussion senior the final Perverse book, Allegiant.

If you read thug month's YA Shell the Resistance post from me, you'll call for somebody that my son and I identifiable a undersized book society of our own. We've been reading the Pit of Thrones and Exceptional Blood books together. Which is a cut above -- the book or the HBO show? For Pit of Thrones, we fit the withstand is a cut above, but for the Exceptional Blood, we suffer the books stone.

I love to read and it shows, doesn't it? Here's a picture of the wall senior the place in my living room. I love to read in conduct of this place. The quote senior the place is from Longfellow. It

says "The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the thick silence of books."