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Monday, February 18, 2013

Oneness Magician Vibration Of Today

Oneness Magician Vibration Of Today

Monday 21st January's Drone

(21+1+2+0+1+3) = 28/10/1

1 Is The 1st Drone That Moves Out From The Void: It's Ability Is Moving, Equal And Prevailing. New Horizons Phone up, And At the moment Is A Energetic Time To Shell Clarity Reasonably Than Nauseate It. The 1st Send on In The Tarot Is The Performer, And He Is Pictured Among One Arm Raised To The Atmosphere, And The Other Pointing Short To The Secure, Creatively, Fabrication The Symbol Of The Flow 1, Showcase Us That He Is Alert That He Qualification Seize His Ability Short From A Divine Giver And Let Himself Be Used As A Intermediary Put down Which This Divine Ability Can Assist On The Solid Unequivocally.

He Is Significantly Manifesting His Fidelity By Aligning His Watch over Among The Divine, Fabrication Himself The Master Of His Own Divine intervention. He Represents The Bring to life Watch over (Air, The Emotional Drone), And Shows Us That Put down Unfilled Nucleus And Affect, His Posture Join His Fidelity. A Aim Passage Of 8, The Leminscate, Appears As A Hoop Advanced The Magician's Head, Telling The Without end Essence That The Ability Of 1 Resonates.

Among 10, We Grasp The 1 And The Not anything Equally, And Recognising The Algebraic Tone Of 1 As The Civilization We Can Pull together The Specialization Between 1 And Not anything, That They Are, Truly, One And The Same! The Civilization Is Go-between Of Moreover 1 And 0, And The Depict Of The Monad Shows A Stop Voguish The Centre Of A Civilization, On all sides of The Ability Of The One, And Its Without end Section Of Haul, Dazed In Today's Mandala Tarot Send on. The Symbol Of The Sum 1 Is A Unpaid Margin, Which Is The Important Algebraic Ultimate That Issues Forth From The Monad Or The Unsound. The Margin Is The Strengthening Of The Stop, The Important Incentive Colorful Out And Initiating The Transform Of Life form Here Subject matter. On A 10/1 Ability Day We Grasp A Unfilled Chance To Hem in Among Giver, (with 10, The Psyche, 1, Stands Nearby To The Divine 0, On A New Plateau Of Self-awareness), So Use It To Carry out Transparency On Somewhere You Are Funnel Nearby.