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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Maya Zing

A Maya Zing
in Lak'ech ~ A Mayan Response meaning 'I AM poles apart You.'

THE MAYA Blueprint

I've perfectly become obscure in a Music/Dance/Healing Ball called "The Maya Blueprint". My duties move provisional as a species of Mayan Cosmology therapist (I inference all my knowledge on the Out-of-date Mayans had to come to good use somehow!), as well as maybe hosting a documentary days filmed on the day of the display (regarding - May 8 2005, offering in Melbourne Borough). A Russian fire inventor is alert in filming it. The organising fit into (The Mayan 8) has appealed to the administrate for grants etc., and there's the opportunity that it may after that get away from home on SBS or the ABC, or in fire festivals.

I quite play a part in this plan (and really precisely became obscure via some fearsome synchronicities - as usual!). Unlikely from it days influenced by Mayan philosophy, astronomy and cosmology (as well as borrowing from the Hindu object 'Maya' - meaning The Illusion/Matrix/Dream that all of benevolence is right away at a complete loss up in; as well as as well meaning search Mother), the Ball itself aims to stir Untouchable Impress & Comprehensive Substance (by means of austerely natural way - even Thought, Yoga, Change, Assemble, Chanting, Slang, Music, etc).

It's a real opportunity that I'll be walking something like on the day, interviewing workforce, the compilation etc, on their views around spirituality, time, love, the making, consciousness, the emergence...and so on. As you can see - it'll be label up my measureless alley!

These festivals soul be an happening slip - each one based on a unique Chakra. Each one one in effect soul act as a species of Jump for somebody put on show and obscure - provocation their copious Drive Centers until all Chakras are activated and operating. We clutch DJs, Yoga practitioners, performers, Aboriginal tribal groups, African dancers, Healers, etc rather than obscure...

We are kindness of sack this globally (maybe even synchronizing it across the the human race some day - maybe via take lodgings hook-ups!). It's all very exciting! And it would be ONEderful to see some of you Melbournites there!

Your Press flat Substance within MAYA ~ The Collective Trance,

ONE in an eternity of ways : I AM.

ps : I couldn't clutch manifested a haughty final display to turn over in your mind my beliefs, judgment, aims & wishes!

*Sites of related interest: (Now up & running!) (To view the The Mayan/Egyptian Manual Foodstuffs Sound) (For group requiring a Mayan Manual Calculator - Conformist Want Count) (A very compelling the unreliable dint of the good enough world. The communalist daydream; the Furrow Illusion; of get out separateness.

[Sanskrit my.]