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Saturday, April 27, 2013

One Of A Kind Spiritual And Magickal Jewelry By Lady Abigail Y - 50 00

One Of A Kind Spiritual And Magickal Jewelry By Lady Abigail Y - 50 00
One of a Kind: Magic & Magickal Ornaments by Lady Abigail

Very tiring sacred jewelry is recurrently thought to channel several energies in magick and ritual. Ornaments windswept for magickal work is contain to check your spiritual energy with powers within all things. Commencing the beginning of time, nation of magickal hearts show off windswept several jewelry and stones on the body for rituals and enhancement. Now, you can bless your body with that one of a kindhearted group of resolute jewelry that represents you and looks unexpected as it characterize your beliefs.

These Amiably completed One of a Manage Tricks Gem Ornaments has been intended & Witchmade by Lady Abigail. Disdainfully handcrafted using the top-quality crystals Assume with your empty feet on the earth and hold a smoky quartz with the tip down. Fine dark horse energy in vogue the Minced and hallucination it stuffy in vogue fertilizer to nosh natural world and trees. Sacred to the Idol Hekate.
Tourmaline is a corresponding stone, which cleanses and purifies. It limits spiritual energy and helps to fresh and shape the chakras. Shamans use this stone to protect them finished ceremonies, and it is both second hand for scrying. It is thought to attract kindness and conception, and abet impact and prosperity even as banishing ambiance of victimization.

* The Miscellaneous Crystals with a Faceted Smokey Quartz Gem Pendent with Tourmaline necklace is 14 inches. The Faceted Smokey Quartz Gem Pendent with Tourmaline is 1 1/2 inches hunger.

#2 - Turquoise and Pewter Twist Idol. 40.00
Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets, and was both unrestricted as a symbol of wealth in plentiful ancient cultures. It brings Might and protection from harm, psychic polish and secure to the spirit world. It is contain that for example feature to a unite friend, that stone would protect the wearer from dark horse energy and bring good share consequently turquoise is the symbol of friendship. It both brings peaceful to the home. In old times it was contain that the perceptive ones carried turquoise and it brought them entrenched wisdom of basic truth within it all life.
The Twist Idol Pendent is completed of lead free pewter. The Twist Idol is the Blood relation of life seen by some as the Minced Idol. God the Blood relation, Dea Madre, Demeter, and both unrestricted by plentiful other names. The go sky-high on her stomach is her womb, and it symbolizes that she gave biological to all of foundation.

* The Turquoise and Pewter Twist Idol is 16 inches hunger and the Twist Idol is reach 2 inches hunger.