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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Atlantis And Lemuria Lost Continents Or A Dreamland Of Eden

Atlantis And Lemuria Lost Continents Or A Dreamland Of Eden
Atlantis and Lemuria - lost continents, or a dreamland of Eden?


You ask - Atlantis? In the function of is camouflaged behind this veiled word? Did this lost, magic world really exist? Why has it been layered with so a long way words, veils of castle in the sky, half-truths, assumptions, hypotheses, or conceivably truths? Or is it decent a uncontaminated manufacture that inspires poets, occultists, and a little less conventional scientists? It's ringing to comprehend...

Atlantis customary a lot of effort and hang around words were in print about it; delusions and disinformation too. However, not chastely laymen but also few and to be more precise significant scientists privilege that this fabulous world did really rest stylish some long time ago.

Atlantis and its delicate injure gave fire up to altered theories; but, before we start address about them, let us favor at the historically important recorded background about the footing of this incomprehensible world.

The important account about Atlantis was in print by Plato - a famous and dependable Greek erudite - who in his works, Critian (and Timeus, too) described in words of Critias a story about Solon, a famous seer and essayist from 6th century BC, who had heard in Egypt from a palpable priest that some long time ago impart had existed a land called Atlantis, which had been wiped out. A section of Plato's words: On this islet of Atlantis had arisen a powerful and novel stock of kings, who ruled the whole islet, and hang around other islands as well and parts of the continent; in integration it forbidden, within the declare, Libya up to the borders of Egypt and Europe as far as Tyrrhenia (Italy)...

Restatement by Sir Desmond Lee, important published 1965, Penguin Classics.

According to other narrations, Gods estranged the world for themselves. Poseidon was one of them and he got the Atlantis. Several the upper classes had earlier than lived on the islet and one of them was Evenor who had Leucippe as his spouse; they had one youngster - Cleito. Cleito grew up, she was above and above lovely, and Poseidon fell in love with her. With Cleito's parents died, the almighty God of the Sea took sustain of her and she was about to adventure fire up to five pairs of twins - men, dual brothers, who customary the Atlantis to terrorize during it. The oldest one was Plan. And these ruled and governed in a big people...

Egyptians believed to Solon that Atlantis had been wiped out some 9000 soul ago. From now, if we add 600 soul (before Christ) to the same extent Solon lived, and 2000 soul that approved from the Christ's fire up until today, we fortitude get 11,600 soul.

Organize are other authors who wrote about Atlantis, but the important and most famous admiringly is that one of Plato. The other admiringly is a Greek erudite Diodorusa Siculus, who lived some 90-20 soul before Christ, and who wrote (Bibliotheca Historica) that some thousands soul in the past Phoenicians had visited a very big islet. Atlanteans so they say "refined most of the the upper classes". So you can see, impart are above preceding similes of Atlantis including which we can also find the one from Aristotle, who wrote, too, about a big islet in the Atlantic Ocean floor. Too, the injure of Atlantis was mentioned by historians such as Marcellinus, Timagenus, Theopompos...

We also treaty with in print numbers of the Aztecs, Mayas, and not chastely with these. Organize are in print numbers such as Chilam Balam, Dresden Codex, Popol Vuh, Codex Cortesianus - they all make signs that the footing of such an advanced civilization was within reach. If we favor inside the line plot of the less cold history, Atlantis had continuously concerned poets, writers, but also occultists or travelers/adventurers. One such author was Francis Bacon, who earlier than in 1626 wrote a very exciting work - New Atlantis, which - at its time - exceeded even Verne. Bacon describes stylish how a shipwreck group found some correctly advanced the upper classes on an islet in the Atlantic Ocean floor. The populace of this islet may possibly "account sounds", they were competent to "demonstrate" and "video recording" it; they hand-me-down "engines" for all types of movements; they also had messengers whom they sent to halt the secular nations and collect information.

Occultism and New Age also drew information from the famous Russian oracle - Blavatska, who maintained that the upper classes from Atlantis were decent a stubborn kin on Mop the floor with and they had thrilling psychical abilities. However, central part spoiled, they misshapen themselves to bad magicians and started war that resulted in a total injure.

Theories about Atlantis

Theories about Atlantis severely stand on two pillars:


It is a allegory.

It is a "hiss" artificial from the fall of the Minon civilization and the injure of the Thera Coral isle, today standard as Santorini, 1640 soul before Christ by volcanic report in the arrange of smaller volcanic islands in the Egey Sea some 75 kilometers southeast from the dominant Greek land.

If we wish for the important two points and assume that Atlantis did really rest, as well as we can favor at other theories:


Atlantis existed in the Atlantic Ocean floor.

In the web of sciences, pseudoscience and charlatanism, other wisdom rendezvous such as a belief about the footing of an archipelago between Cyprus and Syria, but the untouchable theories are the distinctive ones. Let us therefore favor at some information about the within reach footing of Atlantis in divergencies of opinions and in a intellectual level without proviso to exhibition or disprove no matter which.

If we slash on the belief about the Mediterranean Sea and the Minon civilization, we fortitude get a simple commune. However, if we are not prepared to loyal at this opinion, we can also suggestion theories about an islet or even a land in the Atlantic Ocean floor.

Theories about Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean floor

One of the important modern-time Atlantis researchers, who delved inside the study of old documents and sources about Atlantis on a routine issue, was Ignatius Donnelly - an American congressman from Minnesota, who in the year 1882 wrote a book Atlantis the Very old Den, and in 1883 Ragnarok the Age of Fireside and Hard. Donnelly brought the footer about Atlantis to theory of Americans with just right success. He cites Plato in his books; he speaks about myths and theories of the Biblical flood; he does not go around indigenous American Indians either and tries to document converse similarities of Indian languages with some European languages.

The mass of authors greater than before as well as the ones from professional areas. For standard, James Churchward wrote altered books where he documents old scripts; William Niven, a geologist, tries to exhibition that he found well-matched stone pills in Mexico. These and other writers post the belief that Atlantis existed in the Atlantic Ocean floor as an advanced civilization that occupied the continent of North and South America, but also Europe, Africa and Asia.

The anthropologist George Be an enthusiast of Williamson ready his own legwork of Atlantis and Lemuria. The author writes how the public of the Incas led him to an old copy in the Andes; it numbers the injure of Atlantis and Mu. They had so they say an advanced equipment.

Proofs or arguments

In bomb of "proofs", we necessity be alert, as the Atlantis office is a good way for making money. But in integration to feigned proofs, impart are some dependable arguments too. Let's suppose.

The Piri Reis map come from about the year 1513.

Columbus, the man who discovered America as the important total mentioned in preceding documents, artificial capacious maps as well as the map of Admiral Piri Reis, which dates back to 1513. Albeit the continent of America was discovered in 1492, these maps picture the world in a arrange that is opposed to the knowledge of the have enough money preceding science. The Piri Reis map pictures also Antarctis some 300 soul before it was discovered - the contours are to be more precise restore.

Not chastely this does make us "dumb". Coach Hapgood contacted the US Air Stab to authorize the belief about the fact that the land areas of the Piri Reis map picturing Antarctis are not below ice. He customary a assured offset.

I would considering to appropriate... But most opinions pertaining to this strictness are a product of hurl abuse that helps their authors grip a "good job" or initiation themselves in some hierarchy of the world. The Italian scientist Diego Cuoghi documents some details - earlier than at the time of the Turkish Admiral, South America was central part discovered by above adventurers; one of them was Amerigo Vespucci (in 1499); but, impart are also maps not in before 1513 and even above restore than the Piri Reis map if we goal on Cuba, Jamaica and Porto Rico - these areas are pictured to be more precise deceptively on the above-mentioned map. Writers considering D"anikin or Coach Hapgood helpfully yearn for this.

We can also suggestion a map by Juan de la Cosa (1500) or Cantino (1502). If we put Antarctis or "undiscovered" islands inside the best, this cannot be seen as data, to the same extent, for standard, Waldseem"uller's map from 1507 pictures China prolonged from the back of India - China actually separation to Sri Lanka... From now, we may possibly say that the flummoxed part of Brazil on the Piri map helpfully did not exist!

And what about restore contours of Antarctis? I suppose that Hapgood, von D"anikan and other writers arrogantly fail to appreciate notion and rumor of ancient the upper classes and they forgot that Egyptians were very good sailors too.

This implies that if the Alexandrian library was wiped out as the richest admiringly of information we had ever had - any good Egyptian pharaoh - a romantic may possibly smoothly post a big search for and it is within reach that some ancient sailors knew that Antarctis existed. Having no numbers about this does not mechanically mean that ancient the upper classes did not inquiries America or Antarctis in the ancient past; neither does it mean that they had to become "extraterrestrials", as imagination of have enough money writers often indicates, as they rendezvous to suppose that ancient the upper classes were not even competent to suppose.

Archeological answer

Organize are hang around exciting answer, but to peril details of every one of them is not most important for the moment. To be like lightning, let's tote up chastely some of them to adventure a picture how adherents of the goal of a lost world suppose.

North America

In May 1969, wherever expression the Bimini islands, archeologists Mansen Valentain and Dimitri Rebikov found some ruins of a take in some 30 meters giant in the sea. These were big pieces of stones - they in a good way fit inside one another; the weight of one was about 25 tones. Scientists from the Miami Hypothetical on that the ruins comprehend back to some 7,000 or 10,000 soul before Christ, which enter that they are capacious than the pyramids of the Mayas.

The search for of Dr. Manson Valentine found through the Bimini Islands other skeleton at the sea base, and in the year 1982 these skeleton were photographed. They are to be more precise well-matched to one of the oldest seating that take ever been found - Tiahuanaco Puddle in Bolivia.

South America

Regular explorers and adventurers tried to find the El Dorado - an enchanted place of steep fullness. Several archeologists also privilege that South America is the oldest divan of humankind. Hope time ago the Tiahuanaco Evolution existed stylish and it is whispered that it existed some 12,000 soul before Christ. The ruins of a big public Tiahuanaco can be found even today on the banks of Titicaca Puddle. Regular expeditions explored this arrange. Scientists pleasure how may possibly the as well as populace move intimate stones (about 130 tones) and put them halt by halt. The Tiahuanaco civilization gave fire up to predecessors of Indians in South America.

One-time sources say that Phoenicians visited South America; one such a admiringly was Austrian Coach Ludwig Schwennhagen, who claims that he found their inscriptions in the Amazon mire. The French college Apollinaire Frot traveled all during the Brazilian areas such as Minas Gerais, Goi'as, Mato Grosso and Bahia and believed that he had found so hang around such inscriptions that he may possibly cut books about them. A British settler, Percy Fawcett, rightful this impartially.


Amazonia is roughly explored in vocabulary of have enough money knowledge; its amount is chastely a little smaller that the have enough money USA. A very famous is the story of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, a enthusiast of the Government Innate Strike in London.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this in archeology probing explorer persistent to inquiries "lost worlds" in the South-American forests. On the issue of agreements with the Bolivian and Brazilian governments, he became a enthusiast of altered expeditions, and earlier than in the year 1911 he lectured in London about "lost cities" the footing of which he predicted wherever on the entice between Bolivia and Brazil. Percy Fawcett was a real taking sides of the mythological Atlantis and he whispered that South America, i.e. Brazil, was occupied by this civilization in our ancient history.

His departure gave fire up to altered hypotheses, one of them was that Indians nation-state capture him and that he unflustered lives. BBC ready altered TV documents and they also contacted the Fawcett's domestic to find out above, but the domestic refused to reveal some suggestible assets about Fawcett with task that the upper classes are not yet all set to strive this...

Document 512

Fawcett, as we earlier than know, was frenzied by the goal to trip ancient civilizations and he also visited hang around archives. He found a document in Instituto Historico e Geographico Brasileriro in Rio de Janeiro about the 1753 Portuguese search for, where it is written: "...big, camouflaged and very ancient public was found without populace...".

However, stories about his departure are overemotional - it is not a fault to go forward in such a mire even today without running away any facts. Several appropriate that he lives in these lost cities and has eternal life...


The goal of Lemuria or Mu important appeared in works of Augustus Le Plongeon, the nomad and versifier who conducted his own investigations.

Concepts about Lemuria are redirect built on the fact that identical native structures of Permian are found in South India, South Africa, and Australia. Several geologists therefore optional a belief of within reach footing of ancient continent and planned the name Lemuria, which somehow survived.

This lost continent was progressive popularized by James Churchward (1852-1936) in a series of books, beginning with The Children of Mu (1931), The Lost Continent Mu (1933), and The Unbreakable Secret code of Mu (1935). The books unflustered take devotees...


Incontestably, every fair man fortitude scrap D"anikin's concept - we may not mechanically see an "astronaut" in every ancient plot. But neither do we take to go in a sway to hatefully resist any goal that slithered off our monocultural line. Eminent of all, it is open notion that is consequent to acceptable develop or scrap no matter what that appears as truth or lie.


Record Source: Sipos