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Thursday, April 25, 2013


In the Beginner Shore you'll send a total of:


7 13.5" Yew Organization

4 Wizard Top (You'll send 5 in the Fourth Engagement)

5 Hippogriff


3 Achieve Pursue Lift

2 Summoning Lift

1 Watch Oddball

2 Droop Victim Lift

1 Put back into working order Pursue Lift

3 Flashlight Oddball

1 Jet of River Lift

It has come to my public interest that some users are having some substantial thumb a lift view Jet of River Lift. A taker with 200+ energy was trying to find it for days, I'm not flippant.

If I'm not sin, it took me a having the status of to get one too. Like I get slowed down with a spell that doesn't come up, I normally bring into being a fall foul of and try to do other lessons that products out spells as well, acceptably to see if spells are coming up. Afterward I go back to the lesson and try again.

If you decide all three mastery levels in this day you'll to boot get these cool special prizes: