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Monday, April 1, 2013



ISHAR 2 Walkthrough

IRVAN's Isle

Go west, after that north, and preclude the fight. Enter the village,and podium with the nozzle figure. Enroll Kudseac, collect up hispossessions, after that dig out him.
Hang around in the two inns to swig four turn out (preferable :Eliandr, Zeloran, Fandhir and any warrior). Buy a sword, abow and some arrows from the armourer and some necessities from theshopkeeper so you can take back your physical strength afterfights.
Go to the harbour (S-SW), and pedal a passage: take prisonerand hand higher to the village critical who after that tells you whatyour work is. Come back to the starting craze. Polish the threethieves, find the woman, and collect up the pendant. If yourstrength is a bit low, eat some necessities, after that return to thevillage to swig and to buy helmets and shields.
Go as far east appearing in the forest as you can, after that go north topick up the black and white mushrooms. Go to the extremenorth, collect up the dandelions, after that fight the wasps. Enterthe forest dip on the south domain, and dig out the orcs.
Forthe critical orc, you wish for to use as various arrows as probable.Congregate up the necklace.
Come back to the village, hand the necklace to the critical, thenrecover the art.
Eat, snooze, buy arrows, arms and necessities. Goto the harbour, top quality the conurbation landing-stage.

ZACH's Isle

Tip: Previously you travel slide the conurbation, calm down every shopyou encounter and all the prices for every armour, helmets,weaponry, shields... Don't buy whatsoever. Previously you've got thewhole public on paper, and adequate money, after that buy the mostexpensive tiller, cling on to, weapon, armour... for all ofyour pond. So you preclude unlawful death your money in the past you discovera bigger item than the preceding shop got for you.Tip: Time was struggle, consistently pack the money that you pickup,among your pond members. What's more sample chi be happy!

Go add downhill the conurbation to the library at the extremenortheast. Congregate up the refuge parchment, and dig out as manyenemies as probable (to pull money and wisdom). Buy foodand swig if requisite. Eat and snooze to take back strength.return to the harbour towards the refuge.

AKEER's Isle

Locate the wall on the add, complex to keep back moving east allthe time. Domino effect with skeletons, after that go downhill the southpassage. Congregate up the cost in the cul-de-sac at the southend, and the president in the cul-de-sac to the east. Plant thepassage, conserve east, after that go south. In the awful room, goto the concentrated south-east, after that south, east, and after that intothe route to the north.
Sensible the two handles on theright and departed fortifications. Deposit north appearing in the link, andfollow the route appearing in the awful room. Sensible the handleon the wall to the north. Plant the link again, go to theextreme south-east, expedition the route and collect up a skullin the cul-de-sac. Go back appearing in the route with the twohandles. Walk around the west wall, after that on the other sideenter the room, collect up the cost, president and arms. Returnto the landing-stage, after that go back to the conurbation.

ZACH's Isle (2nd time)

Buy struggle equipment, arrows and as greatly necessities as probable,ever since big snippets are coming. Buy two monk's customs and fivefur coats from the clothes shop (not far from the harbour, inthe route leading to a marginal quadrilateral to the north).Go to the library, overhaul the parchment on potions, after that gowest to the arise. Enter the system, and dig out all of theguards in one go(!) using the arrows and spells. Ferry thedoor invert, collect up(steal!) 100,000 po. and
deposit10,000 of them in the arise on the invert.
Go shopping: buy a stasher, a gorilla, an eagle and a parrotfrom the pet shop on the concentrated south-east of the conurbation.Matching is a super-armourer if you got the money... Go tothe south, after that buy five ropes from the merchant.
Movewest, buy potions for the "fatal priest" HUMBOLG spelland "ent
" JABLOU spell. Deposit to the west, and atthe closest three crossroads go north, after that west, after that firsteast. Polish the whopping barrier, which is a out of your depth employ, thenregain strength ever since represent are even more fights to come.
Enter the "Sapphire Velvet" nightspot (song open at night), andyou are baffled in send down. Free the stasher downhill thebars, collect up the key and open the transportable. Put on five monk'shabits. In the refuge embrace the link among midnightand 4am., include the vicar, and embrace the sufferer for a cause.
Pick up the send down key from the monk's belt, after that examine thepassage again.
Reveal the invisible wall (wherever one of thecharacters requirement come across a draught)
and short-tempered it. Plant theprison, fight with the guards. For the closest cause you wish for atleast 10.000po. and an downy cling on to, if you presume them, takethe art for the land mass wherever you of your own accord started (IRVAN)

IRVAN's Isle (2nd time)

Go as far east as you can, after that expedition the east coast. Reveal amagician, run him
10,000po. after that send out the eagle. Congregate upthe bushel parchment. Come back to the concentrated west sad thecoast, and in the past you find the standing stones conserve to thewest end. Congregate up the vestige at the settle of the standingstone. Previously Golem wakes up, dig out him - observe in spite of this, mostspells won't work on him - after that turn chubby and fight Golem asecond time. Come back to the harbour. Abundance the mountains,take the landing sensationalize to the south.

JON's Isle

In the mountains you ought to put on the fur coats. Ferry off thearmour, and pin the ropes to preclude falling. Depict east,collect up the cauldron from the flurry, after that set off in theopposite be in command of consequent the bushel route sad theprecipice. Go appearing in the mountains, find a Rhinoceros, dig out itand take its horn. Come back to the landing sensationalize. Abundance themountains landings sensationalize to the north-west. If requisite makea return trip to the conurbation for conservation.
On abandonment the harbour, travel east. Locate the coast after that take the passageto the west. Domino effect with two giants, collect up the living swordin a bushel hollow, after that examine the link again. Continuenorthwards, and circulate for the priest at the end in a cul-de-sac. Study the HUMBOLG potion and run it to him, after that pickup the tree land mass parchment. Come back to the harbour andselect the tree land mass. If requisite, go reformation your pond tothe conurbation.

THORM's Isle

Put on the pendant healthier from the dead woman. Ferry thecrossroads to the departed, after that to the north, and show off on theright. At the end, find an ent.
Study the JABLOU potion andgive it to him to wolf down, after that collect up the pendant.
Go down tothe south again, go west and embrace the village. Hang around in thehuts (two open huts run several information). Come back to theharbour, take the concentrated east after that fight with the ewoks. Atthe end, collect up the vestige after that return towards the harbour.
Go north, east, north after that east, expedition the route and find thestone druid at the end. Put off the horn on it, and run it theiron cling on to in the past it wakes up.
Congregate up the magic cling on to(protects against fire), turn chubby after that at the journey gonorth, east after that pinnacle north. Domino effect with the skunk, thentake the pinnacle west. Give in the labyrinth, avoiding falsetrails and pushy eagles, to place tough to the deadwoman at the end to the west. Get the key to the townhall from around her neck, after that train back to the harbour.

ZACH's Isle (3rd time)

Go to the conurbation hall (concentrated north-west). Enter the conurbation halland collect up the idol after that go to the temple (west of thebank), and run the idol back to the vicar. Congregate up the airelemental pendant, after that go on to the arise and follow out somemoney. Buy arms and necessities if requisite,eat and snooze but keep7,100po.
Come back to the harbour, after that go to the refuge.

AKEER's Isle (2nd time)

Locate the left-hand wall consistently moving north as far as thepassage. In the globular route take the invisible passageto the north. Locate the
corridors and embrace the floodedarea. In the knot keep back sack the corridors to the northuntil you examine the catacombs. Reveal three weighing scales andput accurately 3,350po. on the pinnacle two scales. Come back to thecatacombs, and with interest the water has left. Ferry thesecond to the south-east, after that at the end expedition the smallunderground link. In the awful room, put into action the handleat the south-east end. Ferry the cost at the north-westend, after that put on the air elemental pendant. Deposit to thenorth-east end, take the pinnacle rotating on the add, thenfight with the mummies (fire mist and lightning areeffective). At the very end, go to the south and collect up askull.
Come back to the north, after that take the breach to the east. Waterfront infront of the wall, take the invisible link to the south,collect up the cost and the president. Come back to your initialposition in main of the wall, after that short-tempered the invisible stillmoving east. If blocked, skirt to the south, after that continueeast. Enter the send down. Call to mind you can find other treasuresif you include other invisible passages at the end of the knot.Locate the route. In the east dig out the lion-guard. At theeastern end, bang the send down key in the lock and all thecells open. Department around and in the pinnacle transportable to the rightyou can find raw materials downcast an invisible wall. In one ofthe cells is a shade girl who you ought to swig, so you mustdismiss either the archer or warrior (dont fail to notice to take hispossession). In the show off transportable to the south, starting fromthe west, is a secret link downhill an invisible wall.Locate the route and embrace a spacious room. This surface iscursed! some turn out are wrong way up. To un-invert them,cast the lifting spell.
Go to the spirit of the columns and collect up the living sword.}From the foot make the return: go north, return to thecentre, go south, return to the centre, go west and return tothe centre to the front recurring. At the end you find eitherinvisible fortifications with raw materials or a secret link with ahandle to be activated. Now take the link to the south-east, include the access, consequent the route to the south. Infront of the raspy, memo the gorilla after that open the link.Spill the landing sensationalize and top quality the entrance to thefortress again.

AKEER's Isle (3rd time)

Come back south-east to the route with handles. Go due northinto the link and expedition the corridors to the west. Bewar the destroying wizard of disruption by preparing psychicprotection, after that dig out him. Congregate up the raw materials and theskull. Come back to the link entrance and take the corridorto the south-east. Take into account out for the magician, dig out him, thenclick on the press-stud which is drive backwards the eagle-heads,juicy a secret link. Deposit sad the route tothe north, place the six skulls on the six scales.
Continuealong, dig out the barrier and collect up the vestige. Come back to thelanding sensationalize, and re-enter the conurbation.

ZACH's Isle (4th time)

Buy five evening tunics from the clothes shop. Put on thetunics and ent pendant, and embrace the night permanent Sapphire VELVET.Congregate up the end of refuge parchment. Furthermore 20,000po. go tothe cul-de-sac of the four towers at among one and twoo'clock in the break of day. Nearby 20,000po. to the dodgy- lookingcharacter, after that collect up a vestige.
Buy the ingredients for five anti-vertigo potions (MILDONG)after that eat and snooze. At the harbour, top quality the mountains andthe north-east landing sensationalize.

JON's Isle

Reveal a link to the west. Locate the route, dig out thedwarves, after that embrace the mountains to the north. Congregate up twoedelweiss animals - one in a cul- de-sac to the west, the otherin a cul-de-sac to the east. Come back to the link entrance.Deposit east, dig out the vultures, after that embrace the mountains tothe north.
Congregate up one edelweiss set, return to the passageentrance, after that go east followed by north. Ferry the link tothe east and collect up two edelweiss animals. The place iscursed, so cast a curse-lifting spell. To conserve, eachcharacter has to wolf down an anti-vertigo potion. Locate theroad, collect up a vestige, after that return to the harbour. Abundance themountains, after that the north-west landing sensationalize.

JON's Isle (2nd time)

Outing west sad the coast. Domino effect all the guards, after that getrid of one off the turn out (sack or cast appearing in thevoid). Enter the mountains to the east, after that dig out the guards.At the end, examine five leftovers on five pillars, and the druidrevives. Enroll the druid, who is essential for his fire-protection spell. Come back to the landing sensationalize and top quality theend of refuge. Come back to the conurbation if you wish for to replenishsupplies.

OTBAR's Isle

Domino effect against the Flash Elemental: put the magic cling on to on on the turn out, put into action the fire-protection spell,imminent the elemental after that picket. At the pinnacle crossroads,turn add and travel add around the block.
Ferry the accessopen to the north, after that at the closest crossroads go to the west(not essential). In the knot fight against the orcs, collect uparms and raw materials, after that to the north collect a fight with thedragon. To dig out the dragon, use the awfully instruction as withthe fire elemental - the protection spell ought to consistently bevalidated, prior to you've had it. Use the healing spell asoften as requisite, and you can presume countless goes at killingthe dragon.
Deposit to the north, collect up the raw materials in the crannies.At the closest crossroads go north, after that downhill the secretpassage in the north wall.
Deposit, and fight against thewizard and the skeletons. At the end of the knot withinvisible fortifications, put into action the figure. Come back to thecrossroads, go down to the south. You ought to slalom appearing in theroom ever since represent are spikes in the fortifications.
Spill Shandar's refuge. In the awful room, move sad the edges
becausethere are artillery in the control. At the south-east end,collect up the cost, after that at the north-west end fight theknight and take the breach to the north, expedition the route,and there's a factory to be activated in a marginal room tothe west. At the end, fight against the Gorgon (look after sheinverts !), after that go appearing in the awful room with a fine whichraises life points. Come back to the room. The wild animals to thenorth is not requisite. You can move privilege south in the past youenter the room, you requirement assault the labyrinth with themummies and the witch. Ferry the link to the south, after that tothe east.
There's a factory to be activated in the smallroom to the west. Photocopy on and fight the lion guards. Thetrapdoor can be activated to open the closed raspy. At thenext crossroads main north, after that at the end get the treasuresand put into action the factory. return to the crossroads, after that godown to the south.
Locate the corridors to the end, after that find a marginal room witha magician. Grace with your presence to what he says (don't hit him !), thentake the north breach in the preceding route. Put theparrot in main of the ear and the link opens. In the nextroom, slalom prior to you group your main, after that in the nextroom move sad the edges. Study psychic care for, thenfight against Shandar in the north breach. Polish him, go backto the terrestrial - and that's it, you've finished

circulate outfor ISHAR 3 "The seven gates of time without end"