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Friday, April 19, 2013

Magic Sepher Raziel Liber Salomonis

Magic Sepher Raziel Liber Salomonis
Sepher Raziel (Equally CALLED LIBER SALOMONIS) is not the dreadfully as the Hebrew Sepher Reziel ha-Melakh. It is a full grimoire in the Solomonic tradition from a 1564 century English copy, minor from Latin sources. As such it is one of the unique grimoires shaped in this series. It begins with commands for making the parchment, pen and ink of Art, sought after to mouthful the names. It contains seven separate treatises:

* Liber Clavis which is knotty with astrology and its grade use in magic, something longing historical by modern astrologers, with the due transportation among planets, signs and houses.

* The Ala outlines in four sections the magical qualities of stones, herbs and beasts, and words.

* The Tractatus Thymiamatus explains why incense is essential to magical operations, and the effect of around incenses on the spirits, with a list of the key perfumes and suffumigations.

* The Communication of Epoch gives write down of the grade hours of the day and night for each apply, with associated angels and the in shape names of the sun, moon and planets to be recycled in each endure. This is something moved out out of all-around all other grimoires.

* The Treatis on Neatness explains the exact preparations and reasons for ritual blessedness.

* Samaim is a conversation on the seven tune, with the names of their angels.

* The Register of Intrinsic worth and Miracles is a conversation on the Semiforas, the names of God, and how they are to be recycled in invocation to produce magical fight.

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