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Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Very Magickal Solstice 2010

A Very Magickal Solstice 2010
December 21 - 5:38 PM CST

Whatever your dedicated, spiritual or magickal proclivities, on Tuesday, a very special and sacred dedicated holiday determination deliver. That individual is the Remote Solstice, along with called Yule by visit pagans and witches, who one the gyrating chance in the solar light season everywhere the light begins its mount wearing the top night of the year. By chance the simplest prominence of the Solstice is to light a candle wearing the day, thus devastate it in imitation of the sun sets, and thus revive it for the to start with light of dawn.

Yule 2010 is leave-taking to be a very special individual, in the same way as not exclusively is the Moon leave-taking to be full, but gift determination be an obvious Lunar Stub out taking place wearing that time as well. The combination of Full Moon and Lunar Stub out is specifically person, in the works exclusively in imitation of every 456 living. Stationary, while the actual solstice determination apprehend place wearing the overdue afternoon, the eclipse determination apprehend place very ahead of time in the dawn. This determination make the distinguished day, from basically shortly at what time midnight on December 21 to a few hours to the fore dawn, thus once more such as the sun sets successive that day, and most recently, the start of the also day. If you can hold on it, try to do no matter which wearing that day, from midnight through dawn of the also day. You determination be intensely rewarded by the wondrous and tragic humor of this very special Yule individual.

Into are the period for the eclipse - in Key Archetypal The twinkling of an eye (US).

12:33 AM CST - lunar eclipse begins, everywhere a healthy-looking shady shadow (called the umbra) determination be cast elder the emerge of moon.

1:41 AM CST - moon is utterly eclipsed - this lasts until 2:53 AM CST.

4:01 AM CST - moon eclipse has utterly passed.

So the distinguished individual of the lunar eclipse determination concluding for globular three and a short hours. First light determination be globular 7:49 AM CST, and twilight determination be globular 4:30 PM CST. During the eclipse, the moon determination not be fully foiled of all light. It determination apprehend on a dark ocher or dark red color, sort of adjacent a "blood red" moon. The effect of the develop of the moon, the lunar eclipse, full moon and Remote Solstice all incident at the exceedingly time I determination citation to each and everybody, but it can't but be register and even hidden.

Public of us who transpire in Minnesota, the weather setting up is light snow showers wearing the day, but allegedly depressing whichever day and night, so it's achievable that gift won't be a long way to observe up nearby, set aside perhaps for a deepening threatening of the night not crave at what time midnight. Who knows, perhaps it potency clear up, and I am hoping that it determination. I have the whole the boards off from work, so I determination be in the magick temple wearing this time, and along with outside, laying out some assistance to the conclusion gods in the grove.

Furthermore, I would adjacent to wish one and all a very light, well-built and renewing Yule. May you find all of the love, ease and magick that you examine - in this season and the coming year.

Firm Blessings -

Frater Barrabbas