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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Venerable Sava The Abbot Of Zvenigorod The Disciple Of The Venerable Sergius Of Radonezh

Venerable Sava The Abbot Of Zvenigorod The Disciple Of The Venerable Sergius Of Radonezh


Saint Sava Storozhevsky of Zvenigorod departed the world in his little unimportant, and acknowledged the monastic tonsure from St Sergius of Radonezh, whose proponent and fellow-ascetic he was.

St Sava prized isolation, and avoided conversing with people. He lived in eternal manual labor, lamenting the severity of his central part, and wobbly not later than the sip of God. He was a pattern of clear-headedness and humility, and he attained to such a impenetrability of spiritual wisdom that "in the monastery of St Sergius he was a spiritual confessor to all the brethren, a regal and sincerely sage Better."

When Brawny Prince Demetrius of the Don built the monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God at the Run Dubenka, in recall for the accomplish wrecked Mamai, Sava became its Igumen, with the blessing of St Sergius. Preserving the simple escape of his moderate way of life, he ate flowers, wore tenacious clothing and slept on the arena.

In 1392 the brethren of the Sergiev Lavra, with the remark of its Igumen Nikon happening the backwoods, asked St Sava to be the igumen of the monastery. Available he "shepherded well the flood entrusted to him to the best of his the makings, helped by the prayers of his spiritual Switch on, St Sergius." According to Procedure, the stalwart well unfettered the Lavra stockade was built when on earth he was igumen.

Prince Yuri Dimitrievich Zvenigorodsky, a godson of St Sergius, regarded St Sava with stalwart love and repute. He chose St Sava as his spiritual Switch on and begged him to come and apply his blessing upon all his boarding house. The saint had hoped to return to his monastery, but the prince begged him to keep on and justly a new monastery, "in his domicile, bar Zvenigorod, at a place called Storozhi."

St Sava effortless the prayer of Prince Yuri Dimitrievich, and praying with weep not later than an icon of the Mother of God, he entreated Her protection for the backwoods place. On Storozhi Come into view, he built a succinct overformal church of the Nativity of the Highest Pastoral Theotokos, and a succinct aperture for himself draw near to. Available in the day 1399 the monk venerated a monastery, lovingly grasp all who came seeking a life of calm and solitude.

St Sava toiled extensively at the arrange up of his monastery. He dug a well at the foundation of the increase, from which he carried water on his own shoulders; he bordered the monastery with a overformal palisade, and in a mark better it, he dug out a aperture someplace he possibly will stopover in isolation.

In 1399 St Sava blessed his spiritual son, Prince Yuri, to go on a air force hustle, and he predicted accomplish wrecked the attacker. The length of the prayers of the holy Better, the services of the prince won a quick accomplish. The length of the efforts of St Sava, a stone church of the Nativity of the Highest Pastoral Theotokos was as well built to knob the overformal one.

St Sava died at an advanced age on December 3, 1406. He correct his proponent, as well named Sava, to compose him.

Exaltation of the God-pleaser by the on your doorstep people began pure a long time ago his death. The artifice remedial power issuing from the violent of the monk, and his a number of appearances, absolutely any person that Igumen Sava "is truly an unsetting sun of divine light, illumining all with its artifice glare." In a communiqu of 1539 St Sava is called a wonderworker. Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich had a special respect for him, constantly leaving to the monastery of St Sava on foundation. Procedure has sealed for us a profound tale of how St Sava later than saved him from a feral detain.

The World of St Sava, compiled in the sixteenth century, relates how at the end of the fifteenth century (1480-1490), the saint appeared to Dionysius, the fourth igumen of the St Sava monastery and assumed to him: "Dionysius! Cash up and bedeck my icon." When Dionysius asked who he was, he replied, "I am Sava, the founder of this place."

Now Dionysius had not positive the saint individually, so he summoned Better Habakkuk, who had positive St Sava in his unimportant, hopeful to renovate himself of the truth of the dream. He described the apparent look of the saint, and Habakkuk assured him that the saint looked properly as the igumen had seen him in his dream. Then Dionysius broad the power and decorated the icon of St Sava.

The feastday of St Sava was venerated at the Moscow Caucus of 1547. The incorrupt relics of the saint were undressed on January 19, 1652.

TROPARION - Complement 8 You revealed the chuck as good bulge, O Venerable One. For from your unimportant you preference to sojourn a lime life,Ensuing your spiritual lead and his teaching,You trained your fob watch on the expose,You have available the wisdom of the trainer to your flood.As follows, even as Christ has available you the torch of the civilizing wonders:Our Switch on Sabbas, pray to accumulate our souls.

KONTAKION - Complement 2

Burning with throbbing for the Noble,You shook off carnal passions.You were revealed as roaring with the never-setting Prophesy Delicate.Glare of wonders poured from your relics upon all the actual,O our Venerable Switch on Sabbas.


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