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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Lord Prayer Ceiling Cat Version

The Lord Prayer Ceiling Cat Version

Speak well of Limit Cat, who be watchin yu,May him has a cheezburger.Wut yu poverty, yu gets, srsly,In perimeter and on teh flor.Giv us dis day our dalee cheezburgerAnd furgiv us for makin yu a cookie,but eateding it.An do not let us be leed clothed in teh showa,but foodstuffs us from teh wawter.Limit Cat pwns all.He pwns teh perimeter and teh base and ramparts too.Forevur and evuhr.Amen.

Dis is found in teh Copy of Matthew 6 an in teh Copy of Luke 11, srsly. Dis beez teh Limit Cat Supplication. If yu wan to kno how to prai to Limit Cat wit yer pawz, gewt on yer nees and pray too zee almity perimeter cat up additional and remebr cookez and remeber too contribute 50 milz so i can buyz me a limo to go crewzin.

This prayer and ritual wiles is part of the LOLCat Bible Interpretation Originate, the meaning of which is to clarify the all-inclusive Bible clothed in lolspeak. Of course the variety reflects lolcat theology as well, featuring Limit Cat and his dark ruin, Basement Cat, get your hands on in eternal feel humiliated. I chew over this stuff is enormously funny. Her Turmoil Highness takes it fairly intently though.

This portrayal of the Limit Cat Supplication dates from about a go out with ago; it has now been revised, but not for the bigger (I chew over), so I stick posted the ex- one.