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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finally An Illuminati That I Really Like

Finally An Illuminati That I Really Like

The Authentic Thinking of the Illuminati

The true view of the Illuminati lies in the indulgence of the perpetual life-giving wisdom of the mythology and symbolism of the religion of the ancient Meticulous East. The time "ancient Meticulous East" encompasses the antediluvian civilizations in the district close to affable to that described by the modern time Central East (Egypt, Iraq, Fold, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria), fashionable the time close to across the Statuette Age, from 6000-4000BC. The basis of these stories is the Baal trip. The Baal stories were a Canaanite group of stories re Baal/Hadad, Member of the aristocracy of the Terrestrial. The stories were found on terracotta prescription in the 1920s in the In a straight line of Ugarit, imprinted in Ugaritic, a cuneiform alphabet.

The stories as a whole cleave to a average fable to instruct involving three design in particular: Baal Hadad, Yam/Mot, and Anat. Baal Hadad is the lord of the earth. He represents disturb. Yam is the god of the waters and the god of death. In Mesopotamia, floods from the rivers were the completely of hanker, irritation and death. Yam is so consistently seen as a wonderful fuzzy serpent, as Leviathan in the Bible, for advocate. Anat is the queen of nirvana, the mother of effectiveness and completely of life energy and sexuality. In mystical traditions, she represents the mystical existence, the guide, and the completely of self-transformation.

Yam wished to house numb the gods. In order to do so, he would cleave to to supplant Baal from his throne. He numerous his name to Mot, meaning waterlessness or death, and attacked Baal. As this fable is a version of the gain trip, Mot is to boot winter, or the absence of heat. Baal later seeks to beat Mot and invites him to dine. He tries to make Temporary (Mot) creek a collation of currency and wine, which Temporary, the eater of at all flesh, finds out of place. In fact, at whatever time Christians eat currency and wine, they are celebrating that in the end, Baal's (Christ's) accomplish numb Mot (Temporary) was string. Temporary make flesh, even the flesh and life of Baal. Baal mates with a cow so as to stimulate a teenage bull, his entirely son, whom he dresses in his clothes to seize his place. This is why the horns of a bull or ox derive Baal. This is the be against the Hebrew kabbalah begins with aleph, the ox, as does the Hebrew alphabet. This is to boot the be against the English alphabet begins with 'A', short for Aleph, the ox, and is an upside-down bull's common sense. This is to boot why the Illuminati make a sign of a bull's horns with the hand. This is the mis-named "devil's sign" or the "sparkler 'n shot sign" as well. Baal, a long time ago release his bull-son, decides to cover-up in the land of the dead. This story resurfaces ensuing in history as Jesus's fall in the sphere of hell.

Anat, the wife and chill out of Baal, on considered opinion the dead bull, prepares for the funeral of Baal. Afterwards, she descends upon Mot with retribution. Anat finds Mot, cleaves him with a sword, burns him with fire, and throws his remainder on the flex for the game birds to eat. This is why Anat is represented by the memo shin, the dagger or the restriction blades. This identical memo remainder as 'W', two teeth or blades, in the English language. Anat destroys death, but is saddened by the loss of her lord.

Consequently Baal comes back. The lovers are reunited in grip and impart is string accomplish numb Temporary. Mot income, but has been so powerless he is be next to to place to house entirely part of the see and to ever allow gain (Baal) to return. As well, he is leap to keep in the watercourse banks and be hovering and restricted to identifiable seasons and cycles that the ancients may perhaps theme on. Mot is represented by Mem, water, in the Hebrew alphabet. This memo persists as the memo 'M' in English, which is a picture of two crests of bang on water.

Mot is to boot related with reptilian similes. It is not the awe of reptilian overlords that is going on, but the celebration of accomplish numb death. The Canaanites were the originators of this pious symbolism. The Phoenicians were coastal-dwelling Canaanites who intensify their alphabet (which was fixed pious symbolism) and their myths to the cultures they traded with. Canaanite mystical culture is so fixed in the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Greek mystery schools, and African pious traditions to this day. For advocate, the Minoan snake goddess is a logo of Anat's accomplish numb Mot, as the bare-breasted goddess clutches one or exceptional under enemy control snakes. Christ is depicted as crushing the serpent under his heel [as are Close relative Mary and St. Patrick].

The Illuminati creek this metaphor of at all occurrence as qualified by the specifics of human being on a turning earth with the trip of the seasons. The Illuminati are formed by no one. They are, as Timothy Leary optional, self-appointed, self-taught, and self-motivated. The shared philosophy arises from mystical believe and understanding at all history and mythology. It does mount that all safe industrial repeal and step in at all history was safe intentionally entirely by associates with this holistic and humanistic view of self-divinity, self-achieved. But this alteration to narrowness was highest of time entirely impeded by others, guaranteed not stirred or orchestrated by them. It was entirely associates with gallantry and confidence that all knowledge and poise lay open to them with work who may perhaps conceivably cleave to the nerve to make a compare.

The Freemasons cleave to this knowledge. They acquired it from the Phoenicians on Malta at whatever time the Knight's Templar's were stationed impart. They understand that you resolution Anat in the inner temple which you cleave to to platform for her. This makes you, in their symbolism, require Hiram, the engineer of the Summit of Jerusalem, and this is why representatives implements are their emblems. They to boot study the kabbalah and the Baal trip using Christian switch but at get older.

The Gnostic Christians cleave to this knowledge too. They see Mary Magdalene as the Anat, and Christ as Baal. They make the knowledge of Baal's (Jesus's) son a secret knowledge gained from initiation. Baal on the throne in glyphs is represented as tau, the corroborate of the king, an 'X' or 'T' exceptional a damage common sense. This is why the cross, the memo 't' in English, represents the risen Christ, or re-throned Baal, or the congratulatory trip of gain and want. This is to boot why the extravagant level corroborate contracts with an 'X' or corroborate in recurrent countries to this day.

Present-day is a take chamber, or group, of Jews who cleave to this knowledge, the cabala, or kabbalah. They inborn it from the Phoenicians in the form of proto-Sinaitic, later paleo-Hebrew letters and culture. The Hebrew alphabet is outfit in subject and assembly to the proto-Sinaitic alphabet of the story of the Baal trip. These stories and truths are retained in full in the Hebrew mystical tradition, the kabbalah.

This is the truth about the Illuminati. We embrace that fly are free, in divine intercourse with the conception. We embrace you neediness policy the earth as a local ally, with joy and enthuse. We embrace that impart is entirely this cavort of existence and disturb, and no ghosts or demons we can't see cleave to accomplish or power numb us. Our choices, our comings and goings and the moralities we be alive by are all unadulterated free and self-determined. We askew dispatch to a day at whatever time all fly allotment in accomplish numb dread, death, and inability, and be alive in pact with the earth, in joy.

Present-day is speech that the Illuminati worships death and war. Present-day is an cartel amid this secret knowledge, the awe of Baal, and war, not given that mystical knowledge glorifies murder, but given that the alphabet was principally intensify by the Phoenicians given that it was so engaging in conscripting astonishing soldiers with unusual-sounding names or identifying sell for be snapped up in ledgers at whatever time impart was no word for these sell in your oration. War, occupation, and economic inclusion are the register reasons why we cleave to language and religion articulate the world. Baal is established as the outset of war. But in this way, war is memento for all tackle and industrial knowledge, greatly of which, require radar, came from war, but may be used for good or evil arbitrarily, require all tools.

Nonetheless, self who plots death or injury or erases the at all spirit is not Illuminati. Natives who rotate anti-Semitic absorbed plots are the real servants of death, the real snake fly. It is entirely by seeing the brotherhood of man, the unity of at all believe, that we can all be free of taunt, hunger, intend, death and dread one day.