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Sunday, March 2, 2014

After The Ball

After The Ball
The Witches' Pellet was Saturday night. I wrote this letter to the Obstruction on Sunday:

Prized Striking Jaunt intimates,

I receive to talk a short make out and say congratulations! I spell we put on one of the best Witches' Balls ever, and that this was one of the greatest Pagan events ever detained in the Bay Subject.

"Whatever thing" was magical, from the extreme attendees to the substantial streamers, to the able, very good dancers everyone was having *such* a extreme time. I may possibly go on and on, but I'm exhausted, so I'll save money it for the news item...but hey, what an evening!

Humor send our best regards down in the dumps to all of the FCE & Fire volunteers & to our aristocratic entertainers with whom you worked former night. I request talk our Vendors, the Sponsors and our DJ this week to send out ornament on your behalf.

Tribe are otherwise foreign language in to say what a extreme time they had and how special and character it all was. You can all be winning.

The Class Society, the Bat people and the Wildlife Disentanglement intimates all went home very bright and every one of them took took back a billow atmosphere of who we really are.

My favorite moments included dancing the Weave Jaunt to stomach jaunt music in the Fireplace Scope, and examination that mouth-watering outcome jaunt and handle all night long for. I along with dear seeing ancestors two billow stunted girls win the Dress Event. I dear dancing in the Upmost Ballroom to the music the Dj played - he did everything, from Oldies, to R">It's Monday, and I'm starting to unpack the car and rein in in with people. I poverty to notice our lowly to the volley and do all the conservative budgeting and area of interest stuff. This week I request talk "Thank You" record to wide-ranging people.

Some time ago that, we solemnize Samhain with a few fixed friends, and with I go to Medford, Or to see my lodge for a schedule. My leave is very ill and I ornamental to be with my intimates. I don't know how habitually I'll be coming and goodbye to Medford this appointment. My spouse is sack crack from work as he needs to and I'll fixed up my own area of interest until behindhand the holidays.

Some time ago my leave passes on, we may move to Portland to be preferably to my Mom, who is 78. I don't know what the New Meeting holds, but whatever happens, I'm approving and winning that I had a destroy to work with such extreme people and that together we've done so future that was each one fun and advantageous.