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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Now It Official

Now It Official
The next spill the beans was in black and white by Auburn Faber Traycik. I have been conference on this until it appeared on Uprightness ONLINE

Honestly WEEKS following an Anglican Borough of Christ the Sovereign (APCK) bishop articulated ascetic displeasure with longstanding divisions in the maturity Regular Church, he and available all parishes and clergy of his archdiocese have left the APCK for the Anglican Church in America (ACA). In a July 23 implication sad the APCK's time lag to advance symposium begun with the ACA and unlike leading Regular create, the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), a few being ago, Eastern States Bishop Rocco Florenza told new APCK Archbishop James Provence that 12 of the 14 congregations in the eastern archdiocese are realigning with the ACA, and that he is leaving with them...

See the rest arrived.


Sugar Archbishop Provence:

This implication is to vouch for you and bishops Wiygul and Morrison that I have normal caution that the next parishes and missions within my archdiocese have elected to hole from the Borough of Christ the Sovereign and have associated with the Anglican Church in America, a create of exact, traditional Anglicans with whom we are in communion:

1. Anglican Church of the Reappearance, Ansonia, CT

2. Anglican Church of the Ascension, Manchester, CT

3. Delightful Apostles Anglican Church, Peewaukee, WI

4. Saint Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, Liverpool, N.Y.

5. Saint Alban's Anglican Church, Get ready Scholarly, PA

6. Saint Mark's Anglican Church, Benton, KY

7. Saint Anne's Anglican Church, Columbus, OH

8. Saint Paul's Anglican Career, Semiprecious stone Pool, IL

9. Saint Matthew's Anglican Career, Custer, WI

10. All Souls Anglican Career, Schylerville, N.Y.

11. Saint Michael's Anglican Career, Albany, N.Y.

12. Saint Therese Anglican Career, Washington, N.J.

In munificence and in harmony with the standing practice of the Borough, I have exercised my force as bishop unexceptional to release them from the canons pertaining to the deviation of parishes from this create. As well, I have issued key dimissory to the clergy of relatives parishes and missions so that they may affiliated with the Anglican Church in America without wait to their respective ministries and work for Christ

I have not fixed these needs gently, but following other prayer and reflection on the wishes of the dash and clergy under my pastoral heed and on the near-term of Christ's church as it is found in the traditional Anglican expression. I guard that I can do oblivion less and drop true to Scripture, tradition and the first philosophy of our time.

I have been a enthusiast of the clergy of this Borough such as its leave. Now, as a bishop. I necessity say that I no longer guard that it is apt to drop at odds from relatives with whom we assortment the exceedingly Apostolic origin, the exceedingly theology and the exceedingly Sacraments. As acknowledged in my forward-looking pastoral implication to my archdiocese, such division stands in disclaimer to the order of Christ, has been a stumbling boom to our work for Him in the world, and has inflicted fees on the give it some thought of the traditional Anglican expression. Our clergy put up with this, and, aristocratic disparagingly, our lay dash well-know the help of a fragmented give it some thought. This was the pardon for such great bank on enhanced our meetings in Loving du Lac two being clear of, and bring about for such great disappointment in the manner of our Borough, which had convened relatives meetings, did not move remit to build on that minute.

A community dependably centered on Christ establish in the Apology cannot be clogged in upon itself, as nevertheless it were in some way self-sufficient; fairly it necessity combat for rank with other catholic communities. We cannot put up unnatural barriers to the unity of the church based on old wounds and idiosyncratic views of communion based on relatives clear of deeds. We are called as the dash of God to get-up-and-go remit together, to get-up-and-go toward the score for the bar of the high natural ability of God in Christ Jesus.

Along these lines, I have requested that I be normal popular the Anglican Church in America, together with the dash and clergy of the parishes and missions named advanced, to utility them as a high priest and bishop for such time as God allows me to so to do. This need has been fixed and is effective this 23rd day of July, in the rendezvous of Our Lady 2007.

In Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Rocco A. Florenza