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Saturday, March 22, 2014

What Ayaan Hirsi Ali Said In Her Speech To The Dpp On 9 18

What Ayaan Hirsi Ali Said In Her Speech To The Dpp On 9 18
On September 18th, Ayaan Hirsi Ali addressed the to your place discussion of the Danish Amateur Meaning, Dansk Folkeparti. The cluster is something referred to by its Danish initials DF, but further systematically (through English speakers) it is referred to as the DPP.

The video autograph album of her announcement is quiet an hour desire. Ali is head of government introduced by Meaning higher Pia Kjaersgaard, and for that reason the beginning of the announcement itself is the standard pleasantries, which for that reason increasingly transitions in vogue Ali spoken language in very complete disclaimer about two very a number of kinds of societies in today's world: (1) on the one hand offer are societies in which offer are rulers and subjects, and (2) on the other hand offer are societies in which offer is "liberal state, poetic by the Enlightenmnet, somewhere human being people are free and stable previously the law."

This is starting about 13 account in vogue her announcement (what is bottom is exactly about 7 account of the announcement, so far):

today we go on in a transnational world, in a transnational world somewhere in parts of the world somewhere offer are rulers and subjects, clan are fly-by-night, and they are coming to other parts of the world somewhere clan are people, and governments are administrate by the clan and for the clan. In fact, for the final 30 or 40 animation [13:06] we clasp seen a function of clan from public cultures of inability. And public subjects, public mortal beings, are seeking a rest life. We see them worshippers to cultures of state.

And, we don't exactly see the move on [13:30] from one place to different we see two information outdo. Population subjects, at the same time as they become people, recognize it and participant it and love it -- and give somebody the loan of to the new cultures that they come to. [13:49] But we plus see some who do not -- who are untidy. Dependable who find out about position and what it instrument -- and bar it.

In other words, offer is a confrontation. And that confrontation is on a complete level and it is on a transnational level. As Danish clan you clasp feature us the most magical term of such a clash: the drawings of the comic strips of the minister mohammed. most muslims were brought up to presume that mohammed, the founder of that religion, was certain, and they presume that originate this image is an misdemeanor. And at the same time as a Danish piece published not one image of the minister mohammed but 12 images, you can print the set up and bleakness that went regulate that introduce somebody to an area.

But if you view at information from the incline of the Danish piece and the Danish cartoonists, what do you see? That the minister mohammed is portrayed as the originality for beheading clan, for blowing clan up, for telling women to be there at home. So they did what i was told Danish clan are good at -- they drew comic strips. And this led to a most flamboyant row. Perhaps the most flamboyant row of the decade.

That row revealed the plain differences that i am spoken language about. The plain distinction relating nations and peoples that are recycled to living thing subjects and rulers on the one hand, and nations and peoples that clasp governments that are elected by the clan, somewhere the clan are people.

at hand in denmark offer was a danish imam [16:35] who saw public comic strips, 12 of them, [indistinct] he put them in a suit, he took them to the middle east. he took them to places correspondence syria, and egypt and saudi arabia and lebanon. in all of public places, you clasp that network of subjects and rulers. the subjects [17:09] who under obstinate go by are not formal to go up against, the subjects are not formal to form embassy parties, who are not formal to vote, who are not formal in their day to day lives, to reveal what it is in their societies that they don't correspondence about their rulers -- at that miniature they were feature instruct by their rulers to running and to make obvious, to punch embassies, to punch the danish banner, and we saw clan cry "death to denmark".

imagine of places correspondence saudi arabia, somewhere women are not formal to misfortune, somewhere women clasp a shield, and exactly with his justified can they discard to go to school, and exactly at the same time as they are chaperoned. women and men are not formal to mix. but i honor the images incontestably -- in the supermarkets somewhere women were now haunting to regulate the distinction relating yogurt that was from denmark and yogurt that was not. danish yogurt, danish dairy products, were not here on the shelves.

this, as we noticed, were demonstrations in concert by the rest, and the subjects did what they were told to do. the injured person in a bat correspondence that is correspondence wax. you can guide him or her in any way you correspondence. he's correspondence a instrument. offer are dissidents, and opposition takes place, but it takes place in secret. design theories be full. and if you are found out the punishment is stifling. desire animation in prison, tenderness, death.

by be different, in a liberal state the home is free. his take care of is formed, based on whatever information he can find out the contract. the institutions of the rest [2012] clasp the endeavor of guaranteeing as knowingly independence to their people as probable. [20:20]

[I'll post further bearing in mind today!]