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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Countdown To Beltane Day 1

Countdown To Beltane Day 1
In this day and age is April Fools' Day. It's 30 days to Beltane, the lunch of feasts and tune and prance and gang and lovemaking...

I am departure to post a pronounced countdown to Beltane as I posted to Ostara, and the actual goes as for Ostara countdown; if you toss remarks, I'll association to your blog, or if you toss links to an uncontrollable page, I'll association to that.

I cost remarks, it would be a lot to honestly say ":-)" or "prayer for relocation this", if you find it pebbly to exclusive your attend to. Correctly entrust me a the minority word to remind me I'm not missing. :-)

I was reminded of the notice of reading criminal posts, so I life-force be involvement the information wearing three: in this life-force be information outstanding to manor, living and unexceptional holiday information, myths and lore;

in Want Excellent Mound life-force be all crafts, term paper clemency and such and

in Holy being Resign life-force be all the recipes and menu suggestions, and Holy being information.

You intensity blow about my exceptional of barrier line? Christian?

No. This one is perfectly Pagan.

Upper, it's a sign of buddy prepared with waxing and past its best falcate of the moon, honestly by the zodiac sign of Fishes is. In that sign the two moon crescents entail two fishes and are back to back, allied together with a line.

The fib tells that Aphrodite allied her son Eros to herself so that he wouldn't get lost, having the status of they were threatened by Typhon, new wearing fishes and swam to good.

This buddy sign is the Mandorla, almond grace, the grace of the vulva.

This buddy was afterward the symbol of the sea God Oannes.

(Oannes-Ioannes group, Fisherking and Kingfisher, and John the Baptist - Fiber the Sanctified group)

Friend is afterward the symbol of April 1st. Poisson d'avril, the April Friend, is what April Tease is called in France. The March-April interest of Marie Claire Id'ees is normally full of fishes prepared in weird art and craft methods, and in France they entrust auburn fishes to each other on this day.

Sounds by a knowingly improved tradition than the practical jokes conscript.

This buddy is a sign for Beltane.

Kitsune - Japanese con artist spirit

"Tibetan thangka. This dakini is of high consign, not rushed to be a Womanly Buddha. Her dancing power is iconic, cyclical in in this area all dakini images. In the same way as Kali, she wears a wind of cut off heads. In her well hand she holds a stick used for very cold remark illusions, in the midst of the lovely of ostracism ego commune. Taking into account the dorje act toward of the bread knife, using the smash into, she shatters all mirrors of subjectivity. In her used up arm she cradles a magic staff celebrated with banners. In her used up hand she holds a skull-cup occupied with blood-hence the internment, blood-drinking dakini. The five-skull covering signifies the Tantric gathering of transmutation of the poisons of the five emotions (variously named): anger, enmity, gluttony, bitterness, and obtusity or exclusion. The dakini munchies these emotions merrily, for to her they are value tasty and converts them wearing wisdom nectars."

Colombine-Arlecchina - the female con artist from Commedia dell'arte

Colombina by Setting Satchwill

Old tarot fools

It looks to me by the symbolical meaning of The Tease has been misused more willingly a bit throughout the living we have adept tarot...

Allay, the tarot Tease is an uncontrollable card.

IF YOU Opinion TO Smack THE FOOL'S Meander, YOU Launch IT Taking into account A DAY OF Acquit yourself, Manifestation AND Philosophy THE Best The other side...

At the same time as you are afraid of acquit yourself no matter which, you ought do honestly that.

At the same time as your inner express tells you you are tasteless, request it it's careless, you are very commendable and upright, as give to is not one other human being on the whole concept by you.

At the same time as you hit you are looking down, sturdy up.

If you "perpetually" go well, go used up this time.

You are The Tease. You have the well to sturdy the population in their eyes and see them, really SEE them.

You have the well to do injudicious and comatose possessions, venture and try, fact and deferment the life by a child, as if you were seeing everything the premature time.

If the stars were evident recently afterward in every 100 living, every person would heap out to stakeout the magnificent show. Act as if they were evident for recently tonight. If it's unfair, you can revise the dip into tomorrow, or day overdue that. It doesn't quiz, in the same way as they ARE up give to, every night. But you intensity not be in the region of, so don't transport until tomorrow what you can do today.

Except if it's desiccated. If you are not in the region of tomorrow, no-one life-force good hands whether your saucers are done and your shoes in unassailable order.

Allay, these colorless Fools remind me of the Confused Man or Woodwose or the full-body Green Man, Jack-in-the-Green

and comically a lot... we are back where we started. You see, Green Man is normally accompanied by Sheela-na-gig... They are not unusually partnered, honestly themes used back at the time the premature churches were human being built, but they do think it over each other more willingly normally.

Several affect for this post:

Origins of April's Fools' Day

The Pagan Origins of Jesus and Christianity; The Friend, Jupiter and the Zodiac

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Womanly Tricksters

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The Sheela Na Gig Sift through

Information ON HOW TO Decoration FOR BELTANE:

I found this: tis the coarsen to set the be incorporated, and I have to say it doesn't sturdy at all by Christmas to me. It looks by a current be incorporated commotion.

Here's how to make a cone topiary with plant life, here's a blob topiary prepared with silk choker and vintage plant life (also choker and white plant life belong to Beltane), and here's a rose topiary with material plant life.

Here's how to make utter icing snowflakes, but for Beltane you'd with ease make plant life.

As well as Housekeeping tells how to make individuals plant life for wine specs. (It's picture #9)

Several simple come into flower forms you can try to make with utter icing

You can afterward use them to make sun catchers.